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  1. A friend of mine's father was a fitter on a Lancaster Sqn and was the artistof any nose art. So I thought it appropriate to buy a kit of a Lancaster with one of his works. So I now (at last) have the Airfix BII - to be finished as JI-F
  2. I've a feeling this has been a topic before, but I'm pretty impressed with the re release of the Lancaster BII. But given the popularity of a number of kit being upscaled from 1/72 to 1/48, I think a 1/48 Lancaster BI/BIII would be a best seller for Airfix. At present we have the ageing Tamiya kit & talk of a HKM Lancaster in 1/48, but I'd love to see a "home grown" release in this scale. Any thoughts?
  3. It looks a lovely kit by all accounts, I might just treat myself to one.
  4. Sorry I am only replying to thank you for your advice, other than a few detail sets, I have not tackled a full kit. Unfortunately it's been a difficult year with family illness, so I haven't been on the forum very often. My volunteering for Budge was more a case of by chance than him having a number of volunteers. A trip to Retford found me looking in his yard at three Churchill hulls. He actually had team of paid staff, but allowed me to volunteer due to my experience with aviation restoration. I did eventually get full time work, but this was at his airport at nearby Gamston.
  5. I would welcome a new 1/48 scale Lancaster, if for no other reason than it's a good all round scale. At a time when we see a move to 1/32 scale aircraft there are limits to how many will sell, the bigger the subject. 1/32 is perfect for anything from single engined to smaller twins, but for a lanc, I can't see many modellers having space. For many years, the Tamiya kit has been the only offering, but a bit of choice wouldnt harm.
  6. In hindsight to my own reply stating the Mk IV would sell better than a Mk V, a kit engineered like the Revell Ventura could be the answer - separate nose sections from the cockpit forward and separate sprites for the different engine and transparencies, keeps production costs lower and greater choice for modellers
  7. I'd go for the IV, sadly I can't see a Mk V being a profitable kit..
  8. There are a couple of museums and long established shops around an 1 hr from my home. South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum at Doncaster has a decent range of model kits and accessories, as does the Newark air museum. The traditional shops I know of include:- Access Models on Castlegate in Newark -on- Trent. Again, with a good range of kits and accessories. Marcway Models on Attercliffe Rd, Sheffield, a long standing shop still going over 40 years after my first visit. And finally, a couple of long established model railway shops :-
  9. I agree the Airfix 1/48th Lightning's were excellent kits on release in the 1990's, but that was the only time I built them. I cannot say what current releases are like (the moulds are getting on for 25-30 years old now), so my advice is to look for an original boxing- should be no flash or major worries with them. On the whole, a joy to build, even OOB, which is easy to make a stunner, but if you dont fancy the kit decals, the after market ones are pretty good.
  10. I've seen decals in 1/48th for XG624, the famous "Tower Bridge fly through" Hunter, but I want to build a 1/32 scale kit as this aircraft. The aircraft serial numbers aren't much of a problem, but getting the 1 sqn Crest for the nose is another matter. Using ones from another 1 sqn kit is going to be limited too ( the Revell 1/32 GR1 may be the only source I can think of- if it's the same size as a Hunters). Could any of you who print your own decals be able to print off a set and at cost please?
  11. Thank you mike, that's another option to give a try I'll l see how I get on. Kind regards, Adrian
  12. Thank you for your reply Graham, I tend to use Humbrol as it's more readily available, so I'll do some experimenting with the 150/155 Kind regards, Adrian
  13. Hi, just a quick ask, for those who have built a Vc, which of Humbrol's green paint is the nearest to use to for the base colour please?
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