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  1. Hi everybody! I want to ask your help in a choice of best F-4E in 48th scale. I'm quite new to your community ( now a built only one complete kit ). For many years, my favorite military aircraft of the Cold War era have been the long-nosed modifications of F-4 Phantom II ( E, F, G, Kai, Kurnass). Of course, I still need to improve my skill, but I believe that someday my skill will be enough to build a good Phantom model. Now there are at least three decent F-4 models: Hasegawa, Meng and Zoukei-Mura. Each has its pros and cons, but I would be very grateful to hear the opinion of experts. The most interesting differences would be between the modifications in service with the United States, Greece, Turkey and Israel. The most interesting differences would be between the modifications in service with the United States, Greece, Turkey and Israel I attach pictures to enjoy the view of the Phantom 😍
  2. I am about to airbrush another of the many Hasegawa F-4s awaiting completion - before the Mengs and ZMs will take over... This time I wanted to do an F-4E (almost) OOB in the anniversary scheme of the 131st TFS. The kits instructions tell me to paint the entire undersurfaces in Medium Gray FS 36270 (or 26270), while the usual “Hill One” camo scheme of F-4s have the center and inner parts of the wings painted in Gunship Gray FS 36118. Reference pictures aren’t conclusive in my opinion. Inner Pylons seem to be Gunship Gray, but I am not sure of the rest. The front wheel bay doors look Medium Gray Anybody with better knowledge? Thanks! Stefan
  3. Hi guys, This one has been finished for a few months but I never got around to do a proper RFI as I wasn't very happy with the pictures my iPhone was able to take. Even with some focus stacking, it didn't feel quite right. I treated myself to a second hand DSLR and after much tinkering with the settings, I have a few shots I'm happy to share. The kit is the venerable Hasegawa "modern tooling" date back to the early 90's. Aftermarket parts Eduard 73201 PE set Res-kit 72-0084 Exhausts Master AM-72-036 pitot Quickboost 72 011 Ejection seats Eduard CX135 Canopy and wheel masks Decals Main markings from Hi-Decal Line 72-057 @Diego Stencils from Caracal 72105 and Microscale 72-0051 Paints Mr Hobby Aqueous H303, H309, H310, H311 Mr Color super metallics (SM range) mixed with Mr color lacquers for color variations of the exhaust shield. GX100 for clear coats, MRP-126 satin varnish for the last coat. Canopy sealant made from strips of electrical tape (the thinnest I could find, but I don't recall the exact thickness). I "raised" the formation lights using aluminum strips prior to painting, a painfully time-consuming process which yielded 0 results on pictures The issues with the kit are well documented. In order for Hasegawa to offer all US and Japanese made production phantoms from the same core sprue set. A lot of sub-assembly are present and a lot of seems need sanding/filling. Enough chit-chat, pics below There is a mini-WIP here btw
  4. Four F-4Es of the 20th Tac Fighter Training Squadron, 35th Tac Fighter Wing out of George AFB visiting Edwards AFB, February 1984. 66-0372 67-0327 75-0629 75-0636 Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  5. F-4Es of the 196th Tac Fighter Squadron, 163rd Tac Fighter Group, California Air National Guard at March AFB, May 1990. 67-0360 67-0395 68-0305 68-0312 68-0317 68-0320 68-0321 68-0324 with tail band removed - possibly being transferred out? The same bird at Norton AFB two months earlier with the tail band applied. 68-0343 68-0358 68-0387 68-0423 68-0443 68-0466 68-0507, recent arrival from the 163TFS Indiana ANG. 68-0512 68-0514 Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  6. F-4Es of the 336th Tac Fighter Squadron, 4th Tac Fighter Wing out of Seymour-Johnson AFB participating in Red Flag 81-2, February 1981. 66-0297 66-0301 68-0313 72-0160 72-0410, 334TFS squadron commander's aircraft operating with the 336TFS 74-1624 Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  7. A trio of F-4Es of the 21st Tac Fighter Training Squadron, 35th Tac Fighter Wing out of George AFB, December 1982. 