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Found 16 results

  1. Evening all With the waters now settled on my 1/32nd Sunderland build, I thought it about time to start another big vacform... well, to be exact, continue with a long stalled project from a few years ago. I started this Tigger (ex ID Models) vac of the Short Stirling about 5 or 6 years ago and ran out steam, and it had been consigned to the loft since I boxed it up and got distracted with something else. A conversation a few months ago with @Cees Broere about the Stirling led him to offer me his also-stalled project with the promise that I'd continue his excellent start and get it finished - an offer I grabbed with both hands considering the excellent start he's made to the cockpit interior which is my least favourite part of building models such as these. I was in the Netherlands with the family last week, to I popped in to see him and picked the beast up - thanks again, Cees! I've since been for a rummage in the loft and dug my kit out, and now combining the two means I'm confident that I can finally get the job done. So here's where we're at... This is how far Cees had got with his fuselage: And how far I'd got with mine, which as you can see is not very: Cees is a wonderfully talented modeller and scratch-builder and has made some beautiful progress with the cockpit area - a great base for me to continue working on: Here are the wings I'd started a few years back - at the time I decided to open up the wing and reveal some of the interior detail. I like to think I've improved my scratch-building skills since then so instead I'll use the wings from Cees' kit and start again: That's a lot of plastic! Here are the other parts that include the engine nacelles, stabs and fin, etc - pretty basic stuff but perfectly workable: Cees has kindly given me a supply of Bristol Hercules engines as well as various HK Lancaster turret parts which will come in very useful and reduce the amount of scratch-building needed in the future: So... with both my earlier work and Cees' more recent efforts, I certainly have something Stirling shaped which is a great start (or point to continue from) for this project so I'm ready to dive back in! The plan is to do a late MkIII variant with open bomb bays and a full bomb-load - squadron and specific aircraft yet to be decided. I'm really not looking forward to tackling the landing gear, but that's a problem for another day. Updates are likely to sporadic as the new school term starts imminently but I'll do my best to keep those interested updated on my progress. All the best, Tom
  2. I've only recently started learning about bombsight designs, the factors that affect bomb aiming and the technical difficulties of calculating a correct bombing solution under combat conditions. The question I have for the BM collective mind is this: were sights such as the mkVII and mkIX course setting bombsights left in parked aircraft or were they removed for security? I can see justification both ways. The designs were, presumably, highly classified, but constant moving and reattaching such complex mechanical devices may not have helped their reliability. I am particularly interested in what the practice might have been in operational Stirling squadrons in late 1941, just before the introduction of the much improved mkXIV bombsight in 1942. Many thanks in advance! Murray
  3. Welsh Models is to release a 1/144th Shorts Stirling bomber resin kit - ref. ? Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=pfbid02TF8qPMWhbEthq8nJdrfQa4mVLfEcaU3BW66WNsAbpfZFCVPWYX2untDoKiz4D1Lwl&id=100045734448348 Test parts picture V.P.
  4. As my first faltering step back into proper scale modelling I've set my heart on an RAF heavy bomber diorama and I have made a start on an Italeri Stirling. I have found many photos online appearing to show aircraft crawling with erks simultaneously refuelling and bombing-up. These have, of course, raised more questions than answers in my, easily confused, mind and I'm in danger of being paralysed by indecision before I've got very far at all. So if anyone out there could chip in with any information on standard procedures of the time I'd be very grateful! Was this an accepted practice? Who was in charge of how much fuel was delivered, the chap at the pump or the chap with the hose on the wing? Would there have been a third erk at the flight engineer's station, manipulating fuel valves and monitoring fuel gauges, or were the gauges relatively useless with the aircraft in a tail down attitude? Lastly, if it were me, I'd want to start loading bombs at the back of the bomb bay and work forward so that I wasn't working directly under the ones already in place. Or is that just being a post-modernist wuss? Many thanks in advance! Murray
  5. Italeri is to release a new variant from its original Stirling kit (Stirling Mk.IV - ref.1350 http://shop.italeri.com/Products/21635-1350-stirling-mkiv.aspx & http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234933917-new-172-stirling-from-italeri/page-1😞 a Short Stirling Mk.I - ref. 1335. Source: http://www.primeportal.net/models/thomas_voigt9/misc/ V.P.
