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  1. What a beauty Jason, you did a fantastic model, I love the what if scheme.
  2. Abort mission, abort abort abort....... I'll change the markings then......normal F4F-4 USN. Thank you for posting
  3. Hey folks! I'm coming back to modelling after a few months off. I found this desertic scheme of a Martlet III in a Aeromaster decals set, I found pretty attractive that I decided to work it out. Third profile here below. I'll use the well known 1/48 Tamiya F4F-4 Wildcat, Eduard photoetch interior and canopy masks. I wont show the build of the airframe just cockpit and exterior painting. Coming soon with cockpit update.
  4. Top knotch work rescribing the surfaces, fantastic subject. Mauricio
  5. Ohh, thank you folks for the kind words, much appreciated. Take care
  6. Moving on to the next build, this is a Nakajima Ki-44-II Shoki of the 246th Flight Regiment. One of the characteristic features of this aircraft is the big radial engine pulling 1250hp. Thus radial engine drove the big nose fuselage section. As the design requirement was a high-speed fighter, due to the big engine cross section small and thin wings were required to fulfil the specifications. This resulted in an aircraft with high landing speed. Special flaps called Butterfly flaps were designed although this measure the aircraft was still having problematic landings. This is the Hasegawa kit, released in 2009. I’ll use the Eduard detail set for the cockpit including harnesses. Painting is metal finish and after George Preddy Cripes A Mighty 3rd I’ll use Alclad II. Here we go hope soon I’ll have first advancement in the front office.
  7. Lovely project, resin goddies are of great quality. I used the same 3 spoke wheels but in 1/32 for a post-war Spitfire MkXVIe. Those wheels are gorgeous.
  8. Thank you folks, appreciate the kind words. Allan, it`s a G-6. I know your next question will be why battery box protruding of aft cockpit bulkhead and the Erla Haube canopy. Well, this was a theory I thought of. Most of 109 with the booster MW50 system that lead to the relocation of the battery were G10s or G14s. In this case I thought that with such population of G6 operational and given the rush to have aircraft in the air, I think that may be some G-6 where modified with the MW50 system so the batery had to be relocated. That is why this G-6 looks like a G-14. Major Hartmann knowing that the G-14 and G-10 was on its way I suposed that he would have requested to incorporate such modification on his G6 while the G-14 and G-10 will become operational. Erla Haube canopy was seen on late production G6 as well. Hope it`s not a fantasy theory.
  9. There she is Here ready for inspection http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234960578-132-revell-bf109-g6-hans-langer-mount/
  10. Finally there she is, Hans Langer mount as depicted in the EagleCals EC132. The scheme is quite standard except for the white color fuselage band and rudder which along with the big white 12 make the aircraft look quite attractive. Painting strategy with pre and post shading allow me to give volume with different filters and shades. The kit, well there are different opinions, but from my perspective it’s a great value for the buck, fit is very good though there are the fuselage joints on the fwd wing root which isn’t natural at all but can be solved with a bit of putty. Wheels are MDC and harnesses of injected plastic from Finemolds and beside the decals the kit is OBB. Hope you enjoy it. Build is here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234958121-132-revell-bf109-g6-markings-tbd/ Cheers
  11. Thank you folks, for the encouraging words. I like Klear Kote a lot because it very easy to apply and comes in a convenient volume. Allready did 5 models with it and didn`t use 20% of the volume. Cheers Mauricio
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