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  1. Kev back to the Dog Boat I hope? Just of to see your OOB finaly looks like!
  2. Hi Kev if you have not been to Bovington on the "Antiques Road Trip!" yesterday there was a tour arround a WW1 tank BBC1 4,30 pm its on catch up. Regards Paul
  3. Think if we had kept them until today! I swopped it the a few months for a Velocette Venom.
  4. Had a Comet in 1962 cost me £59 from a dealer in Luton He also had a Shadow at £70 to rich for me. BTW the Comet was like riding a drunken pig!
  5. Very nice rendition of this crash.. On another forum there has been much speculation where this aircraft now resides, I hope the remains of FS Dennis Copping will eventually be found and buried with full military honours as befits the man.
  6. Come on Kev get a shift on I have not got 35 years left to see yours! http://www.worldnavalships.com/forums/showthread.php?t=6419
  7. Brilliant work as always Kev. I just wish my hands would let me model again soon( although your standard exceeds anything I could produce!)
  8. Are you going to make the bell and clapper for "up spirits" at noon Kev?
  9. Wrong thread Vampires should be in the Aircraft forum!
  10. So they give you sharp things to play with in there?
  11. Bloody hell Kev you will be in the nut house if you keep this up!
  12. What more can I say Kev. This is just awe inspiring!
  13. Kev your wife did a HMS Bowless aka HMS Sabre then(Alderney 1981) Looked for a photo but can't find one.
  14. Any chance of a view of the boat as she stands now Kev? With my useless "B" hands this is the closest I can get to seeing my favourite boats! No modelling for me until the New Year(Doctors strikes permitting. I even have to drive my car with a suicide knob now! It goes without saying your work is incredible as always.
  15. Keep them coming Kev. I just wish my hands would work so I could do some modelling(not to your standard though!)
  16. Bit of a leak from filing it would be nice! (Sorry about this post I must be catching my replies from Martin)
  17. Sorry to hear that Kev. I hope you feel better soon. Best Wishes Paul
  18. Come on Kev you must have finished the heads by now and as I can't model at the moment I am missing my fix!
  19. Beautiful as usual Bob. BTW who has nicked your pen?
  20. Thanks Kev, I was getting withdrawal's. Put a line on to the little dingy before it drifts off your diorama!
  21. First that is a cracking build and it brings back a lot of memories. I have had four 3.8's one 240(last of the line(outwardly it had thinner bumpers) and a 3.8 S type 1965 CAE 38C I wonder if it still exists? All bought in the 1970's and the most I paid was £80 for one. The XJ6 came out in 1968 and the mk2 was dead as for market value. I loved them and turned a profit on all but one which I scrapped for parts. To make just a couple of observations The bumpers need attention as they are too low and sag(Having tried to refit the bloody things on the real one single handed it should be a breeze for you) if you want to super detail it there is a radio ariel on the front wing next to the drivers quarter light. The spats on the rear wheels were always a nuisance and never fitted properly. I used to bin then and use a little fillet instead. If you want to rescribe it I would tend not to do it you model is fine and it is very nice to see. I hope you don't mind my comments and a trip down memory lane. To NYMODELLER The Inspector Morse car is an abortion with that vinyl roof(never a Jaguar option) and whoever did that needed shooting. Steels are the poor mans version I would stick to wires. Still its your model so I will shut up now! To Roy As an old gaffer of 71 I have had a lot of Jags namely an XK140 bought from a widow who wanted it gone for £180 XK 150, MK 7, MK10 and series one XJ6 with rotten front wings but reliable and a 1970 Fixed Head E type new(Inherited money) Still I an happy with my V8 Soarer now for comfort Sorry I have rambled off again, I must have forgotten my medication.(if I had kept the above lot I would have a private Nurse to see to me)
  22. Just finished that MTB as the picture you sent me Kev showing her on builders trials. Hands preclude me from modelling any more until I have cortisone injections in both wrists(carpel tunnel syndrome) Still it gives me time to work out where to put a shelf for it. Pictures will have to wait as one of my cars needs two rear tyres at £190 each! so the camera is dropped down the list. BTW when you make the heads will the toilet paper be on a roll with perforations or the sheet type in a little box?
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