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  1. Hello forum, About to start on my next 1/72 Airfix Dogfight Double Midway F4F-4 following my Fw-190/Hawker Typhoon build linked below. Given Johnny's @The Spadgent's build of the same kit, along with Detail and Scale's review, I am looking forward to a straight forward where effort will be spent on the engine, wheel well intercoolers, Photo etch cockpit & working on getting the colors correct. @giemme's builds always inspire me to push on some of the overlooked details on excellent kits like Airfix's F4F-4. Unlike Johnny, I am going to do this with the wing's extended. For reference, I am using @Dana Bell's F4F Wildcat, Aircraft Pictorial #4 book, Detail and Scale's F4F Wildcat (E-Book), Detail and Scale's US Navy Carrier Based Aircraft of WW2 (e-book), WW2 In Review No 30 Wildcat (e-book), F4F Wildcat vs Zero Sen (Edward M Young-e-book) and this website I found useful https://www.angelfire.com/dc/jinxx1/Wildcat/F4F_pt1.html . Given the overall quality of Airfix's decals and research on previous Dogfight Double's I have built, I decided to build LCDR Thatch's aircraft with their markings. Additionally, I noted in Airfix's instructions that Starfighter decals assisted with developing the markings so I feel good about their accuracy--I have always been impressed with their products. About the only error I can find, and it seems to be common with all Airfix Wildcats, is most F4F-4's carried Curtiss Electric propellors and not Hamilton Standards, so the propellor stencils will need to be modified. In this scale I have decided to just use the technical stencils on the cuff & cut off the red Hamilton Standard oval--I purchased Yellow Wing's 1/72 manufacturer propellor logos so I might use the Curtiss Electric Seal--that said, I think photographic evidence in @Dana Bell's book points to no manufacturer seals on Midway Wildcat propellors. I have read that Thatch's aircraft is pictured below prior to the Battle of Midway--a great resource that I will use on the build. My 1st order of business is to figure out what colors to use for the project. I initially purchased Colorcoates as I trust their research and have heard nothing but good things about them. However, since I plan on thinning the paints I like to use the manufacturer's proprietary so I can save unused paints/avoid complications--it has been next to impossible for me to get their thinner, so I decided to use the lids as paint chips to compare other manufactures against. (I am very impressed with the research put into Colorcoates and will use them in the future when I get thinner--I also understand they paint the lids with the actual color in the tin). I decided to give AK Real Colors a try based off one of @billn53's builds, Gunze, AK Acrylic (Bronze Green) and Tamiya (experiment with XF-5 for cockpit bronze green only) and Vallejo (cockpit bronze green). A quick eyeball check against Colorcoats and @Dana Bell's book convinced me to use AK Real Colors Bronze green for the cockpit. I am thinking that AK's Blue Grey and Light Grey will work for the exterior, but I am still going back and forth with Gunze's near matches--I know this is very unscientific eyeballing, but I think it will hit the mark. For the elusive Grumman Grey Primer, I am going to trust at Eduard's Hellcat instructions juxtaposed with Detail and Scale's Hellcat book and go with Mission Model's Light Gull Grey. Paint swatches I created against light grey are pictured below: All comments are welcome--including those that think my color interpretation needs improvement. Also, please do not hesitate to add to my Wildcat knowledge if my research is off--I am always amazed at the bench of historical and craftsman knowledge on this site. Best to all, Erwin
  2. Hi, This is going to be my first-ever Group Build, and to ensure I have a chance of completion before the September deadline, I've decided to apply the principles of KISS, or "Keep it simple, stupid!" The kit cost me £8.99 (plus postage, of course) from Model Hobbies, my current first port-of-call. At the time I bought it, I intended to add a Yahu instrument panel and seatbelts, but as either of these takes the cost over the Tenner, they'll be saved for a future project. Here is the kit, still in its box and unrifled, snoozing beside my Number One Helper until zero hour: http:// I'm really looking forward to doing this GB and being among such good company! Cheers for now! Mark
  3. Source: https://www.facebook.com/ArmaHobby/posts/4494536197243369 Update http://armahobbynews.pl/en/blog/2021/08/13/f4f-4-wildcat-1-72-test-shots/ V.P.
