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Found 227 results

  1. Hello everyone, This is my entry into the GB; Airfix's big ole' Hurricane: Just a few little extras. A test fit of the kit showed some warping of the major components, hopefully not too bad so as to hinder the build. Cheers, Mark.
  2. Hi all, been a little quiet recently. This is the finished model for the last comp I entered. I sadly had to enter it unfinished due to a missed deadline, but here it is in its full finished state. The kit built well, and the over fender kit wasn't too much extra effort. The wheels are also not the OOB wheels and the whole thing has been lowered. Enjoy and thanks for looking, Coops
  3. With the Challenger completed, it's time to move onto the next project. First in the set of "cars which share a name-and-not-much-else with cars I've owned", this will be Belkits' Fiesta S2000, which I believe is only the second kit they made. Of course, after I bought this Belkits released their newer Fiesta with the Aston-style grille which would have been much nearer mine, but this will be close enough - after all being a rally car it's never going to be the same as a 1-litre supermini. Unlike @pau10wen's excellent ongoing project, this is going to be pretty much out of the box so I hope you won't try to compare the two too much - I'm not sure mine will withstand that comparison! The first set of pictures are going to seem a bit repetitive as I've only really got the paint on the body so far, so apologies for the plethora of white Fiesta bodies coming up. I had to have a couple of goes at cleaing up the body, as the first application of primer highlighted some bits of seam that I hadn't got sanded right down, plus some other sharp edges. But once that was done, the white plastic had a nice coating of white Halfords primer. After that, it was out with the Appliance White having sanded the body down with 2000grit sandpaper. What with the chassis also being white, and trying to get a good covering inside as well as out not to mention all the other body parts which also needed painting, I near enough used a whole 300ml can on just this car. And the picture barely looks any different. With the paint dried, yesterday I ran some dark grey wash into the panel lines to bring them out a bit using blu-tak as a dam where I didn't want it to run. Hopefully this is as bad as the body will look. And then today I got some 4000 grit Micromesh sheet onto those panel lines to get rid of the overwash. While it's cleaned up the edges quite nicely, unfortunately to my eyes it's also made the panel lines look a bit too dark. I think tomorrow I'll give them a run over with some white gloss paint to dial down the darkness a bit. What with cleaning up the body and washing two lines ont he boot which I missed, I haven't really got started on construction yet. But my feeling is that it will be worth getting the body done first (including decalling) so that the clearcoat gets time to dry, Thanks for looking, even if it has just been white Fiesta after white Fiesta to start this thread.
  4. I have now completed my entry into the Orange Countach club. I started this quite a while ago, but having a bit more time on my hands at the moment, I've been able to finish what was quite a challenging kit Build post here, if your interested: Painted in Lamborghini original Arancio California from Zero paints, with Zero pre-thinned clear. Only extra, besides a bit of sratch build extra detail was after-market ignition leads I took a picture of the interior before putting it all together. Details I know will never been seen by anyone, but I know there there Thanks for looking. Comments & criticisms greatly appreciated Cheers, Paul
  5. Giddey to all! Here is my first build of the Lancia 037 Rally - my favorite rally car! This is the first version, the other is the evoluzione type (the later version) All comments welcome as usual, especially if you can suggest something I can do better! Hope you like it! Chhers Andreas
  6. Hello All, I have had this one on the back-burner for years. I have finally decided, what with the FIAT 500 nearly done and another couple of cars nearing completion as well, to resurrect this one. It's the Fujimi 1/24 246 Dino. It's one of their 'enthusiast' kits, meaning loads of fiddly tiny parts. I have already done a couple of the Porsche enthusiast kits and apart from a few niggles, they went together well. I just wish I knew where I had put them in the loft for safe keeping. I started it a while ago and then put into storage, where it got forgotten for a long while. I have painted all the major body parts in Halfords' 'Broome Yellow'. It has come out quite well, even gloss cover and no serious imperfections. This is the dinky little engine: I have put a few more parts together since these photos were taken. I am planning to add ignition leads as it looks a little bare without. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  7. Moderators, if this is in the wrong forum, please advise and feel free to move. We've seen a number of 1/24 scale injection molded kits of popular World War II fighters and these appear to be quite popular. My internet research shows that there's been only one series of 1/24 jets, the Airfix 1/24 Harrier. Given that 1/24 appears to be growing in popularity, what would be the most likely 1/24 jet fighter or trainer kit to appear in the future? My guess would be one of the following: A-4 Skyhawk and F-86 Sabre. Both have seen world wide service and both open the possibility of a wide range of markings and color options. Both are, as jet combat planes go, relatively small. I know some would like to see 1/24 kits of larger aircraft (F-4, F-105, F-14) but I suspect it's a little too soon to expect to see those until the market shows whether 1/24 scale jets would sell well. As always, looking forward to your thoughts.
