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  1. Glad you liked it, sometimes the classics are worth building
  2. Flown by Bob Neale, 1st sqd AVG 'The Adam & Eves'
  3. 77th FS 20th FG 8AF Spring 1944 flown by Lt James Morris The canopy was ill fitting and my diabetties would not permit me to make the correct small framework on the side windows, please allow for that.
  4. Thanks, always nice to hear. I enjoyed it, there were a few minor issues but I like the way it came out.
  5. Flown by AG 'Sailor' Malan, July 1940. Malan was an unusual ace, he tried to kill all of the crew of a bomber except the pilot, because he believed the Germans would be demoralized having to remove bodies from bombers.
  6. USS Randolph Feb 1945 Okinawa campaign
  7. USS Hornet Feb 1945 Okinawa campaign
  8. I had intended to do exactly that but the girl who gave me the kit asked me to use all the original parts as well as added items, so there it is.
  9. Monogram M48A2 1/35 Israeli defense force, Six day war 1967
  10. Thanks again to everyone who commented on the build. There is still real value in building the old stuff, i enjoy it immensly myself, its much to easy to buy the latest high tech over priced kit that builds itself. Its a lot more fun to build an old kit with some character and make it at least respectable.
  11. Its an old boxing I bought off ebay for about $20 USD. the decals are Eaglecals Major hahn special addition aftermarket, an excellent set.
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