  4. AZmodel is to reissue its 1/72nd F4F Wildcat in Grumman Martlet Mk.I Two boxings expected in September 2021. Original AZmodel updated/cleaned mould and new parts like the engine. Source: http://www.modelarovo.cz/grumman-martlet-mk-i-1-72-azmodel/ box art V.P.
  5. Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of plans to release a kit of the new AW159 Wildcat helicopter? That is one seriously nice looking machine. Hoping in advance. Rick
  6. F4F-4 Wildcat / Mitsubishi A6M2b Zero Dogfight Double Gift Set 1:72 Airfix A50184 This dogfight double from Airfx brings us their newer tool Zero and Wildcat kits. As well as the two kits there is a display stand to hold both models and a set of paints with glue and brushes. The infamous Mitsubishi Zero was able to dominate the early years of the Pacific air war through a combination of tremendous agility and endurance. Mitsubishi designed their fighter to be as light as possible in order to make the most of the relatively low power available from its radial engine. This weight saving became a major weak spot for the Zero, however, once heavily armed and armoured opposition such as the Grumman Hellcat entered the fray. The legendary British test pilot Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown flew the Zero in 1946. He found that it possessed superb manoeuvrability and a good rate of climb. He was less impressed by the constant ‘panting’ noise emanating from the aircraft’s ultra-thin metal skin in flight and the lack of a bullet-proof windscreen, seat armour and self-sealing fuel tanks. The Wildcat was developed in the late 1930s and came into service in early 1940s. While its performance was a little less than the Zero, however its ruggedness and better use of in with US Tactics gave it an improved kill ratio over the Zero. Lessons learned from the Wildcat were used to develop the much improved Hellcat. The Zero The Zero was a new kit from Airfix in 2011 The kit is part of their series one range. The painting instructions for the single example provided for on the decal sheet are printed in colour in the instructions. The kit’s 47 parts are nicely moulded and the panel lines are very engraved, the kit does include options for folded wings. The Wildcat This Zero was a new kit from Airfix 2015 The kit is part of their series one range. The kit is part of their series one range. The painting instructions for the single example provided for on the decal sheet are printed in colour in the instructions.The kit’s 58 parts are nicely moulded and the panel lines are very engraved, the kit does include options for folded wings. Markings The decal sheet from Cartograf (so no issues there) gives us one option for each aircraft. These are B11-181 From the Carrier Soryu, Battle of Midway June 4th 1942, and F-22 From the Fighting 8, USS Hornet (CV-) Battle of Midways June 4th 1942. Conclusion This looks like another winner from Airfix. The kits are well moulded, nicely detailed and if they build up as well as they look there should be no problems. As a keen modeller of 1:72 subjects I have to say I’m very happy with Airfix’s recent output and I look forward to more of the same. Review sample courtesy of
  7. Here are my completed builds numbers 2 & 3 for 2016: the Airfix Dogfight Double set comprising the Grumman Wildcat and the Nakajima B5N2 'Kate' torpedo bomber. The kits are nicely detailed and went together very well, I don't recall having any particular problems with either of them. I used the kit transfers and mostly Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats paints, USN Blue-gray, USN Light Gray, Nakajima Amber Grey-green (Ameiro) IJN D1 Deep Green Black and Mitsubishi Cowling Blue-black. If you think the paint chipping effect on the Kate is a bit overdone, kindly allow me to direct you here I used the Peewit canopy mask sets for both kits, they are about half the price of the Eduard ones. The markings represent the Wildcat flown by Lt.Cdr John 'Jimmy' Thach and the Kate commanded by Lt Joichi Tomonaga - Airfix have managed to get both the protagonists' names wrong in the instruction and painting booklet which is a bit of a shame given that it took me two minutes to look them up on the internet and I can't imagine why Airfix could not have done the same before sending it off for printing - at best it looks sloppy, at worst it looks a bit disrespectful, especially since Lt Tomonaga did not survive the encounter. That however is the only real criticism I can level at this set. Anyway, here they are, first the Wildcat: ... and the Kate: ... and finally together, locked in combat as Airfix intended: Thanks for your attention Cheers, Stew
  8. Hello, uff, second model finished this year - maybe next year will be better, who knows. Two models are very close to finish, so maybe I will beat the record. I think that it's not the last "four leaf clover" in glass-case - but at first, I need to find TBM-1C kit in 1/72.
