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Found 9 results

  1. Well seeing as how I'm co-hosting I think its about time that I got my build thread up and running. For a while I have had an interest in the aircraft used at Edwards AFB at the AFFTC and have a few previous builds in the markings of aircraft based there. This one will be one of the F-100F's used as a chase plane in the X-15 program sporting a polished metal finish with very generous helpings of dayglo orange, lovely! The kit I am using is Trumpeter's 1/48 F-100F; The box is quite full; Or rather it was quite full, as I have made a start. With this build, my Dornier Do 17 and the upcoming F-5 STGB (also co-hosting) there was/is a very good chance of not finishing anything at all without taking advantage of the 25% rule so that is exactly what I have done. Unusually enough I made a start with the cockpit and got the two instrument panels taken care of; And the actual cockpit tub itself; I added the two IP's and the joysticks and then fitted the cockpit to the assembled intake trunking; The kit seats were not the best (certainly not the worst I have seen either though) so I have replaced them with a pair by Quickboost which have been painted but not fitted yet; And that is how she stands at the minute, hopefully over the weekend I shall be able to get the fuselage joined together and also find a picture of the bird I am going to build. Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  2. Yes I know the title is a bit corny/overdone but I need it to be as it fits the aircraft. I will be using this kit to build my plane. The photo’s I have show some intriguing weathering on the plane I hope to recreate. Decals I have for the build, and as you can see by the following photo’s, the kit was never opened before I got it. All of the parts are still bagged. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments or add thoughts. Dennis
  3. Hello, Britmodellers! This kit was started some time ago as a quick background build alongside with Mi-24A, but some issues were revealed soon and all slowed down... I bought the box during sale and it’ll be a great addition to my Century Series kits. As always, I want to start from a little in-box «review». The box is a modern Italeri cardboard box with an excellent artwork: There are four painting schemes presented on the back of a box: Maybe I’ll choose this one: The box content: The decal sheet is large and beautifully printed, looks like there will be no issues on applying the transfers: Runner A with the port fuselage half: Two (early and late) types of afterburners here: The quality of these moulds is a spot on, even for this kit from 80s: I like these pipelines on the MLG struts: Runner B with another fuselage half, lower wing surface and other bits: Looks good: Runner C with the clear parts (one-piece canopy and gun sight): I started from filling an ejector pin marks with the Sprue Goo: Also I’ve done some subassemblies: That’s all for today, thanks for looking at and have a nice modelling week!
  4. Hi all, Latest one off the production line is Trumpeter's 1/48 F-100F Super Sabre finished as an aircraft flown by the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB as she was seen when used as a chase aircraft in the X-15 program. Now I know its a Trumpeter kit so it will no doubt be plagued by inaccuracies but I have to say that I really enjoyed building it, the only additions I made were a pair of aftermarket seats and I added some pieces of old credit card between the two halves of the main wheels as they are way too thin as they come. Paints used were Vallejo metallics and Revell Aqua Color which performed very nicely and the decals are a mix of Furball (all the stencils and national markings), kit decals (USAF markings) and Hypersonic for the ARDC and AFFTC markings. Anyway enough waffle from me here are the pics of the finished model; I built this as part of the ongoing an excellent Century Series Group Build which is well worth a visit as it has some truly great builds going on of what is probably the most important series of post war fighter aircraft, my build log can be found here; Thanks for looking in and as usual all comments and criticisms are gratefully received. Craig.
  5. My second Italeri build and to be honest not been overly impressed with Italeri so far. Problems being parts not fitting well, details missing from instructions for colours and decals too big for the location specified eg. Warning decal is too big to fit on the air brake. Despite the issues it is a good looking model with a nice range of squadron options. Those of you who have made more Italeri builds, do they get better or have I just been unlucky with the F100 and Viggen? And the current century series
  6. Hi all, I'm oping to depict the Italeri F-100F as the a/c below, only this is the only picture I can find of it. Any tips welcome. Where can I obtain the MicroScale decals from the late 1970s?<
  7. Hello again! Having slightly healed from my previous incursions into the modeling arena, I shall once again throw my body into the breach, too see whether I have yet bitten off more than I can chew! My efforts this time will center upon flailing away at the 1/72 Trumpeter F-100F offering, trying both to make it look a little more accurate, and at the same time, trying to alter it into something resembling an F-100F "Wild Weasel" version of Vietnam War vintage. There are several items involving these two goals; some of which I will treat, and -- as is my custom -- others, which I will ignore. That being said, here goes... To begin, a little comparison is in order; primarily some comparison between the Trumpeter kit and the Esci kit, which has a long and oft' renamed history. Since I had both laying about, these were my only choices. Side-by-side, the Trumpeter kit is a bit long in the cockpit area: In the above photo, the Esci kit behind, the Trumpeter kit in front. Next, a better angle on the problem: Next, comparison to drawings; the Detail and Scale offering is what I had lying about. First, the Esci kit: As you can see, the Esci kit isn't bad, most notably a disagreement about the fuse depth, as well as the tail height. Next, the Trumpeter kit, same drawing: Here, the fuse depth is right on, but the cockpit is way too long. The tail is about the same as Esci's. The red line indicates where the rear edge of the nose intake cone should line up. From above: BTW, the