66-0350 67-0256 67-0266 Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  8. Dropped in at George AFB to coordinate use of the Superior Valley bombing range in June, 1991. George was the home of the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing and the continental US home of F-4G Wild Weasels. At this time, the 35TFW consisted of: the 20th Tac Fighter Training Squadron ("Silver Lobos", F-4E), the 21st Tac Fighter Training Squadron ("Cheetahs", F-4E), and the 561st, 562nd, and 563rd Tac Fighter Squadrons (F-4E/G). The 20TFTS contained the 1st German Air Force Training Squadron, providing F-4E/F transition training for Luftwaffe crews. F-4E 66-0334, 20TFTS F-4E 67-0319, 20TFTS F-4E 67-0377, 163TFS Indiana Air National Guard out of Hulman Field (Terre Haute IN) F-4E 68-0361, 163TFS Indiana Air National Guard out of Hulman Field (Terre Haute IN). These jets were flown solo to George to bring back the crew that delivered 68-0516. F-4E 68-0467, 20TFTS F-4E 68-0516, 20TFTS, recently transferred from the 163TFS Indiana Air National Guard F-4G 69-0261, 562TFS F-4G 69-0265, 561TFS F-4G 69-0281, 561TFS F-4G 69-0303, recently transferred from Clark AFB to the 35TFW. F-4G 69-0305, 562TFS F-4G 69-7201, 561TFS F-4G 69-7204, 562TFS F-4G 69-7214, 562TFS F-4G 69-7216, 561TFS F-4E 69-7585, 20TFTS F-4G 69-7288 and 69-7572, 562TFS. Colorful markings still obliterated from their deployment to Desert Storm. F-4E 73-1183, 21TFTS F-4E 74-1656, 562TFS F-4E 74-1664, 562TFS F-4E 75-0631, 20TFTS F-4E 75-0635, 20TFTS F-4E 75-0636, 20TFTS Thanks for looking, Sven Old Viper Tester
  9. F-4E 69-0305 of the F-4 Fighter Weapons School, 57th Fighter Weapons Wing, Tactical Fighter Weapons Center, Nellis AFB. On the Edwards transient ramp, August 1984. Thanks for looking, Sven
  10. F-4E s/n 66-0284 served as a test support aircraft at Edwards AFB from 1984 through 1992. She was operated by the 6512th Test Squadron, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center.. She was NOT part of the Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) chase flight, hence she did not have white upper wings when she wore the wrap-around SEA camouflage. Over the Mojave Desert, January 1985. On our wing for a straight-in approach to landing at Edwards, January 1985. Like all Edwards-based Phantoms, she got the "Albino Rhino" treatment in the 1987-88 time frame. Shown on the Edwards ramp in January 1989. Before her time at Edwards, '284 was a test support aircraft with the 3246th Test Wing at Eglin AFB. Thanks for looking' Sven
  11. Late finish from Bomber/Strike/Ground Attack GB, a dirty F-4E "Spunky VI", Thailand 1969, loadout as parsed from photo by @f111guru, thank you Ron. General grubbiness and two tone tan to match photo. Details Kit FineMolds F-4E (early) FineMolds missiles and bombs sets Quinta studios 3D pit and seat details Master pitot scratched strike camera Xtracolor enamels brush painted (pit acrylic paints - and windscreen blue Tamiya) W&N matt varnish Flory washes errors (multiple) all my own WIP at link: At bottom my Nam pair; RB-57E from 2020, and then my trio of long-nose Rhinos: USAF F-4E (early), Thailand, 1969 - FineMolds - now USAF F-4E, Turkey, Gulf War, 1991 - Hasegawa - early 2021 JSDAF F-4EJKai, Japan, 2007- FineMolds - May 2022 Common to all, apart from my cack-handedness, Master pitot. Open to comments. My observations: Struggled with fixing the bombs and the daisycutters' extended fuses are too delicate / not parallel. Quinta studios 3D pit and seat details - really liked this though the canopy latch handles are too small for me to use. I wanted the radome to be shinier than the camo, perhaps too shiny? Chris
  12. September 1991: The 110th Tac Fighter Squadron, 131st Tac Fighter Wing, Missouri Air National Guard, bids farewell to the Phantom after twelve years operating F-4Cs and F-4Es. A few friends came in to help commemorate the event at Lambert Field, St. Louis, Missouri. Arrival of the 131TFW flagship and static display, 68-0338 RF-4C 65-0854, 106th Tac Reconnaissance Squadron, 117th Tac Reconnaissance Wing, Alabama Air National Guard RF-4C 65-0874, 190th Tac Reconnaissance Squadron, 124th Tac Reconnaissance Group, Idaho Air National Guard out of Gowen Field, Boise Idaho F-4E 68-0411, 163rd Tac Fighter Squadron, 122nd Tac Fighter Wing, Indiana Air National Guard out of Baer Field, Fort Wayne Indiana F-4Es 67-0384 and 67-0348, 113th Tac Fighter Squadron, 181st Tac Fighter Group, Indiana Air National Guard out of Hulman Field, Terre Haute, Indiana The new birds Thanks for looking, Sven
  13. Joining you with this Hasegawa F-4E kit, costing me £15 at IPMS Gloucester show in 2018. Instructions, already a step up on the previous 1/72 Phantoms that I've built. Engraved detail parts, another step up. And Israeli decals. Many thanks to @iainpeden for those. @VG 33 built an excellent Revell model of this aircraft for the 2019 Phantom GB
  14. Good evening all, while building a project I like to have a second simpler project of let's say 'lesser importance' running in parallel. Like a B-side to the main project. So while I was building the Arado 196 for the Heller group build I confess I was having an affair with Hasegawa 🤭 Now that the A-side project is over and done, what was hiding in the shadows comes under the spotlight: The idea is as I understand this, to build a kit without having to worry about accuracy, details, sources, aftermarket products, expensive material etc. I failed. Stay tuned for a high cholesterol group build of sorts. 😉 Thanks for looking!