  9. The box arrived at 16:00. First impressions.... 1. A big box packed with a lot of plastic...600 parts they say. 2. VERY fine detailing, moulding flawless, reasonable length runners, even on the smallest of parts. 3. I cannot see any short shot parts. The instructions have you start with the cockpit. I'm still thinking about the best way to do the instruments. Airfix provide separate instrument transfers to apply to the back of a clear panel and then fix the front over. Confusingly they offer 3 instrument panels, R3 and R4, but no where I can see do they link the choice to a model. On the transfer application page there is no mention of the choice, either. So I'm going to start on Page 39, step 150 and build the engine!! Photos to follow...
  10. During the recent Blitzbuild Group Build here on BM, I took the opportunity to drag out a long term stash resident the Frog Wildcat. Despite all the parts being off the spruces and the decals looking past their best, the kit turned out really well despite the interventions of our kitten that decided it would look much better on the floor with one wing removed ! The aircraft is a Wildcat Mk.IV. 896 Squadron, Fleet Air Arm, HMS Pursuer, February 1944. Work in progress below I hope you like it, let me know what you think. Cheers Pat
  11. I was looking for Wildcat Mk VI photos that flew from my favorite RN small carrier, the ex-USN Bogue class escort carrier USS Altamaha, renamed HMS Battler, and I found these photos I thought some of you might be interested in. Mike Captioned as an 834 Squadron Seafire- looks like a Seafire Mk 1b https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:The_Royal_Navy_during_the_Second_World_War_A21600.jpg Her history and aircraft http://www.royalnavyresearcharchive.org.uk/ESCORT/BATTLER.htm#.XkSbn2dYZdg Seafire deck ops https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/205153904 Swordfish aboard the Battler https://www.shutterstock.com/editorial/image-editorial/britain-aircraft-carrier-hms-battler-xse-7393539a Seafire accident on the Battler I also found the HMS Battler homepage, which has many excellent photos of her aircraft and air operations! See the link below. https://www.hmsbattler.com/
  12. Ahoy! On the bench at the minute I have my first Hobby Boss kit. Completed an Eduard Hellcat last year and decided it was time for the cat collection to grow... Having never build a Hobby Boss kit before I was a little reluctant to begin with, but having read several positive reviews thought it was worth a crack. Nothing fancy with this one, just using the box kit and some Eduard belts to spruce up the pit. This is my first WIP thread! Not sure it will be too exciting. Had two days off work earlier in the week and this is how it stands at the moment. When it came to gluing everything together I was getting a bit worries that there might be fit / alignment issues as there isn't a solid fit - bits tend to be a bit floaty. Probably not a problem for most, but I am a bit spoilt as I mainly build Tamiya kits! So glued the fuselage together and then the cockpit floor to the bottom tub section. Once the glue had set nicely, popped the other bits in place, quick dab of Tamiya liquid cement and then held the tub section into the fuselage - wiggled bits around so that everything sits as it should. Even so, there is still going to be a bit of filler needed above the headrest. The undercarriage section almost came a cropper, again due to vague locations, as a tip to anyone I'd recommend trying to get the struts in place and then popping it into place in the fuselage tub section to make sure everything fits. As in my case the fitment of one of struts is a little wayward, wasn't to bad thankfully and with a bit of prodding with a cocktail stick got it in place. Tonight should get a few more hours to crack on. Decided I wanted to the leave the fuel tanks off, which will mean a few holes need filling in the wing. Spotted a tip somewhere about stretching sprue to get a rod of plastic to fill holes, so might give that a bash. Thanks for popping by... More to follow Aaron
