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  1. If the original poster already has experience with 1/12th Tamiya reissues as he clearly states, I'd wait for a second-hand 72D in that scale to come along. Even though it's a kit from the '70s its pretty accurate and likely 1/5th $$$ of this new Pocher issue. There are also some aftermarket items available to add details even further. I built the 1/8th Grip/Entex years ago and the Tamiya tool is more detailed.
  2. It's rare that car modelers get a new tool of anything old. Unlike armor and airplane modelers that get a better tool every other week we are still stuck with tools made in the '60s for most classics. The E-Type has been kitted a bit more than that but all suffer from one malady or another. Which is why this new Revell kit is so frustrating for me. This wasn't just an accuracy mistake. Someone saw the early sprue layouts and asked: "Why two completely different windshields?". The answer the designer gave that day was likely weak and vague causing the accountants in the room to attack and
  3. Thank you for posting this beautiful build Martian. AMP helicopter subjects are so deliciously obscure they make my buy button finger twitch. But the cynical voice of past purchases whispers "Better check it out first". I'm delighted to hear the parts actually fit and are warp-free. I'm not against adding a bit of brass to the flimsy subjects I like to build. A quick internet search would seem to suggest you are the soul AMP customer to date. Did this one ever go to paint?
  4. Nice thread! Your work is very clean. Have you considered paper for your belt? I've used construction paper often but since this is white a strip of plain old envelope might do the trick. Curl it by drawing it over a straight edge like we did in kindergarten. Cheers.
  5. For the original poster, if your desire is to tackle the Bugatti T50 and your skills and budget are up to it, I'd say start your search and look to acquire a pristine model in box for $1000 to $1250. I have built the Bugatti as well as the Pocher F40 and Alfa Monza and the Bugatti is very well engineered. I found the F40 went together well but lacked detail while the Monza was a nightmare to fit together - avoid that one for now. Life is too short to build stuff you don't like.
  6. The Meng website says it's precolored and snapfit, no glue required. These words are normally associated with "accessible" and "ages 6 to adult".
  7. Some cool new images of the pre-production build-up are now posted on the Hiro page. Looks like the fuel tank will be all whitemetal like the Montgomery.
  8. New pics on the MFH website reveal many details and what will be included in the kit. There will be turned aluminum for the axles, headlight, and speedo bezels - first class stuff there! The brake drum cooling fins will be built up from photo-etch and we'll get a really nice rear "stop" light instead of the chromed lump we've suffered through in previous manufacturers kits. There is even a pointer for the speedo on the fret - cool. The clear and rubber parts all look first rate as well. My only wish is that they'd molded the seat in resin instead of rubber so we could replicate the two-to
  9. Trying to decide if I should build the Rapide with the polished engine cases or go the painted Black Shadow route. That white metal engine would really look good polished. On the other hand, the Shadow version draws attention to the pushrod tubes on the Vincent v-twin.
  10. I may have jumped the gun regarding those Brampton forks. Looking more closely at the headlight photo I'm not sure which they are. I guess we'll just have to wait for more revealing images to know for sure. Speaking of images, there's a new one out showing the series B/C double seat this morning. Can't wait!
  11. A new image on the MFH site shows early post-war Brampton style fabricated forks so it seems the model will depict one of the earlier B-Series machines. This is going to be a fun build!
  12. I guess that one was pretty easy.... Here is a link to the page if anyone wants to follow the development: http://www.modelfactoryhiro.com/new/en/archives/23559#more-23559
  13. The MFH website uploaded an interesting picture this morning. It appears to be some kind of motorcycle. Maybe some sort of British bike? Knowing MFH, I'm sure they'll do a stunning job on it.....
  14. I bought this kit 11/1 after stumbling across this nice thread. It just arrived today and it is FANTASTIC! The plastic parts are very detailed with no flash. There is a ton of photo-etch bits and the instruction "book" is full color from the CAD files. I'm debating whether or not to get some aftermarket Le Rhone 80's for it. But everything else is high quality straight out of the box. This is a daunting subject but Copper State did it proud. Keep those pictures coming Xmald. You're doing a fine job!
  15. I have a couple of the EM Fujimi's in the stacks and love the details. But I hear the new(ish) Aoshima tool is much more user friendly and makes an impressive model without all the fit issues.
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