  8. The vehicle is an exceptionally well-engineered kit. However, it is not perfect and I struggled in a couple of places. Page on my web site: Doing the Samba
  9. Giddey to all! Here is my first build of the Lancia 037 Rally - my favorite rally car! This is the first version, the other is the evoluzione type (the later version) All comments welcome as usual, especially if you can suggest something I can do better! Hope you like it! Cheers Andreas
  10. Well now! I had this: ..and this...: and - with a little imagination - ended up with this: I present to you - Feline Female! I hope you like it (couldn't call her - you know what - but Feline Female - or FF for short - should be OK?) Cheers Hans J
  11. Well hello there and welcome to my latest endevour. "The Airfix Messerschmitt 109-e 1/24" This will be my biggest and first build at 1/24 Scale, I plan to scratch some stuff together as I want to be able to take The cowl off and expose the engine. It's a lovely looking kit to go with a lovely looking subject. I bought this while having a few swift halves on a caravaning trip to the new forest, Ebay special £19 I had planned to build it OOB only using scratch additions but that has gone out of the window already. I hope you will follow me on a bit of a bumpy ride through a wonderfully large model that I have wanted to build since I was about four years old. Oh by the way the Title "yellow nosed b*stards six o'clock high" Is a movie quote from "The battle of Britain" 1969 shared to me by the wonderful TonyTiger. It referes to the yellow paintwork on the planes nose. There is a definate custard theme running through a lot of my builds of late. If you're all sitting comfortably then I shall begin. The obligatory box. And the sprews these are really quite crisp for an old kit. aaaaand a big pile of stuff that fell off in the bag I think this must happen a lot with these large kits? the cartograph decals look smashing although I'm missing a Swastika from the tail and an IP ? what? why ? I'll be going for this scheme I think but who knows what might happen? the clear parts are divine. well the canopies are, although looking at the pic the gates look rather large. any way on with the build. The engine is first up........ oh befor I do start I bought a ref book, my first ever ref book, rather nerdy of me, here it is. Can anyone see what might be wrong with it? any way back to that Engine..... a few bits of flash and a bit of sanding. but as dry fits go its pretty good. ( sorry Tony no electronic spinning I'm afraid ) the top got some sanding as it had some weird crease lines. then glued. The details aren't bad. I'll add more but I'm impressed. The pipe on the join in the top left of the pic will ge fettled to just work rather than sanding the whole thing off. more parts dry fitted. and some rather iffy looking sink holes. where's my Mr Surfacer gone? aaah good old filling I've missed you. And that as they say is where we are. Hopefully I'll get some more time in the morning but I do have an Ivy to fight back. Take it easy and happy Telford to one and all. Happy modelling. Johnny BIG nose.
  12. This model ticked off a number of firsts for me in model building....first 'civilian' vehicle, first 1/24 scale, first salt and hairspray weathering, so was really an ongoing experiment all the way through. The bus is the excellent Revell 1/24 Samba bus. The side doors, load bay and engine cover all open but the front door hinges were so fragile that I glued them shut. The figures are Masterbox and the wall is made from an old piece of laminate flooring painted to look like a concrete wall, with AK graffiti transfers. Paint was Vallejo, Tamiya and some oils for weathering. All comments and constructive criticism welcome
  13. Hi All, Another one that I have had for many, many years. I was a Christmas present from my ever-suffering wife and, after several years I decided I needed to get a move on with this one. So here we go: A handsome vehicle to my eyes. I have assembled the engine: I primed the body with Tamiya XF-4 before spraying a colour code that consisted of the following: Tamiya XF-16, Tamiya Clear blue and something else (I can't remember the proportions:. I'll look it up later) That's where I have got with this. Thanks for looking. Cheers, Alan.