  6. Just an old fashioned Stirling With old fashioned ways A fuselage tattered and torn. Four Hercules engines keep chugging away She's flying from midnight to dawn. Though she don't go so fast, No great height does she claim, Sure there's something that makes her divine When she flies there on high She's the Queen of the sky She's that old fashioned Stirling of mine Taken from Stirling Wings by Jonathan Falconer - song often sung in the sergeants mess at Lakenheath where 149 Sqn were based in 1943 After 10 months of slogging away the Stirling is finally done. By far, this has been my most challenging build to date, the first vac formed kit I've ever completed (first attempt ended up in the bin!), the first time I've vac formed my own canopies if crash moulding doesn't count and first time soldering parts! The overall shape of the Sanger kit is pretty good, however there are a few noticeable errors, the first being the wings formed upside down and the second being the squared off rear fuselage when it should match the profile of the FN20 turret. It's built as a dedication to Ron Middleton who was posthumously awarded a VC for his bravery on the night of 29th November 1942 when he sadly didn't return from his 29th mission to Turin. Hit by flak over the target, he lost his right eye but maintained control of the aircraft and managed to get it back to the coast of England. 5 members of the crew bailed out, two others remaining to help him fly the aircraft but it lost control and crashed in to the sea taking the three crew members with it. There are two build threads to this because it was started by @Mike way back in 2008. After several years of me pestering him to finish it, he sold it to me and I picked up the gauntlet to get it to Telford as part of the 1/48th Bomber Command SIG VC display this year. The build continued here. There's lots of people to thanks for their help in this build, John @12jaguar for his wealth of knowledge and reference photo's, Nick @SleeperService for sending me a Wellington nose turret of which was used for the basis on the front turret in the Stirling, Alain @corsaircorp for sending me some resin parts that got used in the cockpit including the instrument panel and Chris @stringbag for his 1-2-1 soldering lesson and incredible drawings that were critical to get the complicated wing and undercarriage structure aligned. I'd also like to thank Megas Tsonas for his truly amazing 1/48 Stirling build that you may of seen in air Modeller, however this also proved to be a demotivator because I could in no way achieve the results he did! My goal was to get it finished in 2018 (well actually it was to have it ready for Telford but didn't quite make that!!) and I've just about squeezed it in! It's by no means perfect Anyway, enough blurb, here's the piccies. Hope you like her. Thanks for looking Neil
  7. I know modelling is supposed to be a hobby but sometimes it gets beyond that. Obsessive stubbornness is what happened here in building this. This is my attempt at an out-of-the-box Airfix Stirling. It was a heck of a job. There was twice as much plastic in the box than necessary The amount of flash and excess was simply outrageous. I spent most of my time simply trying to find the real edges of the mouldings. And not everything fitted. In fact little fitted without some heavy duty sanding. My recommendations are 1. You don't bother unless you enjoy sanding plastic. 2. That Airfix retire this mould to the scrapheap. 3. That when you see a bargain, think twice before parting with your money. In the end I got to the point where anything would do to get it finished. Anyway, make of it what you will. I won't be revisiting the Airfix Stirling for a long, long time.
  8. Hi guys, been a while since I posted any work here, so it thought I would post up a recently finished kit. Here we have the old and very vintage Airfix Short Stirling bomber in 1:72. If any of you have built this kit (judging by its age there may well be a fair few of you out there) it is in the kindest possible term, a DOG. If it were a car, it would be a Mini Metro with bead mat seat covers and beige interior. I could list all the problems and jobs done to just get the kit to fit properly never mind gain more accuracy but it would be a three page epic so if anybody really wants to know, PM me and I can eventually email a full write up on what I did. Kit was painted with Vallejo Air Dark Earth, Dark Green, Mat Black and Humbrol Interior Green, three coats of Pledge gloss and the mat coat was Winsor and Newton. Weathering used Humbrol 11, oil pastels and some small amount of charcoal in places.
  9. Hi all, This is the third old skool Airfix RAF bomber i've built over the last few years - others being a Wellington and Halifax - for some odd reason I love doing these old kits and my modelling budget wont stretch to kits such as the Italeri Stirling anyway. This was built OOB apart from a bit of scratch detail in the cockpit. Unfortunately snapped off one of the front turret guns doing the decals so need to repair that! Painted by airbrush in Revell aqua colour dark Earth/bronze green over matt black. Cheers Simon And the lovely old box art!
