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  1. --## UPDATE SIX ##-- Hey guys! been busy! all in around 15-ish hours total (minus gluing time) i have been adding body panels to the main body of the plane. once the panels have dried and are together, i have been filing the gaps between them to give everything a smooth surface. the majority of the body is now covered and ready for a coat of primer. i wont spray any of the model until the entire model is complete so i don't have colour matching issues. i am missing one sheet of aluminium and stencils from one of the issues, so i cannot cover the last part of the wing connected to the body. im trying my hardest to find one but this is proving to be a pain, so instead i am looking for any of the three issues with the sheet aluminium included, and keeping all of the cut stencils safe. where the first pieces of aluminium went onto the wing, the instructions said to drop it in place as far down as it would go, so the joining piece above will fit correctly... i did this and this has happened :/ not to worry as i am slowing filling it small part at a time to ensure a smooth finish. please note that the black paint is only there as its all i had on hand. (i was checking the model filler to see how it looks painted) also the exhaust pipes on the engines don't stick out of the engine body's as they should, so i might have to go back and open them up, remove the exhausts from the engines and connect them to scrap plasticard or something similar to make them promptitude from the engines properly. This is the main thing that's bothering me about this model. other than that, i am overall happy with the model and hope to finally get it complete within at least 4 months!! my original estimate was December 2013-May 2014... that was miles out O.O the remaining details that are to be added to the cockpit are all complete and awaiting installation. not 100% sure why, but i love the way the rear looks now its nearing completion! for some reason the left wing doesn't go in all the way, im still not sure why, i have tried shaving off some of the wood that slots into the body, with no luck, next im going to attempt to sand it slightly so its thinner, im thinking it may get thicker closer to the wing. so that's the update so far! sorry for not posting updates, i just forget to take photos in between stages. all questions and criticism are accepted as always! thanks for reading! -Lord
  2. i plan to change the tracks as the supplied are rubber and don't sit on the wheels at all!. £25 for the tracks isn't bad, but it ends up being pricier than the model its self. they will be replaced eventually, along with the barrel. but first i will concentrate on the rest of the tank before hand
  3. --## UPDATE ONE ##-- after finishing the minor detail inside the body of the tank i thought it would only be wise to put the body together rather than adding the minor detail to the body parts separately. i've looked over the instructions and haven't found anything else that needs to be fixed inside or on a single sheet so i went ahead and put it all together the barrel is a place holder until i get hold of a replacement, just looked a little sad without one The gap on the turret was unavoidable it seams. i tried to put it together without glue, trying to figure out how to remove it but it seams i cant. this will be filled with model filler before i proceed with the turret. And that's it for now! I think this will be a short build log without the interior, but im not fussed, its the start of the collection! Maybe one day ill go ahead and search for the one with the interior and build that so there's two Thanks for reading -Lordhinton
  4. defiantly say this one could be funnier (Y) http://www.militarymodelling.com/sites/1/images/article_images_month/2011-03/markbanchurchbridgelayer_header.jpg
  5. --## UPDATE ONE ##-- Righte'o lets get cracking started off with step one which was fixing (what i assume is suspension) to the main body. this was a simple process and went easily. there were other minor details to be added here as well such as reinforcements to the chassis etc. As you can see, i filed down the wording on the bottom of the tank. this mentioned that it was an academy tiger 1 at 1/35 1996. but of cause that wasn't there in the war! Next up was to work on the wheels. i will do this later on in the build as i plan to prime the tank and spray the wheels separately. The instructions could have been clearer.. took me the best part of 20 minutes figuring this one out! (until i noticed the diagram on the bottom right) Next to do (still working on this part) is the rear body plate (mind my non-tekky tank talk) i have completed one of the exhausts and the second is in the process. there are more details to add to this part before fitting it to the main chassis. So far the build is going great. No extra plastic anywhere on any of the model other than where connected to frets. all of the details are crisp and so far, im happy! Thanks for reading -Lordhinton
  6. managed to have a look at it before i leave the house. slightly disappointed as apparently there is two models, one with an interior and one without. i got the one without also the tracks are pre made from rubber so i think i will replace those as well as the barrel. none the less. its a tank and its on my desk > cant wait to get to work with it
  7. Today's gonna drag :< 8 hrs before i can have a proper look well at least its here on my desk and not in the sorting office until i collect it! thanks -lord
  8. Hey guys! whilst building my Lancaster, i felt that i needed to build something "plastic" so i thought to do a tank of my liking. after having to decide between the tiger, a kv1, the jagdpanther, a hetzer or a Churchill i decided to go with the tiger (planning to do the others next). the kit should arrive tomorrow, is there anything i should know about before going ahead and putting it all together? i have read about people changing tracks and barrels, any particular reason why? and where can i find replacements if i should change them? paying extra is no big deal, as i would rather it look as good as possible thanks for reading and i shall post some images when it arrives thanks -lord
  9. "if it looks stupid, but it works, it aint stupid!" (all these cable ties are really easy to undo so they're all reusable
  10. now that one i did notice! standing underneath the one at Duxford, there was many different features under there that are not in this, im not to fussed either way, it was gifted to me so even with 200 faults i would be happy
  11. i agree on the panels with the stencil, although ive noticed there is alot of excess metal around each panel so my initial cuts are slightly bigger then i clamp it down and cut carefully the panel to be accurate, some parts confuse me though such as the paneling on the wings.. they could have been one piece but instead they used two separate pieces on the stencil sheet.. to me this just means another ever so small gap to fill in with the filler! enjoying the paneling though, its great fun, something i haven't done before
  12. haha! dont have those problems being a student i must say though, that would be a long holiday this is month 6 on the project!
  13. enjoying it so far! thanks thanks the kit is actually supposed to be 100% accurate to how the Lancaster is, but instead of metal, it uses balsa wood the size isn't a big thing, well it is but.. Im putting off the wings at the moment solely due to the massive size it will be with them attached! going great though! mine are sunk far enough into it and as for the TSR2, that's an amazing bit of kit! ill upload another pic later on with some of the metal work done completed on the wings thanks for reading -lord
  14. --## UPDATE FIVE ##-- sorry I've not been around guys! college is to blame.. anyway I've been busy: decided not to do the small details inside, partly because there's so much, but mainly, the whole lot will be hidden, to some they would do it just to say its there, but im not to fussed myself this thing is starting to get big, considering setting up a workbench for it else where as it hardly fits on my desk now... but im enjoying it, and never built something this big so hey ho also, went to the imperial war museum recently, if you haven't already been,, then go! its amazing!
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