  14. Hi All, I must be a sucker for punishment. Yet another model that I have decided to finish along with all the others. This one has for no reason that I can work out, been sitting on the back-shelf for an enormously long time. I had built the engine, transmission & exhaust and had sprayed all the body parts in their final colour, then I put it away and forgot about it. This is the Revell 'Premium' range of 1/24th kits. There weren't many models in this series, This, a BMW 850 a Mercedes 560 C, coupe and cabriolet. I has many more parts than your usual Revell kit, and has a reputation for being difficult to build, almost to the point of being un-buildable! That currently, has not been my experience. The engine and transmission (No piccies unfortunately. I had assembled the engine and transmission into the floor-pan before I realised I had no pictures) went together well, as did the exhaust system. A bit over-the-top in the parts count department, but engineered well enough. I decided that mine would be black, so I sprayed it with Halfords' grey primer followed by a Halfords' Black (Not sure which one - there is more than one shade!) So, this is where we are now: The somewhat crumpled box. Looks impressive. The body: There are some minor imperfections that will polish out. I use Halfords' polishing compound. It's a old can, and appears to be quite different from the newer Halfords polishing compound. Sorry about the blurry rear-end, but I was using shutter priority on the camera in order to use flash, and it must have selected a very wide aperture, hence the shallow depth of field. The wheels: Now, this is one area where Revell could improve upon. The tyres are that Vinyl stuff. It has a few failings: It appears to be 'oily' to the touch It doesn't look very much like rubber (too shiny) It can melt polystyrene, so you have to ensure the wheel is painted where the tyre touches it. It seems to age badly and become brittle. All but one of the tyres has split right across the tyre. I resolved it by using CA glue in the gap to hold the tyre together. I then filled the remains of the gap with High-tack PVA glue. That has the advantage that it dries clear, so appears to part of the tyre, and it also dries quite flexible, similar to the original vinyl (event when brittle). It is quite difficult to see the splits now, so the repair appears to have worked. This is where the new stuff starts: The rear suspension went in first. There are over twenty parts to make up the rear suspension, even more when you add the brakes and springs! Seems a bit like overkill. Still for all that, it assembled well and it all fitted. I highlighted all the pipe-work by dry-brushing aluminium on to the raised pipes. It needed a bit of clean-up later but nothing serious. The exhaust system is also another example of a complicated break-down of parts. There are nine parts here. Fortunately it all went together well, like this: It all fitted well. No major gaps, just a smear of filler before the back-box on one of he pipes. The headers event connected to the manifolds. I was impressed. Another view of the rear suspension with the axles attached: Again, quite complex, but it all fitted well. This is one of the from suspension parts. Again the fit was well engineered, and it fitted well. This biggest difficulty was ensuring no glue got onto the revolving axle part. That's the bit in the bottom right corner. So, this is where we are at present: All suspension parts added, including anti-roll bars etc. The exhaust looked a bit too shiny, so I used a mix of Humbrol matt black and gloss brown, highly diluted in white spirit to "grubby" it up a bit. The white spirit doesn't attack the acrylic already there. It has stalled here due to a major cock-up on my part. The right suspension part at the front didn't want to stay in place. I thought perhaps that the strut needed to be pressed harder into the wish-bone, so I pushed a bit harder. Not a good idea. I managed to snap off the wish-bone and nearly lost it to the laminate monster (The carpet monster's close cousin). I was not impressed (understatement of the decade). After locating the broken part, I used epoxy glue to fix it back in place. The end result is a bit more flexible than I would like, but it doesn't appear to be going anywhere. The problem still remains that the strut keeps falling out. No better (or worse) than before. I think that the only solution will be to glue the strut in place and lose the ability to have functional steering. Having said that, apart from posing it off centre, I never do anything else with it, so it's not a huge loss. I'll just set it slightly off centre anyway. More soon, I hope. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  15. Hey everyone Well you might think that I'm jumping on the 1/24 Airfix Hurricane band wagon what with @The Spadgent making a rather good start on his (you'd be right by the way ) but in my defence I do have some time to kill whilst I'm waiting for some bits to dry on my Hawker Typhoon and I think a large scale Hurricane will complement it nicely. So without further a do rather lovely box art.. The proposed scheme, Hurricane P3675 UF*S, 601 Sqn RAF Tangmere September 1940 (I built the 1/48 Scale version recently).. ..using the Montex masking set.. ..and here is where I'm at at the moment. My fuselage halves are both quite warped so for the worst offender I am going to straighten it out by gluing on the side panels... ..I drilled out the panel location tabs ...and cut the starboard panel in two.. ...it still fits ok.. Cheers all Iain.