  10. Well folks this one has sneaked up on me a bit! I got a sharp reminder while perusing the GB's for what was happening to see lots of you were piling in with some great choices. So with out further a do here's mine.... IMG_2743 by G DSC, on Flickr Box art from a 1992 issue made in France no less.... IMG_2744 by G DSC, on Flickr A big box full of bits, which i hope to make in to a Stirling shape! IMG_2745 by G DSC, on Flickr And, yes it does have the tractor and bomb trolley too. Looking forward to this immensly as i haven't made a 1/72 4 engine type in years. Cheers Greg
  11. Thought this was interesting: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-tyne-41049104
  12. Hello all, I came across an old Esci decal No.57(Whitley/Short Stirling). One of the schemes was for a 15th Squadron Stirling Mk I(J-LS). This aircraft showed a court jester with bombing mission markings. The aircraft codes are painted in white and I was wondering if they were correct or should they have been mid gray. Also, are there any pics in the internet of this aircraft? I googled but did was not lucky. My plan is to use them on an Airfix Stirling a friend gave me as a gift. It is already half built but should be good as a SOB. Yes, I am going "old school" all the way. Thanks for any help.
  13. New issues: Shorts Stirling 75(NZ) Sqn WWII 1/48, 72 and 144 Percival Mew Gull G-AEXF final scheme 1/48 and 72 Percival Vega Gull RNZAF and RAF (24 Sqn) WWII 1/72 BN Islander – Milford Sound – 1/72 and 144 BN Islander – 13 schemes - 1/144 Fletcher Fu24 – Skydive Abel Tasman 1/72 Re-issued as Digital Decals All Embraer Bandierante and SW Metroliner schemes in 1/72 and 1/144 All GAF Nomad, BN Islander, Piper Chieftain, Piper Navajo, Cessna 402, Cessna 406, and Fletcher Fu24-950 schemes in 1/72 All F27 Friendship and Vickers Viscount 800 schemes in 1/96 Cairo Aviation Tu204-10C in 1/144 Tranzair Beech 99 in 1/144 Motueka Aero Club Cessna 172 in 1/48, 72 and 87 News: At last the conversion to Digital format is essentially complete. The remaining inkjet schemes – namely the BAe146, Saab 340 and RNZAF Devon will be re-worked and re-issued with new schemes in the coming months along with a backlog of new issues. These decals are available through my website www.oldmodelsdecals.com and, for NZ customers, TradeMe. John Oldmodels Decals
  14. Airfix Improvement Sets – Hurricane, Stirling & Defiant 1:72 Valiant Wings Valiant Wings have brought out a range of 1/72 aftermarket products to improve or convert existing kits. These particular samples are for a selection of Airfix kits. Their range covers vac form, etch and resin upgrades and as their website states, they aim to “offer simple to use modelling solutions to improve or upgrade kits that have been on the market for some time”. Their niche is focussed on those who are venturing into the realm of aftermarket for the first time having gained some experience building kits ‘out of the box’. Having this clear focus behind a product range is quite refreshing. That said, the solutions they have aren’t just restricted to novice builders, they can be used for any level. Additional to what is described below, the instructions that come with the sets is very comprehensive. Apart from very detailed guides on how to use the parts contained, you also get tips on further correction / conversion work required to the kit including additional correction sets on the market as well as references to relevant books that will help in your research. Boulton Paul Defiant – Nose Correction Set for Airfix kit Here is a replacement nose section to replace the very poor kit profile. The nose is moulded as one piece with a separate prop spinner. The parts are formed on a resin back plate, so I recommend the purchase of a razor saw if you don’t already have one to remove the parts. The parts are nicely moulded with no visible bubble holes. Fine surface detail is presents on the nose cone. There is some flash behind the moulded in exhausts, so you will need to trim this off, a modelling knife should do the trick here. Short Stirling Mk.IV Nose Conversion for the airfix kit If you’re wanting to build a Stirling, then there is Hobsons choice, the venerable old Airfix kit. As standard, the kit comes as a Mk.I/III with the front mounted turret, however this conversion allows you to build the Mk.IV Transport / Tug used successfully later in the war. Moulded as a single vac form piece, this makes for the easiest way of upgrading the nose, requiring you to cut the existing nose off the kit 26mm from the front. The instructions also offer guidance on the other modifications to complete a Mk.IV. Hurricane II Improvement Set for the New Tool Airfix Kit Although the new tool kit from Airfix is pretty good, this set improves it in several areas. The kit prop I believe is about 3mm too small in diameter so a replacement is provided. Replacement wheels, carb intake, cannon, underwing pitot tube and two types of exhausts (fishtail and normal) all benefit from the fine detail you can get from resin moulding compared to plastic injection moulding. This set will sharpen up the look of your Mk.II and true to their objective, all parts are direct replacement for the kit parts. Care will need to be taken removing the prop from