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  1. Radpoe Spitfire

    The longest of long-shots: The Meteor FR.5

    You're welcome, the only other hint to my silver theory is that surviving Meteor F.4's VT229 & VT260 were both finished in silver- VT347 isn't that far away in terms of serial numbers.
  2. Radpoe Spitfire

    The longest of long-shots: The Meteor FR.5

    I'm sorry I cannot help you with an image, but I would hazard a guess, it would have been finished in Silver, and wearing a yellow circled 'P', denoting prototype, as I assume it was an F.4 taken off the production line. I will keep my eyes peeled and let you know if I find anything
  3. Radpoe Spitfire

    Airfix FGR1 Phantom questions

    Thank you all for the helpful replies. Kind regards, Adrian
  4. Radpoe Spitfire

    Airfix FGR1 Phantom questions

    I think the QRA sounds a very good option. Although it was around 1989-1990, I started my RAF career as an AATC at Wattisham. So it will be a tenuous "nod" to my time with the F4's, albeit they were 56 sqn's F4M's and 74 Sqn's F4J's.
  5. Radpoe Spitfire

    Airfix FGR1 Phantom questions

    Here we go with a couple of questions. I'm on my second commission for a work colleague, an RAF F4 to go with a Vulcan I'd built for him. It's going to be in the 1970's era Grey/ Green scheme. In the kit, there are two lower wing sections- one with and one without reinforcement plates - which do I use? I'm also not familiar with the arms fit of the time, was the central belly gun pack used and would this be in conjunction with any of the following - rocket pods, Sidewinders, or Sparrow missiles? Any help is much appreciated. Kind regards, Adrian
  6. Radpoe Spitfire

    Airfix product announcement at Telford 2018

    Next year is the 75th anniversary of the Meteor entering service with 616 sqn............. ....mmmmm 24th........Mk1................. OK - I'm just saying Do I get a prize if I'm right?
  7. Radpoe Spitfire

    Peter Jackson's new film announced yesterday

    They also use a narration of interviews of WW1 veterans, recorded by the IWM in the 1960s. This is going to be compelling to watch.
  8. Radpoe Spitfire

    Peter Jackson's new film announced yesterday

    A 90 min film made by Peter Jackson, commissioned by the Imperial war museum was announced yesterday. It is to be shown in cinemas and a copy is to be given to every secondary school, to mark the centenary of the Armistice. Taken from original film of the time, which has been processed in such a way to not only produce a true colour, but bring the men's faces to life. Gone are the old grainy, silent images we usually see, the men's faces and voices are brought back to life. The footage released is so astounding, it made the hair stand on the back of my neck.
  9. Radpoe Spitfire

    Airfix product announcement at Telford 2018

    Please let it be a Meteor We'll have to wait till Telford I s'pose
  10. Radpoe Spitfire

    Best Battle of Britain Memoirs?

    I have a copy of one of the Battle of Britain society's publications which has Hugh "Cocky" Dundas' accounts which were originally printed in a newspaper in the 1960's. Very good reading
  11. Radpoe Spitfire

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    By all means please come and have a look, the museum is a little treasure, which as well as being the home of 616 sqn, has the only permanent exhibition dedicated to the Falkland cockpit. Nice touch this year was the acquisition of an Auster which was based at Firbeck in 1942, a Finningley based Hs125 Dominie and the restoration of the cockpit of Vulcan XL388- aka Mayflower III.
  12. Radpoe Spitfire

    Lysander - Eduard 1/48

    Loverly, I'm another one with Lizzysoftspotitis and I too have this kit waiting to be finished in the 613 sqn scheme. (As 613 flew from Netherthorpe and Firbeck, S. Yorkshire, and as I'm a founder member of South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum - which was formed at Firbeck, It would be sacrilege to build it as any other). So I've relished watching this one come to fruition.
  13. Radpoe Spitfire

    Telford 2018

    Me too
  14. Much as there is disappointment from some of yet another Spitfire, (without meaning to sound patronising) it is easy to miss the realisation that the kit manufacturers have to balance the needs of modellers. Each and every one of us have a wishlist, but given the current economic uncertainty, surely any announcement of a new tooling has to be welcome. In fairness to Airfix, and to other manufacturers, for those of us who have been modellers for decades, in many ways, our hobby has done wonders with such a relatively small clientele. Recent years have seen that there has been something new that has really whet the appetite (of the enthusiasts), whuch is offered alongside a product designed to sell to the ad hoc purchaser. If you go back 20-30 years who would have envisaged half of the variety of kits and scales we have today? I for one would have said "yeh-right!" at how many large scale kits or the level of detail they contained would be on sale. I for one,was as blown away with a 24th scale Stuka when it was released, just as much as I was when the Typhoon and Mosquito in the same scale came out the stack. By all means don't be to harsh at the prospect of another Spitfire, but be grateful when they make your day with the many kits they have or intend to tool, that us oldies never envisaged, let alone dreamt they would become a reality
  15. Radpoe Spitfire

    1/48 - FMA IA 58 Pucara by Kinetic - CAD drawing

    Im looking forward to this one