  15. Hi everyone, now available in my web shop and from a few retailers is my latest set, a slatted wing conversion for the Zoukei Mura F-4E (early) hard wing kit. Yes, I know that ZM will eventually release their own, but this is for those who really want to build their slatted F-4E now and maybe also offers a little bit more than the out-of-the-box option will do later... In the package are: slatted outer wings (the main wing parts are cast in extra strong resin to prevent warping), drop-in slat inserts for the inner wings, ARN-101 system antenna, TISEO, upgraded WSO cockpit consoles and instruments, strike cameras, belly/wing reinforcement strap and slime lights (with paint masks). https://www.hypersonicmodels.com/product/f-4e-late-slat-conversion Some pics: Many thanks indeed! This set is forming the basis of two further projects, a Hellenic Air Force "classic" F-4E conversion as well as a HAF F-4E AUP. Both are in the works and will be released under the "Zeus Project" label at The48ers.com Cheers, Jeffrey
  16. F-4Es of the 480th Tac Fighter Squadron, 52nd Tac Fighter Wing out of Spangdahlem AB at Nellis AFB for Red Flag exercise, June 1983. 71-1247 74-1044 74-1048 74-1049 74-1050 74-1057 Thanks for looking, Sven
  17. Kit manufacture: Hasegawa Scale: 1/72 Type: F-4E Phantom II Extras used: Brassin missiles, bombs and bomb racks Paints and colours used: Hataka European One paint set Finished this old kit today. Raised panel lines were sanded down. Minimal weathering added, as this was a trip back to child hood. Built this about 30 years ago. Great fun Best regards Rune Norway
  18. F-4Es of the 339th Tactical Fighter Squadron, 347th Tactical Fighter Wing, based at Moody AFB participating in the Green Flag 81-3 large force exercise at Nellis AFB, April 1981. 67-0375 67-0398 68-0326 - Funny, she's carrying a baggage pod, while the rest of the line has Mk82 bombs. 68-0387 68-0390 - Wing King's aircraft. Thanks for looking, Sven
  19. I have deep-sixed the obnoxious airfix fresco and I'm bringing this project out of cold storage. I feel the few steps I've completed put me well within the 25% threshold, but if GB mods disagree, I'll pull the project. This is the ProModeller boxing of Hasegawa's F-4e. This is the early F-4e with un-slatted wings and two varieties of nose guns. The very nice decal sheet has several options for phantoms from Homestead Airforce Base that spent the summer of 72 in Thailand, helping out with Operation Linebacker II. I'll be building one of the two Mig killers on the sheet. Either Kelly's Heroes, with a single kill and gnarly shark mouth. Or the the aircraft flown by USAF aces Steve Ritchie and Charles DeBelleview , who scored two kills in one mission using this F-4e. They typically flew a D model. The way the USAF tallied kills, the pilot and WSO were both credited (as they both played an important role). Ritchie was a five kill ace, and De Bellevue left Vietnam with six. While the dual kill phantom may be historically more significant, I'm a sucker for a well executed shark mouth, (go home sundowners you're doing it wrong!), so I'll need to think on it a bit.
