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  1. I have both Keith Douglas's Alamain - Zem Zem and Stuart Hill's By Tank into Normandy. Both excellent reads. But I must get Pdr Skinner's book, having read Stuart hill's account of him conducting a funeral- in ful sight of a German tank, who's crew stood and watched. A very brave man, who's only arms were a dog collar, bible and his faith.
  2. Hi, I was under the impression that SRY used the M4A4 75 mm as well as the 17pdr Vc, so hands up if I was wrong The word recent was a typo,due to my phone auto corrected it should have read Recce!
  3. The M4A4 was used by the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanryin Normandy through to the end of the ETO. As a recent unit, they saw more action than any other British armoured unit.
  4. Love this tip, I have an early release of this model which was not put together very well, but the tyres are a little mis shaped. I'll certainly be giving it a try
  5. By and large, it's rare I use any form of PE - with one exception- I am a fan of pre painted instrument panels. Sadly my hands aren't as steady as they used to be. The first time I used it was for a Trumpeter Wellington and the result was so pleasing I was hooked. However, I am tempted to give it a try on an M4 for the light guards.
  6. Just downloaded the link above. Thank you for sharing, now its given me all of 616 Sqn's Gauntlets, I a happy bunny
  7. No need for giggles on this one,you've done a good job there
  8. I have got a soft spot for this since I first built this back in the 80's. Even then, it had been out as a kit for at least a decade. This is looking very nice and I look forward to seeing the finished model. One thing I have noticed and I'd love to know how they do it, but when you see Tamiya kits, many the moldings seem to be as crisp as the day they were first released.
  9. John, I'm going to leave this debate as 4 pages is a lot about two nuts missing. If you dont want to buy aftermarket, shave the offending nut off,make a template to fit the wheel with eight holes, drill eight holes, add eight lengths of stretched sprue. Then construct eight nuts per wheel from plastic and, glue in place - another solution. That is part of what modelling is about. It would be sad hobby otherwise. I'm sorry if I am teaching you to suck eggs, but after 50 years, I am old school and I get as great a pleasure from making my own mark than constructing
  10. John, after 50 years of modelling, I want my hobby to be enjoyed and encouraged - if there a problem and a solution found, it's done. If you can sort out the issue yourself, then you are learning to be a master in your art. If there's umbrage to be taken up, contact the producers.
  11. Problem solved, Ok its aftermarket set and its price isn't too bad. If the rest of the kit is fine, a little scratchbuilding of a new set bolts would test your modelling skills. Bit at the end of the day, it's a blank 3D canvas, which, as a modeller you get out what you put in. There will always be faults about a kit. When we build one, there's no pressure to finish. But- the manufacturer's are under pressure from all angles- CEO's, managers, shareholders and consumers. With the state the world's in at the moment, is the lack of two wheel bolts so annoying?
  12. Does anybody know where the source for the CAD's came from- I.e which individual Cromwell examples? My reason for asking is this, when I worked for a noted military vehicle collection, the Cromwell he owned had been rebuilt using four hulls recovered from UK weapons ranges. So, given the relative scarcity of restored Cromwell's, is it possible the vehicle used had been fitted with 6 nut wheels? Just a thought.
  13. Thank you again Jure, yes please to the photos, just got in from work, so I'll send a PM later
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