comparison of the two kits' wing can be found on the WIP for my F-100C.HERE Yup, the cockpit length is definitely a problem, so let's get started trying to fix that little puppy! First, let me state that either kit option required a new canopy. The Esci has the bogus center frame at the third forward, vs correct center point of the cockpit. The Trumpeter canopy (and kit) are much too narrow. I have ordered a Rob Taurus, and I sure hope that it's the same length as the ESCI, caused that's what I used to determine the cutting points! After a lot of study and burnt offerings, I finally decided that the best place that would let me remove the excess length, and damage everything else as little as possible, would be along the slanted panel line thoughtfully provided by Trumpeter, and show here enhanced by a marker: I determined that a piece about 21 scale inches or 8mm would need to be removed -- MEASURED ALONG THE HORIZONTAL DATUM LINE, NOT PERPENDICULAR TO THE CUT LINES! Next, showing the left fuse pieces joined, and the amount that needs to be removed (along with the location of same) on the intake trunk: In the pic above, "A" denotes the part to be removed from the intake; "B" shows where the intake mounting lugs need to be shortened on each side, to fit the shortened fuse halves; and "C" shows that the bottom of the nose no longer aligns with the rest of the fuse, and will have to be filed, later. In the above pic, the right fuse side nose end has not yet been cut off to fit the Esci intake copy that I will use, but the right side has been cut and shortened like the left side. HOWEVER, you will note that I screwed up when cutting the left side and had made the cut poorly. This resulted in the left nose half being too short at the top (near the cockpit), which resulted in the whole left nose half being rotated upward, and to be short. The fix was to re-open the left side seam and insert a wedge of kit sprue, to fill the gap as well as align the nose halves properly: When cleaned up later, this will fix the problem. Next is shown the completed right half, with the nose part joined and the resultant shortening of the intake trunk mounting lug holes, marked "A", and the shortened mounting lugs, marked "B". Also not the shortened intake trunk assembly, itself. Next, we move on to the cockpit itself. Let me state here that the single largest problem in trying to depict an accurate F-100F Wild Weasel aircraft is that there seems to be zero, zip, nada available on what the Weasel cockpit looks like. Many searches on other forums, etc has been fruitless. If ANYONE has a copy of an original Weasel manual, or photos of the real deal, please chip in. (Of course, they're very likely still Classified, and for good reason!) In the pic above, "A" denotes where the front of the cockpit assembly sets too low, and "B", where it sets too high. The solution for me was to saw off the upsweep at the rear of the intake trunking, and to sand the bottom of the cockpit, to allow everything to sit flat. Results are shown below: Next, we start installing parts into the fuse halves, starting with some lead in front, atop the intake trunking. Then the tailpipe (painted inside) was installed into the tail. Note also the wedges of plastic card inserted into the edges at the front of the intake trunk, to cause the trunk to better fit the Esci intake front that I'll be using, as per my F-100C build. In the above photo, I take special care to see that the two mating surfaces pointed to by the arrow are flush with each other. Well, at least that's a start, and, as promised, it is a bit "whacked-up"! If you're interested so far, please feel free to tag along. Later, Ed
  8. As tated in the build thread, here are some hastily-taken, and not very good photos of my "Whacked Out Wild Weasel" build. So named because of the plastic mayhem needed to make a good kit out of the Trumpeter F-100 offering. In fact, the fact that it's the Trumpete kit is probably the only thing that sets if off from other builds of the F-100F -- that and the fact that most of the pics have disappeared from most of the other builds on-line! Without further ado, the pics: Anyway, it's the last on of THESE I'll ever build! Hope you find them interesting. Here is the link to the build thread: Linky Ed
  9. Wild Weasel 1 began with five F-100F aircraft and five aircrews. The Weasel crews began their mission in December 1965, with Major Willard leading the first strike into North Vietnam. The Weasel missions were code named Iron Hand missions, and their purpose was to lead a strike force into North Vietnam and pave the way for the strike force to drop its bombs. They did this by going out in hunter/killer teams. The Weasels would pair up with a flight of F-105D fighter/bombers and try to locate a SAM site. The Weasels would then attack the site to mark it and the F-105D's would finish it off. With Operation Rolling Thunder (the bombing campaign of North Vietnam that began in 1964) in full effect, the Wild Weasels were about to prove their worth in combat for the first time. On December 22, 1965, the Wild Weasels scored their first SAM kill in North Vietnam. Captain Al Lamb the pilot, and Captain Jack Donovan, his EWO led the mission into North Vietnam that day and when they encountered a hostile NVA SAM site, they engaged and destroyed it. With this success, the Weasels demonstrated their worth to the Air Force and from then on, the Wild Weasels were in Vietnam to stay. Despite the early success however, the original Weasels suffered a fifty-percent casualty rate in their ranks and it was clear that new tactics and equipment would have to be developed. Here we have the Trumpeter 1/72 F-100F Super Sabre shown in the markings of the aircraft that delivered the first SAM site kill. Also presented is the Trumpeter 1/72 F-105G with a standard load out for SAM Hunting. Both models have the Eduard photo etch cockpit sets, have been airbrushed free hand using Xtracrylix and Vallejo paints. Flory Grime and Dark washes applied and finally sealed with Xtrcrylix Flat. The reason that both aircraft were in the skies over Vietnam, the Gran 1/72 SA-2 Guideline SAM. I have shown the models as they are displayed on my shelf along with a die-cast F-105D and F-100D. Well done if you have got this far!! Here is my tribute to the Aircrews who were ‘First in – Last Out’ A little diorama play: Thanks for looking, Phil
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