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  1. Radpoe Spitfire

    Hornby Group (airfix's owners) half-yearly results

    I agree with what you say, but considering that the UK is still in austerity, the release of a new 1/24 SCALE kit shows that Airfix seem to have faith in a brighter future. I just hope that is the case, and we are seeing an upturn in fortunes. The effect of what happened to the Airfix US market in the early 1980's is something I don't wish to see again.
  2. Radpoe Spitfire

    Hornby Group (airfix's owners) half-yearly results

    By Vertue of the announcement of a 24th Scale Hellcat at Telford reinforces a confidence in the company.
  3. Radpoe Spitfire

    M3A1 Scout Car (Tamiya, 1/35)

    It's good to see one of these in 1/35 scale - the last one I had was the old Airfix/Montex offering- & that was over 30 years ago. I look forward to seeing this finished.
  4. Radpoe Spitfire

    Revell 2019 1st quarter releases

    Nice to see a 1/32 Me110c on this list. OK it's not the old Revell molding, but I hope it's a lot cheaper than Dragon's prices. Look forward to seeing it on the shelves
  5. Radpoe Spitfire

    New 1/48th Scale Blenheim Announced by Airfix!!

    You could always do a what if - scratch build an arrestor hook, scribe a wing fold, paint it in navy colours and some spurious FAA decals- jobs a good 'un!!!!
  6. The Royal mint are looking for a face on the obverse side of the new £50 note. The criteria are a British scientist who is deceased. Seeing that there has never been a figure from aviation, I have nominated Sir Frank Whittle, simply because his work into the Jet turbine is an invention of international standing. So I ask other forumites to put his name forward and support an aviation related scientist please.
  7. For some inexplicable reason, when I try to write a reply - it leaves both my last and the quote - which remains whether I want it or not. It's been one of those days. Thank goodness it's Telford 2018 tomorrowyayyyy!!!! Now I still think it's gonna be a 1/24th Meteor .
  8. Doh....... it was 1996 when I last did maths......schoolboy error .
  9. No, you have to double up the dimensions in 3 directions i.e LxHxW therefore you need 2 kits in each dimention = which means 6 kits
  10. Hey, a tribute like this to Iron Maiden and Worksop's finest rock God can only be a good thing! Bring it on, I can't wait to see it finished
  11. Radpoe Spitfire

    Revell 1/32 Mustang.

    This is looking fantastic- I keep thinking ì must get one, as I'd love to make Jack Clealand's P51 which has the early style fin. And as you've said - a lot easier on the pocket than Tamiya's. Well done fella
  12. I'm not a moderator, but I think at this time, speculation of what caused the accident or whether the pilot reacted heroically, or which type of helicoper isn't right. - you never know who may be connected to the individuals involved. We should all be thinking of those who were lost and their families, those who witnessed a tradegy unfold and to those who now have to deal, or dealt with the aftermath. (some of whom the latter, are fellow Ambulance colleagues of the East Midlands Ambulance Service.) But formost my greatest thoughts are each and everyone involved.
  13. Radpoe Spitfire

    Recommendations RAF jets

    You could include the Meteor F.3 in this listing- 616 Squadron re equipped with them in 1948 ( Having initially used the Mosquito NF30 when the sqn reformed postwar) - the Tamiya offering allows the short jet pipes in the kit. One other Tamiya kit I like, but are now as rare as hens teeth is the Harrier GR1/AV8A - sometimes seen in their catalogue, but I haven't seen one for sale in the UK for some time.
  14. I don't live in Hope- although Derbyshire born, I've lived most of my life in Nottinghamshire.