  20. The 52nd Tac Fighter Wing team out of Spangdahlem AB at the Gunsmoke Aerial Gunnery Competition, Nellis AFB, October 1983 71-1079 72-1067 74-1052 74-1638 74-1639 Gotta love the lo-viz shark mouth... Very odd. This is F-4E 74-1639, yet the "Identi-Plate" looks like it is a generic stencil. It starts with the very first production F-4E, 66-0284, and goes up to 69-0236. Yet this is a 1974 production contract year airframe. Even if it is generic, its use makes no sense. The data block is supposed to identify the production block number so that maintainers and aircrew know the equipment and structural configuration of the jet. The inclusion of the words "Identiplate Location" is also strange. Maybe this jet escaped the paint barn without the aircraft specific data block being applied here? Thanks for looking, Sven
  21. Visited George AFB in March and May 1990. Here are some images of the 562nd Tactical Fighter Squadron F-4E/Gs, of the 35th Tac Fighter Wing. The F-4Es are the "Killer" half of Hunter/Killer tactics, the F-4E serving as a weapons truck and taking targeting information from the F-4G. The F-4G did the "Killer" mission as well, but detecting threats with its on-board sensors, the "Hunter", was its primary mission. Pairing the G with an E conserved F-4Gs which were relatively small fleet in the USAF. Catching the Weasels at their home base was always a hit-or-miss thing. As the only Weasel wing in the States, they were constantly deploying to Red Flag, Green Flag, or supporting other exercises throughout the US. Sometimes when I post images of the George Weasels, some question the parent unit designation. For clarification, the George Weasels were assigned to the 35TFW before April 1981. At the end of March 1981, the 37TFW was activated at George, absorbing the 561st, 562nd, and 563rd. In October 1989, the 37th gave up the Weasels and moved to Tonopah as the F-117 Wing, while the George Weasels reverted to the 35TFW. 69-0272 69-0305 69-7204 74-1045 74-1652 Thanks for looking, Sven
  22. F-4Es of the 334th Tac Fighter Squadron "Eagles", 4th Tac Fighter Wing out of Seymour-Johnson AFB at Nellis AFB for the Gunsmoke air-to-ground weapons competition, October 1983. While most of the 4TFW jets back at 'Shady J' were still in wrap-around SEA camouflage at this time, the Gunsmoke candidate airframes were put at the head of the line to get Euro One. Hence, little or no weathering on these jets. Gotta like the green SUU-20 practice bomb dispensers on the inboard wing stations (Stations 2 and 8), they were/are normally overall white. 71-0243 73-1166 73-1176 73-1196 74-1625 Thanks for looking, Sven
  23. Visited George AFB in March and May 1990. Here are some images of the 21st Tactical Fighter Training Squadron, the "Cheetahs", of the 35th Tac Fighter Wing. 66-0356 - looks like she's being kept for Battle Damage Repair (BDR) training. Strange that a seat is still in the front cockpit. 71-0247 72-0159 72-1482 - Squadron commander's bird. 72-1485 74-1038 74-1052 74-1055 - It's a recent acquisition to the squadron waiting for complete markings. The seats are out for servicing? 74-1060 74-1628 74-1639 74-1644 74-1645 74-1648 74-1650 74-1659 74-1663 Thanks for looking, Sven
  24. Rhinos of the 457th Tac Fighter Squadron, 301st Tac Fighter Wing, Air Force Reserve at Carswell AFB, March 1990. Just a quick visit to the USAF side of the base between meetings at General Dynamics and catching a flight back to Edwards. Not the best lighting, mostly nose on, couldn't quite get the exposure right. 68-0340 68-0342 68-0390 68-0391 68-0392 68-0447 68-0449 66-0450 68-0452 68-0497 68-0511 68-0532 68-0447 68-0449 68-0450 68-0452 Thanks for looking, Sven
  25. F-4E s/n 66-0291 is an ex-Thunderbird aircraft. She served as a test support aircraft at Edwards AFB from 1978 through 1991. Operated by the 6512th Test Squadron, throughout the early 1980s is was part of the Air Launched Cruise Missile (ALCM) chase flight, hence the white upper wings with the camouflage schemes. The N prefix indicating a permanent flight test modification was installed in/on the airframe. Doing her thing (1980?)... October 1982 January 1985 May 1985 October 1989 - received the "Bozo" white and red scheme in 1987. Thanks for looking, Sven
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