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  1. Nice to read that the Silver Spitfire has done it. After a 27,000 mile trans global trip G-IRTY has landed. Congratulations to all involved. Amazing achievement.
  2. I didn't know that, do you know how on the wing this was addded- I.e. greater spacing between the wing ribs, at the wing root or a wider centre section?
  3. Thank you so much for that. My special interest is 616 Sqn, to date my 1/32's include Spitfires, a Moquito converted into an NF30 and an I.D. Models Meteor F.8. I'd love to do Silver wings Hart (616 used the trainer version.) & HK Meteor F4, but the cost of kits is above my budget. However, I would consider a spend on the ICM kit. If anyone can think of anything else about the Gauntlet, please let me know Kind regards, Adrian
  4. With news on the horizon of a 1/32 scale Gladiator, my ears pricked up. I know the major differences for a Gauntlet are the open cockpit and 4 strut undercarriage, but are there others?
  5. The simple answer is yes please, as to what subject fields are open. Personally I'd love to see Airfix consider doing kits with parts that could easily produce different classes of ships, such as WW2 destroyers, post war vessels etc. This would enable the kits to cater for many, while keeping cost low.
  6. Hi can anyone enlighten me please. Theres is square panel which fits in the floor of the hull, instructions say it's attached internally. Howeve r the panel interferes with the inner floor as it's too thick. So should it fit externally and is this actually an instructions error? Kind regards, Adrian
  7. Woody 37- put this site in your search engine, when I saw it today it had the article along with photos of the kit parts.
  8. You can find more info on Small wonders site - project Fonderie Miniatures Halifax
  9. One other little issue I can think of, the front part of the cockpit canopy glazing above the crew seats rakes down at an angle and from the side looks odd. To improve the look I actually fitted it so the roof section followed the line of the the fuselage spine.
  10. When I first got mine, SAMI did an article about how to build the kit and written by the guy who made the masters for the model. I can cover from that, you need to sand and test fit to get a good result. I admit I replaced the engines and poly transparencies using a CD case for the larger ones and clear fix for the portholes. It isn't the easiest kit, but it can be made into a decent model with effort.
  11. Steve the B17 you're on about- it's not "A bit o'Lace" by any chance? As a kid my brother bought the Airfix 1/72 kit in this scheme - I was gutted when he told me he got it for himself. So when kits World did the decals for this aircraft in 1/48, I out did him and built mine in Monogram fashion.
  12. Go on build it, you know you want to while I'm pleased to see a new B17 in 1/48th - you'll probably kick yourself for not creating a unique B 17 with an older kit and after market refining. After two (Monogram) B17's under my belt, one of which has a scratch built Cheyane turret, I am happy I put my own mark on it.🖒
  13. Oh lordy- now I feel old, but I agree with all who say HKM are right to go to 1/48th. Yes the Monogram kit was and still is a good kit for its age, but we seem to be in a world where the demand for building kits OOB is the preference- and if that keeps people interested in our hobby, that's good.
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