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  1. No, I meant yours mate. Obviously I need to get my eyes tested, and I am relieved! What threw me was the painted map case in the last image.Dave
  2. I hate to be a harbinger of ill news, but your interior paint looks too dark and too grey. Of course, it may just be the lighting, but what shades did you use? The blend given by Tamiya works OK as does Humbrol 78. Dave.
  3. Hi Rob,I'm sorry to have to tell you that you've got the undercarriage retract mechanism and the engine controls on the opposite fuselage halves to what they should be on. I.e. they need to switch places. Dave
  4. A great job Rob. A lesser man would have put the model to one side, to be finished on Boxing Day . . . and we all know what happens then. It's really nice, gently weathered and not looking like a quilt which I greatly approve of. Dave
  5. I usually spray the prop tips white, then yellow, then cut a 6 mm stip of tape and fold it over the tip. then spray the prop black.Dave
  6. Just to save you some time calculating, the yellow tips to the props are 3 millimetres in 1/32 scale. You can finish it Rob!
  7. Good luck. Have a look here: http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/157-big-lancaster/page-157-lancaster.html Dave
  8. _________________________________________________ Of particular interest in the picture is just how far the cockpit entry flap stands out from the fuselage side. A common mistake made by modelers is to have it too close to the side. However, the flap was hinge-bound and stood well out as shown in the picture. Dave.
  9. Hi Bill, Eduard are recommending H312 by itself for cockpits. How would that compare with the MM shade when dry? Dave
  10. I just hope it hasn't got that ridiculous combined rear glass/canopy as the option for open canopy builds. I noticed that the majority of XII and XIX builds on line were with a closed canopy; probably because of this. On that particular issue, Airfix re-designed the wheel and came up with a square one. Dave
  11. Thanks Olivier, IIRC, those images came from a URL you posted about a year ago. I've started the Falcon kit. I still haven't decided on a Spiteful or Seafang! Plenty of time for that decision as I have an instrument panel and the rest of the cockpit to build. Thanks again, Dave
  12. I was going through my Spiteful/Seafang files yesterday and found these images of the props I'd pulled from another site (I'd right clicked them without really looking at them when I downloaded them). The first image is of spiteful NN664. The blades here look something like the type you may expect to find on a spitfire 21-24 This next set of blades are on prototype Seafang VG471 and remarkably like those supplied by Academy for their MkXIV. They carry the code EXP as far as I can make out. My attempts to measure these blades put them at the same diameter and I calculated 11' 3" by nefarious means so I would suspect they are both 11' rather than 10' 4". Anybody got any thoughts on these blades? Has anybody got the resources to identify them? Thanks in advance, Dave
  13. Any reason why you're not going with Hu78 or even 90 for the cockpit? I'm not familiar with the colours you've used. Dave
  14. Personally I'd be happy if they produced separate canopies and rear glasses for their high back 1/48 Spitfires. That combined canopy/rear glass is a total abomination. Are you reading this Airfix? Dave
  15. Stuff the others. The Hampden is looking outstanding, Dave
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