  16. Well here she is my version of the Airfix Hellcat. It had to be in the Fleet Air Arm scheme as my house is a solid RN only household. I used the Airscale cockpit set, Master gun barrels, Montex Mask set, HGW seatbelts, Anyz engine dress up set and a brass and resin undercarriage. Happy with all of that except for the cockpit set as it just isn’t that visible on the finished kit. I have a spare set of the undercarriage as I ordered 2 by mistake if anyone wants them. Thanks for looking.
  17. So, seeing as the lockdown and social isolation continues, i thought i would grab another box down off the shelf to occupy my evenings. As the titla and tags suggest it is the Subaru Impreza Sports Wagon WRX in 1/24 from Hasegawa. A nice little curbside kit that should go together well. The mouldings lok crisp with minimal cleanup looking to be required. There are a few parts in the box not required as it looks like some Impreza sprues with the Wagon stuff added on top, so the kit bash spares box continues to grow. Included are some window masks for the clear parts which is a welcome touch. This should be another fairly quick build i hope sue to the time avaialble, but i'm still undecided on colours. Any suggestions are welcomed of course. The carpet is likely to be getting flocked in a charcoal/anthracite, but the rest is currently up for the vote. Maybe even some homemade decals are an option (Possibly) Here is the box art and the first load of parts enjoying a coat of primer. Thanks for looking, Coops
  18. This is my first work in progress post so please be gentle on me. This was going to be my winter project, then when I had to go into lockdown for 12 weeks it became my virus project. Unfortunately I have to go into hospital on Tuesday so this may be as far as I get. The kit is great so far, I am not sure if the kit is a lot better than the Typhoon or if I have got better, but so far there are no issues putting it together. I went for a cockpit upgrade kit and I don’t think it was worth it. The seat belts from HGW are excellent and well worth the investment. I have freestyled the inside of the back of the aircraft as I want to leave the bottom hatch showing. I have taken some inspiration from Nigels Modeling Bench but not followed him exactly. I have the Anyz engine upgrade set and brass undercarriage which I have to make a start on but I am leaving that until after my hospital visit. Eventually it will be finished in the FAA scheme as I am ex RN myself so it seemed the obvious choice. These close up photos show up errors and such that I just cant seen with the naked eye
  19. Thank you all for being so welcoming on here. Time to add my current Work in Progress. This is almost complete, but here's where I am so far. Sorry for a lot of images, but I have been building this for quite a while now After starting this, I've discovered that the kit is no where near as good as the Aoshima one, but that didn't stop me from giving it my all I've had the Tamiya Lamborghini Countach and "Orancio California" paint sitting in my cupboard for way too long, so this is my next kit: I bought some yellow wire for the HT leads & sticky back suede effect cloth for the dashboard, but not sure if it will work, or be too thick to give the look of the real Countach dashboard: Unboxed: Not impressed with the decals, the's no decals for the badges on the back or the Bertone badge on the side Starting off I thought I'd test fit the bottom & interior. Hopefully, any issues should show up here, but everything slotted in quite nicely: Then although there are probably more important things to start with, I wanted to address my favourite little quirk on the LP400. Which is the "Periscope" Window in the roof. Apparently, the original concept was to use a periscope mirror instead of a conventional rear view mirror, but they found it too distracting when used on the concept car & went with a regular mirror instead. But the designers liked the detail on the roof so much, they left it in anyway! On the kit, this was just a moulded shape: So with a bit of cutting, cutting again, filing & sanding, I managed to open it up: UP PERISCOPIO! Then on to de-chroming the engine & wheels, using my favourite cleaning liquid which hasn't failed yet in removing the chrome without damaging the plastic in any way (what ever you do, don't use this on chrome taps! :shock: As always, worked a trick: Next up, I'll start on the body to get rid of mould lines & imperfections I sprayed some of the parts before moving on the body: Then, as the Zero paints had been sitting for about a year, I spent a good half hour shaking & stirring. Then set up ready for paint: 2 coats fully covered, but it still didn't have the depth I wanted: Needed to keep stirring the paint as the gold flake kept settling at the bottom. Not sure if you see in this picture: Then, I kept going with another 3 heavy coats. Now it looks really orange: But it did use alot of the paint: Now I'm happy with the body, I was going to move on the decals, but when I soaked the Lambo badge, instead of lifting off the backing, it started to disintergrate! I can only assume this kit has been sitting on a shelf