  13. I hope no one minds me getting some ancient kits out again - I love the GB experience and it looks like I may have the time to fit in a simple Wildcat build as a follow on to my (late) finish in the Pacific War GB. For that, I got a hold of some marvelous Battle of the Coral Sea decals and they included a set for a Wildcat so I was keen to use them as the style of paint schemes on the USN aircraft at that time really impressed me. Also, I've been impressed with the new tool Airfix Wildcat builds I've seen in this GB so far, so that has spurred me on to get my old kits built and move on to the new tools. Which kit to use though? I've got a choice between the original Airfix and Frog kits. Both look to be pretty simple but the Frog kit looks to have had more work put into the engine and undercarriage details. I fancy building both kits simultaneously and this is where I got the idea that I could do one as a USN version and the other as a British Martlet (I remember my Dad quoting the Martlet as one of his favourite aircraft so there may be some connection with him growing up and seeing some in WW2). I'll need to do some research on which types of Martlet lined up with which types of Wildcat etc. but that will be an interesting exercise too. (I'm also going to change my photo posting from Flickr to Imgur to see how that works out). Here is the Airfix kit I've got....brand new from 1964! Here is the Frog kit - lovely dark blue plastic. Here are those attractive USN decals..
  14. Evening one and all, I'll be honest, I haven't finished an model of any description for probably over a year... I'm a serial kit-starter! I've got a few non-finished GB kits sitting on my shelf of doom but I just do not have the energy to finish them. I know it's bad but I am in a massive CBA mood with models right now. I think a large part of that was the fact my man cave was pretty much unusable during the spring/summer/autumn months. I have also moved house which has taken alot of my energy, but I have moved to a new house with my partner and we have a spare bedroom, so now I actually have room to make some models and she has space to do her crafty bits as well... it's a win win! Best of all we actually have a driveway now! No more parking in the street for me, or worrying if I will be able to get a parking spot when I got home from work. Now, my unfinished kits are in my man cave, however that is at my parents house so I can't really do much with them for the time being. So sitting here in the evenings I have pretty much been reading and getting ideas on stuff to build. That is where this post/thread comes in, I've decided to do a few simple builds to get my motivation up. I have decided to do the following kits because I want to get them built. I have got two kits of the Zero to do and only one of the Hawk. I have built the Hawk before (the 112 Sqn edition) so that shouldn't present me with any troubles. The two Zero's will not be painted in the scheme depicted on the box. I purchased a decal set a while ago with the intention of using the Chinese Nationalist Air Forces roundel for the Hawk. That was before I bought two Zero's. So they will be done in the below schemes... and... Please excuse the poor pictures, the lighting in here is pretty poor, I need to get some better bulbs in the spare room. The CNAF version is a quick simple colour on top and bottom, it also ties in nicely with the Hawk. The 261-Kokutai version is an interesting one that caught my eye a while ago, I don't think I had ever seen a camouflaged Zero before I saw that sheet. It looks simple and easy enough to do - famous last words I bet! These builds will not be the fastest in the world, I was meant to start these at the start of the holidays - however family trips/visits put a stop to that (yay!). If I get these three done within any decent time frame (about 5 years) then I have the following to add... I haven't started on these kits yet, I just wanted to get the thread up to give me a KUTA to start them. I haven't included the sprue shots as I am sure we all know what these kits look like now. More to follow soon I hope! Kind Regards, Dazz P.S.... I can not actually find the designation of "A6M2b" anywhere... I am assuming that it is the Type 21 "version" with the folded wing tips? I know it says "A6M2b-21" on the back of the box, but I am not too sure if I can trust that.
