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  1. Welcome Leo, it's nice to see an old modeller come back to the hobby. It's been my hobby since I was 8 - I'm 55 now I have built the odd maritime kit now and again, and would love to have space, time and money for a few 1/200 scale ships, but enjoy your comeback.
  2. Thank you Steve , I was lucky to work on the A.F.Budge example & knew for some reason the Comet's 17 pdr was classed as a 77mm weapon, but had forgotten it was a different length.looks like a purchase of an aftermarket barrel or if anyone has the Tamiya parts going spare.
  3. In my original post, I'd written a typo error!!!! M3 -it should of said M4A3!!! Thank you John, but it is a Vc I'm building. When stripped back to the basic structure, the M4A4 hull is a stretched M4 hull with changes to accommodate the engine. The model will not have much internal detail, so no real problem solving there. Thank you Jack, that's just what I needed. So- what I have so far is that the upper hull has been stretched using the front half of the M4 and rear of an the M4A3. A new engine deck is to be scratch built. The lower Hull was "chopped" between the suspension bogies and stretched with plasticard, then filled. The "solid" wheels of the M4A3 are being used. In my stash, I have a resin Comet, but I will use its 17pdr barrel. ( I have an Aluminium one for that.) I've got a few magazines which have useful photos of the Dragon and Tamiya Vc's being constructed, plus basic plans found on the Internet. So if anyone has either of the above kits, could you please help with the dimensions I need. Thank you, Adrian
  4. Many moons ago I dipped my my toe into the possibility of converting a bashed up M4 and M4A3 Tamiya kits into one - a Firefly Vc. I know there are already kits, but theyre beyond my budget. For me this conversion is an exercise in challenging my own skills as a modeller using old and new methods - I'm not a rivet counter & believe a kit is just a blank canvas, so the odd mm out is not really an issue. Where I am concentrating on is in the detail, which differentiate the Firefly Vc from other Sherman types. While I can access sprue images and non scale plans, I'd like help with dimensions for a certain areas, as the project progresses, if anyone can please . So the hard work begins 1. Initially the conversion is aimed at lengthening the upper hull, which has already been started. This i did, by studying both hulls for a long while deciding how and where the join would be made. After much deliberation & holding of breath Ive cut and mated the M4 front and M4A3 rear sections. I now need the dimension of the Vc upper hull, from the point where the Glacis plate meets the front mud guard to the rear of of the hull please. This will then be followed by converting the M4 turret. I now have the turret radio box, rear Hull plate and Stowage bin dims, but still need rectangular turret loader's hatch surrounding weather guard and diameter of the turret mantle opening for the 17pdr gun. I hope as the project progresses, to figure out how to download photos as a WIP, then as a finished model Kind regards, Adrian
  5. It might be worth trying the RAF museum to find out if the seat harness is type appropriate or the same as another fighter type. Pardon my ignorance, but I would assume by 1944 that most british fighters would use a standard one. Hope that's a little helpful.
  6. FAO the Moderators, I would like to ask if it is possible to announce a fund raising appeal on belhalf of an historic aviation memorial charity? If so, would you allow me to email or PM me more details please so that if permitted, it can be done within forum rules.
  7. Good job I hadn't read this at 3 am on a night shift- I'd have come to the same conclusion
  8. Of late, had a gaggle of military copters of late and the occasional flight in and out of Gamston airport, which is about 3 miles away. However I worked on a nightshift, finishing on the morning of the flypast for the 75th of the crew of "Mi Amigoes" at Sheffield. I didn't go to bed when I got home though, I stayed up for an hour or so to watch the form up.
  9. I thought about the Mk III for ease- but I'm thinking about the challenge of a Mk 1, using the Tamiya kit as a reference. (Ultimately I'd love to aquire a 1:1 T7 and back engineer it to a Mk Ior MkIII- but I can dream)
  10. I know it's not something thats out there yet to my knowledge, not so much a rumore - more of a subtle hint to the aftermarket manufacturers. Ok, I'm nutty about anything 616 sqn and as this year sees the 75th anniversary of the Sqn becoming the 1st to operate the type- I'd love to build something special to commemorate this. But would it be viable for someone out there to produce a conversion kit please.
  11. If you don't already know, a flypast of 10 military aircraft are due over Endcliff park at Sheffield in memory of the crew of B17 "My Amigo", which crashed 75 years ago with the loss of all 10 crew. It is due to fly over at 8:45 am.
  12. No not this one- to much of an aircraft preservation nut to do that. The worst thing I did was to play heads and tails with an empty aircraft pallet with a 10k Henley and come up tails.
  13. I know they're not up to days standards, but back in the 1980's they were my main choice for 1/48 scale aircraft. So I'd love to get the Devestator and AV8A Harrier for kick offsđź–’
  14. Just asking if you would do Decals for a series of 626 sqn Spitfires & at what cost please?
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