its support plate as there are thin connections running the full length of two of the blades. A sharp modelling knife will be required to do this. Hurricane I Photo Etch Improvement Set for the Airfix kit This set provides a simple pre-coloured etch set to enhance the Hurricane Mk.I. Primarily designed for the airfix kit, it should fit most kits in the scale too. You get a new panel built up in 3 layers, seatbelts, radiator grill, pitot tube, canopy handles, rear view mirror and control column. This is a great starter set if you’re new to using photo-etch details. I recommend some fine tweezers for handling these parts if you don’t currently have any. Conclusion The range of products offered by Valiant Wings is well thought out. I’ve been daunted by some of the aftermarket sets I’ve had in the past both in terms of skill needed (that I never had !!) and shear number of intricate parts, so I do appreciate a range of products that caters for people who are newcomers into this aspect of modelling. The quality of the parts is good and a selection of respected aftermarket producers such as Eduard and CMR are used to make the parts on behalf of Valiant Wings. Review sample courtesy of
  15. After the Halifax build, there's a hole in the Bomber Command collection, namely the Stirling. I broke the older one up following a take off accident in my sons room !!!! Before I start, I'd like to thank Neil Whitely Bolton for doing a translation of an italian build: http://www.drivefly.it./schede_soci/Vignoc...ng%20Mk%20I.php And Len Thompson who I've been speaking to via email and who has given me lots of tips and pictures of his amzing build and to which I could only dream of achieving. Most of the detail that I'm going to be replicating comes from these builds, but unfortunately, won't be as good, but hopefully are good enough to inspire others to dig their Stirling out of the stash and get stuck in ! My big fear with this kit is that I've cut the windows out with the idea of inserting clear bits in that will be sanded flush and the actual windows masked within these inserts, however my initial attempts haven't gone that well. To do all this internal detail with that cloud hanging over it is making me nervous, but hey, life's too short, I'll worry about that when I get there ! 1st step is getting some detail into that Shorts greenhouse they call a cockpit. With a vac canopy, a lot of this will be on show so it's worth making it look busy. Len has also suggested replacing the engines with those of the Hasegawa Beaufighter or make some resin copies. I've never made resin ones before, but if anyone has and they would like to sell me 4, I'd be very interested. More to follow as I plod on, Thanks for looking. Neil
  16. Raising awareness for the Stirling Project who are doing an amazing job of recreating the nose section of a Stirling Just an old-fashioned Stirling With old-fashioned ways A fuselage tattered and torn. Four Hercules kept chugging away She's flying from midnight to dawn. Though she don't go so fast, No great height does she claim, Sure there's something that makes her divine: When she flies there on high She's the queen of the sky, She's that old-fashioned Stirling of mine. (Taken from Stirling Wings by Jonathon Falconer) LJ525 was a Mk.III flying from North Creake in norforlk in 1944/45 carrying out radio counter measure ops in support of the bomber missions. The noticable differences of this aircraft from a standard Mk.III were the various antennas and 'Window' dispensers sticking out of the belly that were used to jam and confuse enemy radar signals used to track the bomber streams. Whilst it's one of the more famous Stirlings pictured, finding information about it is quite difficult as is the sad lack of attention the Stirling got in comparison to the Lanc and Halifax. I'd like to thank Len Thompson for supplying his build pics when I started, Neil Whitely Bolton for translating the amazing build by some Italian chap and John Lathwell (12Jaguar) who apart from being part of the Stirling Project team has been a fantastic help and source of enthusiasm throughout the build. There were many times I wanted to just put this back in the box, but the interest from you guys at BM has kept me going. Clearly from the build thread HERE, despite the relative lack of fame, the Stirling certainly isn't forgotton where us modellers are concerned. The only game in town is the Airfix kit, however whilst it generally looks like a Stirling, every (and I mean 'Every') part has either been replaced, sanded to smitherines or modified. I've learned some new techniques during the build such as replacing windowns with acetate and the carpet monster now has indegestion from all the plastic filings Key upgrades were a complete rescribe, new windows, scratch built cockpit, bomb bay, wheel bays, rear interior and engine details. After market parts were the Resin Art wheel set, Falcon canopy set, Quickboost gun barrels and reversed Little Car lenses for the landing lights. The Stilring buffs amongst you will notice a few mistakes due to a lack of research at the right time, but I'm not telling you if you don't know Enough waffling, here's the pics... Thanks for looking, Neil
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