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  1. Guys can anybody recommend a paint colour for Chistine? Autumn Red says the instructions but specific paint name and number would be great!
  2. Pretty much the same myself mate, rural area where I am so its mail order or invent what I need toolwise lol.
  3. Hey Chris, thanks for the info, what be that beast called, an see if I can get one.
  4. Dude that looks great! Usually dont bother with bother with them even though I know they are there, not huge into mega detail as i mainly build for me, but that really does look proper nice!
  5. Thats one nice Hurrican man, well built and painted! Thanks for the link to view her. This kit goes together well, only issue was the step in the leading edge of the wing near the wing root. Took some sanding did that.
  6. Yes your correct, these were taken from my old line storage and i think its buggered the res. Will shoot some more if intetested?
  7. Top job man, love it. Have one stashed too, looks like a nice kit to knock up.
  8. A recent completion here is this old tool Airfix kit. Needs some work as from what I remember the fuselage halves are not exactly equal length. i went for lining the engine housing up and adjusted the tail. A gappy fit needed some filler along the fuselage seam. The cockpit opening is actually too wide for the canopy to sit properly so i padded the sides of the hole out with sprue shavings so fit. Painted in Humbrol gloss enamel by brush as it was the only colour I had that came near, she was glossed with Johnson's, decals added then gloss and Newton and Winsor to mat
  9. Lol yeah blame the instructions for that, utter pants! Only realised what I had done a few weeka later too.
  10. Never has there been a kit that has near hit the bin more times than this. It's survived more temper fits than my old Land Rover ever dreamed possible. Simply, nothing fits, everything simply does not fit to the things they are supposed to fit too without major foul language and surgery. The instructions are horrid and lend to making mistakes such as the landing gear covers being in the wrong place (a mistake only noticed after a few weeks of completing it) and other things such as decal placement. A dog of a kit that was painted in Vallejo Air, glossed i
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