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  1. @Tim Moff I’ve spent a fair amount of time with the Army both in and out of uniform. I enjoyed working with them on the whole, one or two idiots but that’s life. I always enjoyed the banter with them though. I feel your pain about RAF movers though, I spent two and a half years flying to and from Bastion and hated the lottery that was the RAF air bridge. Your Hawk is progressing very nicely by the way!
  2. Thanks Steve. I’d like to claim the credit for but photo etch makes so much difference.
  3. This a great build, I’ve got the same kit in the loft but I’m finding the expanse of red daunting! On an inter service note, how did you find working with the RAF? As an ex crab I always find the Army’s take on the RAF interesting.....
  4. Massively overdue update.... Life is getting in the way of this build. Work, family and cycling (not in that order!) is taking priority at the moment. I have made some progress though. I purchased the Eduard interior detail kit and it makes a huge difference to the kit, especially in this scale. The seatbelts need a little attention as they’re a bit too new but overall I’m happy.
  5. Ade

    NC-131H TIFS

    Didn’t fancy a flight in it? You couldn’t pay me enough to sit in the front of that....
  6. Ade

    1/48 Eduard MiG-21bis

    Cracking model, very subtly weathered. Chapeau!
  7. Great work so far!
  8. Today I was able to make some progress on the Spit. I had issues yesterday with my airbrush and had to get my old single action one out of the loft. I shall be buying a new double action one before I start spraying the camouflage! Today I sprayed the cockpit, I’ve started to weather it as well with Flory’s dark dirt wash. I’m still working on applying washes, I’ve yet to find the way that suits me. I’ve ordered an Eduard photoetch to give the ‘pit some life, I like a busy looking cockpit. Thats it for now, more next week.
  9. I’m glad I’ve started it, the Easter holidays were a long two weeks with no building! It does look like a great kit and there was no way I was going to pay for the Tamiya one! I’m not to fussed about ultimate accuracy- if it looks like a Spit I’ll be happy.
  10. As a huge Tornado fan I look forward to seeing this one finished. I have the same interceptors book as you. I must have got it 30 odd years ago now!
  11. Very nice on the prop! I must build a WW1 kit at some point.
  12. Better late than never.... This GB started at whilst my Wife and kids were on Easter holidays, hence I’ve not been able to start it until today. The kit came from my LHS (Salisbury Model Center) and I even got an ex forces discount when I explained it was to be built as part of this GB. My plan at the moment is to build it with the kit decal option for the Kirton in Lyndsey based aircraft, as I’m a Lincolnshire born lad. So today’s progress hasn’t amounted to much. I’ve glued a wee bit of the cockpit floor and drilled out the lightening holes on the seat frame and the bulkhead. I’ll crack on properly next week when I have a bit more time.
  13. When I was working at Ground Radio at Lyneham I had the misfortune to be by the P.A.R. when VC10 was doing touch and goes. The pilot opened the taps just past where I was standing and it was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard. By comparison the C17 was very quiet... all good fun!
  14. You have my disease, I’m great at starting kits but terrible at finishing. In the loft there are several started kits which have hit a pause for one reason or another. My plan for the GB is to work on the Spit alone until completion.
  15. This looks great so far! I brought the same kit yesterday for the RAF centenary GB, I can’t wait to get it started!