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  1. Radpoe Spitfire

    1/16 British

    However, now I've seen a WWI tank Haynes manual- there's a thought ticking over in my mind
  2. Radpoe Spitfire

    Airfix 1/72nd Handley Page Hampden MkI

    I shall have a look, thank you
  3. Crickey- if only Airfix would do this (& a MkIII/MkX ) in 1/48th - it knocks spots off the Trumpeter kits.
  4. Enjoy them? How can you not do? What an amazing effort- congratulations to all involved, it's a wonderful tribute.🎖 There is one other thing you have actually achieved- this is one of the best RAF static displays I've seen since the 1977 silver jubilee review at Finningley (albeit in miniature)
  5. Radpoe Spitfire

    Airfix 1/72nd Handley Page Hampden MkI

    Wow- had you not said Airfix, I would have thought it was the Valom/A-Z kit, because you have done a brilliant job of scribing and bolt (sorry, rivet) head removal. You've done a fantastic job of a kit that is ripe for retooling🎖 If I may ask- where did you get the 7 Squadron decals from please? I love to build WWII South Yorkshire based aircraft and currently have an A-Z Hampden awaiting it turn to become a 76 sqn one, using the Airfix P-EA codes. I built one as this A/C which years ago, but would love to do it as a 7sqn machine.
  6. I hope this is OK to mention, but planning has been granted to construct a BofB monument next to South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum at Doncaster. Inspired and to complement those at Cap-le-Ferne and the Bronze sculpture on the Thames embankment, it will take the form of a landscaped, 3 sided buttress, (to represent half of an E pen) containing a replica Spitfire. The walls will also be lined with stone panels, engraved with the names of "The Few; The site was chosen in Yorkshire as 105 men served from the county, with the Doncaster site being the home to 616 Sqn- who fought in the battle & 271 Sqn, who's aircraft helped to read supply the beleaguered fighter stations. You can find more details on the project's website ;- www.battleofbritainorth.co.uk and FB pages.
  7. Radpoe Spitfire

    Your first aircraft model ?

    I'd be 7 or 8 (1971-72) and it was the Airfix Mk9 Spitfire. The shop didn't have many paints, knowing Spitfires were green and light brown- I got a tin of green and Bronze to which it was duly painted- the undersides weren't a problem as the kit was light blue plastic. Since then I've had over 400 kits of various subjects and scales.
  8. About time a Hart came out in this scale- 616 sqn used them when they first formed at Doncaster
  9. I think the 616 Sqn ( coded YQ*C )has got to be a must! The Sqn flew the Vb when they were part of Bader's Tangmere Wing in 1941. He often used 616 as his wing men. Bader's Va was originally on 616 sqns charge, but he had a great distrust of the cannons, so used the Va as his personal aircraft. However 616 South Yorkshire Sqn wasn't Douglas Bader's only connection to the county. From the age of 4 until he went to private school at 8 yo, his Stepfather was the rector of Sprotbrough- a small village a few miles from Doncaster and nt far from the original Doncaster airport- where 616 formed in 1938. The rectory is now a private house and blue signed re Bader's residence. Some of the features from his time there have been kept, including a window - complete with air pellet hole allegedly made by Douglas.
  10. Radpoe Spitfire

    Airfix 2019

    Still waiting for a Meteor Mk1 & Mk3, so you'll be waiting as long as I will - though we can dream I s'pose
  11. Radpoe Spitfire

    1/16 British

    I've thought long and hard about building my own brit in this scale, including a WWI offering but lack of a workshop limits me - if I could, I'd love to build a Churchill VII Crocodile, Comet or Cromwell/Centaur.
  12. Radpoe Spitfire

    Id letter required: Sgt Dennis Noble, Hurricane, P3179

    I wish I could help you, this is something I'd like to confirm myself as Sgt Noble is one of my local Few. I have a gut feeling (not helpful, I'm sorry), but I used the letter E on model, as he was from East Retford in Nottinghamshire. Whether the info can be found in public records at Kew or 43 sqn records is the only way I think may be helpful. Incidentally I worked with Dennis's nephew Rod -a fellow ambulanceman, until he retired. Rod is also a Retfordian, who has a very striking resemblance to his uncle.
  13. Hi, I know there are a number of accessories for the Trumpeter kit, but has anyone used them for the old 1960's Revell 1/32 Me 262 single seat aircraft? And can anyone confirm if it is from the same tooling as the Hasegawa offering? Many thanks, Adrian
  14. Radpoe Spitfire

    Captured Messerschmitt Me 262A

    The 616 sqn Pilot was Tony Gaze
  15. Radpoe Spitfire

    Captured Messerschmitt Me 262A

    Nice little build there I'm a 616 Squdron affectionado with an old revell 1/32 262 in the stash, so if I may, can I use your photos for reference please? The is an account of 616 Squadron pilot (Tony Dyer- I think , but stand to be corrected) who landed his Meteor on an autobahn being used by a Meteor 262 unit- was this one of the aircraft I wonder?