  15. Hi all, Latest one to get finished on the bench is Hobby Boss' very nice 1/48 F4F-4 Wildcat. I've built this as part of the excellent Mediterranean Theatre GB which you really should check out as there are some truly excellent builds going on and some really good finished ones in the gallery. The model was built OOTB with the exception of some seat belts and aftermarket decals from Superscale which performed excellently and I used both Vallejo and Lifecolor paints. Here are the pics; Hope you like her and thanks for looking in, all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. And for anyone interested here is the link to the WIP; Craig.
  16. Time to mark my spot for my entry in this GB. Last time the MTO GB came around I planned on doing a couple of US Navy aircraft operated in the Med but time got the better of me and they never happened so it's time to put that right, at least partially, by building Hobby Boss' F4F-4 Wildcat as an example flown by Lt. Cdr. John Raby of VF-9 when based on the USS Ranger during the landings in North Africa for Operation Torch. I intend to build her pretty much out of the box but hope to get hold of some suitable seat belts for her. I have a set of aftermarket decals by Superscale which has the markings I want. Here's the ubiquitous box shot; And the open box shot; And the decal sheet and a very nice book I've had for a few years which got me hooked on this subject; I have the small matter of a B-25 to finish first for the types STGB before I get started, though knowing me I will not be able to resist the temptation for very long. Thanks for looking in. Craig.
  17. Grumman F4F-3 Wildcat built for the Carrier Ahoy! GB https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235035778-grumman-f4f-3-wildcat-uss-lexington-done/ It's the wildcat recently discovered 3000 meters under the Coral Sea next the USS Lexington wreck Airfix 1/72 F4F-4 kit with quickboost wings and some improvement (NACA without airscoop) Thanks to @Dazey for his precious informations
  18. Topdrawings 48 - Grumman F4F Wildcat ISBN : 9788365437631 Kagero via Casemate UK The Grumman F4F Wildcat (or Martlet in British Service) was a carrier bourne fighter developed in the 1930 from the Grumman FF Biplane. The FF was the first US Naval aircraft to have retractable landing gear with the wheels still visible even when retratacted and this carried over to the F4F. The USN offically adopted the type in 1941 as the Wildcat though they had been in service since 1940 with the Royal Navy. This book is not a reference book on the Wildcat per-say, but a collection of plans and colour profiles designed to help the modeller all the plans are in 1.48 with a 1/24th scale rule on the pages as well. In the centre of the book is an A2 double sided pull out plan in 1/32nd scale as well. As an extra there is one set of 1:48 masks, and one of 1:72 in the book. All text is in English & Polish. Conclusion If you're interested in these aircraft and intend to model a few of an individual aircraft then its worth investing in one of these publications. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  19. Here it is then, my first finished build as a Britmodeller, a straight OOB Airfix Grumman Wildcat F4F-4 Wildcat. A great little kit that goes together like a dream, I've already bought another one. I'm fairly new to the hobby, so any helpful hints, tips and constructive criticism is highly appreciated. I didn't have early war USN colors, so the paint is approximation/poor guesswork only. Top: Tamiya XF-17 Sea Blue + XF-2 White 3:1 Underside: Vallejo Model Air 050 Light Gray. Gloss and matt varnishes from Vallejo. Applied with airbrush. Canopy brushpainted. Micro Set for decals. Wash: Burnt Umber oil paint in odorless turpentine Weathering: Vallejo Model Air Aluminum applied with a small sponge, brown and black chalk pastels applied with brush Issues: As you can se from the underside, i need a proper scribing tool(already purchased). Here I used my thinnest hobby saw blade - not thin enough. The rudder decal gave me quite some grief, for some reason it would constantly lift along the edge. Ended up tearing both of them in half. Maybe I should have left the rudder of the model until it's all done. (Picture quality is far from optimal, mobile phone camera and heavy clouds outside is a poor combination.) The rudder decal in all its questionable glory.. On to the next build, the Academy Zero 52C! As mentioned above, any advice most . Cheers, Haavard