for alot of years before I bought it. Lambo badge decals orderd from Ebay I shook all my paint tins vigorously, added thinners & then added more detail to the dash. Including the different colour buttons under the binnacle. The dash board itself is painted with Tamiya tyre paint, but it gives a good replication of the suede in the real car: Then I had to address the ignition wires. I had cut the wires a little too short to play with & connect the other end. So easiest solution was to cut the distributor caps off, glue in the wires, then add some styrene rod get them re-attached. It's still alot of wires into a very small space!: Then I painted the centre console with some Vallejo black metal & silver and used black flocking for the carpet. Even though I wanted a black interior, I wanted as many different textures & shades as I could get away with: Then in went the seats, seat belts & seat belt sockets on the sides of the seats. Gear stick & door handles finish it off: Engine now dried & all back in. It's not quite as neat as I would like, but I'm happy with how it's come together: The interior is now done. (That's stage 3 in the instruction book!) All seems to fit together still: I'm really happy with the Tamiya Tyre Grey colour on the dash. It looks more like suede than if I'd used the suede fabric I bought at the start. The top of the seatbelts are a bit of a glue bomb, but you won't see that when it's all together: Firstly, I cleared the body with Zero pre-thinned clear coat: Painted the black bits with Tamiya semi-gloss black & window trims with Vallejo black for a more matt finish: Quite happy with the results: Then, with a very small brush, tooth picks and cotton buds soaked in thinners, I carefully painted the badges on the back: Gave up on using the decal for the tint, all the decals in this kits have disintegrated upon hitting water. This one had a coat of liquid decal film, but still failed!: Decided not to use the decals for the rear lights either & thought I would get a better result by hand painting: Thanks for looking. Comments & tips greatly appreciated Cheers, Paul
  20. After the highly detailed S4 to the really basic Stratos I didn't realise how bad and basic Italeri kits were, but then it's an original 70s kit, so things have moved on I suppose, it doesn't even come with windows for the doors, which I thought was odd The bodyshell isn't too bad even though it took a lot of filling and scraping to get it half decent. It also fits way too far forward on the chassis so had to be modified to make the wheels central to the arches. I also thought I'd go away from the usual Alitalia decals and with the Chardonnet instead
  21. Finished this kit a couple of weeks ago, but only just got round to photos due to the weather. As I've just finished the Stratos as well and it's sunny I ventured outside with a bottle of cider to keep me cool in the hot sun The things we have to do for our hobby It's a great kit made even better with the detail kit, I'd highly recommend it, but if you do take it on, really study the instructions and do a lot of dry fitting Not brilliant photos, but it's not my forte. Any feedback or tips to improve welcomed Ian
  22. I made three vintage 1970s hang gliders to go with my Revell 1/24th scale Volkswagen Samba bus. I used paper (mainly), aluminium tubes, and thread. More detail on my web site: https://everardcunion.com/plastic-models-2/24thbrock82/#top
  23. As I've nearly finished the S4 barring a couple of detail bits I'm waiting on, I thought I'd choose my next victim. As I'm running low on white paint and awaiting supplies, I thought I'd do the Stratos as I seem to have plenty of red to hand After all the detail of the S4 I thought this as a curbside kit would be easy and quick as there aren't too many parts, but looking at it I think I'm going to have to do a lot of de-seaming, flash removal and loads of filling sink marks, but that's all part of the hobby I suppose
  24. After the Peugeot 206 WRC I looked through the stash and decided it was about time I started the Group B monster the Delta S4 that I've been putting off I've never built a Beemax kit before, but I'm impressed with the fit of the parts up to yet. The engine is together and ready for a weathering wash and some of the pipework painted and ready for assembly, just need to do the banding Ian
  25. Evening all, My build of the London Black Cab has finished and the images submitted for judging. Here it is for the viewing pleasure of my fellow Britmodellers. Feel free to comment as you see fit. Trying to improve my photographs so fingers crossed they're better than previous ones. It was a fast build and learned a lot of good lessons along the way. It was built using only the kit and sprues in the box + a set of VIP Rims. Its the first time i have done a roof chop and certainly something i would like to do again given the right subject. All the photos are available in the Google photos album here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/bLSeaCMKymmCvPMZ9 The WIP is here: Photos are below: I hope you like it, cheers for looking. Coops Coops
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