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  1. Beautiful build, Fw 190 models always seem to look better with weathering, you've done an amazing job
  2. Nice to see the M3 A3 Stuart, a bit of a rarity. The M3A3 has a couple of connections to my local town. The late Tony Budge had one in his collection, land the type was also operated in Normandy by the Notts Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry, who's Sgt Doug Nelson and Trooper Vin Cantrill (both Retford lads) in a Stuart M3A3, became the first British troops to enter Germany in WW2.
  3. Was it really back in 1974? I'd been building models for at least 3 years. Prior to its release, the only Spitfire I'd ever built the old Airfix 15 or 16 piece MkIX with the solid wings. I love to see builds of older kits, its such a nostalgia trip, this one especially, thank you. It's a lovely build you have done, which took me straight back to days of sitting at the kitchen table with a kit, a tube of Airfix adhesive with obligatory sewing pin to seal the end, a little orange craft knife, a nail file, bottles of paints ( tins hadn't come out yet) and brushes. I'd be holding the bag (unless it was a series 2 +) of my latest purchase, looking at the contents. Within an hour or two the kit would be built painted and left to dry, ready for supper, the football score, Dr Who and decals - Happy days!! So with the lockdown, thank you for bringing a smile to the face of us oldies, who remember stacks of kits at Woolies, when a series 1 kit could be bought for less than 50 pence.
  4. Hello, does anyone know of any after market decals (in any scale) for Spitfiire Mk VI's operated by 616 Sqn please.
  5. I have a soft spot for the Mk VI, so I look forward to seeing this finished. One of these days, I will get around to building one. Looking forward to the finished model
  6. As an A&E ambulanceman, it is humbling to be considered a hero- it's my job. But Captain Jack has to be our true national hero - a 99 year old Burma Star holding veteran, who off his own back chose to raise an initial £1,000 for the NHS. The way he is doing it is inspiring to all of us, yet he has stated he will carry in while ever money is being donated. It is astounding to watch the figure rise beyond all expectations - currently £12 million pounds and still going Thank you does not seem enough to show our gratitude. Tonight I will be applauding with the whole of the country, not only for my fellow NHS colleagues, but I will dedicate my clapping to Captain Tom. The 30th of April is his 100 birthday, a day we all should celebrate in his honour.
  7. Hello Alan, It might be worth contacting South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum, they have XV677 on display.
  8. Mike, I'm sorry I can't help you with the ship itself I'm afraid, but I can with HMS Protectors Whirlwind, which is very much preserved and in it's original colours. Now owned by the Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation Group, it's on display at the South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum in Doncaster. The YHPG website had a decent number of photos taken at the post restoration rollout.
  9. Jay, I only saw the thread for the 1st time yesterday however I didn't thread all of it I do know about the 1/48th kit, which looks excellent. However the idea of a 1/24th scale Hunter? Definitely yes please.
  10. The hunter would make sense, given the numbers of worldwide operators of the type.
  11. My first was the Airfix MkIX Spitfire - 45 + years ago!!! I painted it in dark green/ antique bronze from the original Airfix tinlets- but I do remember you could get the small bottles as well. Oh the days of snapping the tip of a tube of glue and sealing it with one of your mums dress pins Happy days
  12. I'd love to see a static Sherman there.
  13. While it does not have any vehicles, the museum at Thoresby hall stables in Nottinghamshire is worth a visit as it is home to three Notts units including the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry.
  14. Back in the day, I worked for Tony Budge at Retford, both at Gamston airport and as a volunteer on his military vehicle collection. In the latter years he had a number of ex Israeli M4's and a number of US half tracks, all of course were in desert yellow. These all came into store around the same time as an M48 Patton with 105mm gun, captured during the Yom Kippur war. Along with this lot was a number of mouth watering WW2 Russian tanks and SPG's. I.e. JS3, SU85, SU152, and a Egytian T34/85 converted to a heavier calibre gun. It does on this occasion sound like these new imports are probably ex Israeli - either direct or Egyptian captured examples. Who for and why- that's another question.
  15. I've got one in stash and it looks straight forward, but the engine has separate piston blocks. I don't have a problem with the engine though I do have one niggling gripe- no glazed panels n the fuselage in front of the tail section. That said 613 Sqn markings in the RAF versions were a deal breaker
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