  20. I have been wondering how many Wildcats and Martlets that can be made from the new Airfix kits. First up a Martlet MkIV and a F4F-4 Wildcat. These will have the canopy closed so my lousy seatbelts won't be seen too well. There is not much of the cockpit that will be seen. The basic sprues, these are the same for both kits. Martlet MkIV box art and sprue. F4F-4 Wildcat box art and sprue. My progress so far. It is amazing what modelling horrors are visible when a camera is added to the mix, the decal that is not quite straight but it will never be seen when the fuselage is closed up. Thanks for looking. Stephen
  21. So I'm on here all the time admiring everyone else's work, insight, and good nature and humor, but never really contribute. So as I delve back into this hobby addiction, which is greatly needed, I am making myself grow and delve deeper into this art. So I will put out updates on this build of Trumpeter's 1/32 Late F4F-3 and welcome feedback, critique, criticism, or experience...jokes too. My head is thick, my hide is thicker and I like the camaraderie on this site. I'm newer and want to jump in...so thanks. I have also started a new topic asking for insight to lap belts prior to Midway/early WWII. Thanks! So here is the office. Not finished with detail and have not started weathering washes. First attempt at hair spray technique on seat, floor and rudder pedals. I am a black baser so all is primed in black first.
  22. Hey folks! in this thread ill be posting my two builds: one martlet mk.I and one f4f-3 (bu.1863) Early w/ spinner :-) first up: Martlet Mk.I Using the airfix 1/72 Martlet IV as a base, Ive started by modifying the cowl by adding the intake fairing on the top; it should protrude a bit further forward so will add a bit more stock card then sand smooth F4F-3 BU.1863 first up I dug out the gun troughs, though got a bit carried away and dug them too far back! - i filled up with the excess with some black sprue and will sand smooth as this airfraft had the earlier R-1830-76 minus the magnetos, I saved the airfix engine for another day and found another replacement ( not much will be seen behind the spinner anyway! the spinner is from the spares and from an academy p-40 from memory, the kit blades were attached to the spinner: more soon!
  23. Airfix 1:72 Wildcat build almost OOB with kit decals -After pre shading, all paints were as given in the instructions except the upper surface which Airfix gave as HU125 and was replaced by my own mix 5xHU125 5xHU127 2xHU25 to make USN M-485 -I tried blending in the lower windows with CA (A Phil Flory technique) then sanding and polishing once cured, Think I need some practice in this as the vapours got on the inside and did what CA vapours do. I wont write off the technique just yet. - Rudder decal was discarded and rudder painted with Tamiya white primer and HU 153 - Decals applied with MicroSol & MicroSet. - Model was given a coat of Humbrol Gloss Cote prior to decals, clay washes, oil dot weathering & Tamiya wethering masters then matted with Humbrol Matt Cote. - Aerial rigging was done with 0.12mm fishing line secured with UV cured glue (UV glue really makes this job so much easier) then tightened by holding a soldering iron near. - Kit jury stays were discarded as too thick and replace with lengths of Plastruct 0.3mm rod. Please forgive the stand its just a bit of printed paper blue tacked on to a unpainted base just for the pictures. Enjoy CT Thanks for looking Mark
  24. Hi folks, second finished build for the day is Airfix's new tool Wildcat and what a beautifull little kit they have given us,there is debate elsewhere on shape issues but to me and I think most modelers It certainly looks like a Wildcat.The only vice the kit has in construction is the under carriage which for me was a bit fiddly but I,m not the most patient so enough said,I lightly weathered her with a light brown wash using a black wash for the flaps,wingfold etc.I only need to add the radio wire when I stretch some more sprue.WIP and sprue shots can be found here and thanks for looking in. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234989568-airfix-172-grumman-wildcat/page-1
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