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  1. I have just the other day finished up the RBF, and what an almost total pleasure this kit was to build. An article is set to come in AMW in the near future. Almost looking to do another variant, but then there are so many projects asking for attention...
  2. Nice! Really looking forward to a most possible Gulf War version sometime later. I just hope the Bucc will be a bit better than the recent Airfix Phantoms, which left me somewhat underwhelmed.
  3. Just to be sure, the only difference between the RBF compared to the RBT is the nose, right? The KFS review does seem to say so, if my translation is correct. I have an Eduard Zoom set and a set of QB air scoops labelled for the RBT but I assume they work on either version? The kit I have sitting on the bench is the RBF. True, there might be minor differences in the cockpit between the two versions, but they are both still recce versions.
  4. Excellent build and a very helpful article, many thanks!
  5. That sounds like a plan. Too much work for me to even consider, though. On the other hand, the old Airfix Lancaster is most certainly no shake and bake - rivets or no rivets.
  6. Thanks Noel, agreed an all counts. Forgot to say I once had the new tool Lancaster but after getting aftermarket etch and decals I realised I couldn't live with those panel lines. True, not quite Matchbox style but still. Now I'm about ready to have another go at the Lancaster but with the 1980s release. Will ponder the rivet problem a bit more...
  7. Bringing up this old topic as I was curious about the 1980s Airfix Lancaster compared to their new tool offering. I also tend to favour the more restrained (albeit raised) panel lines of the older kit, but what about the rivets? Would it be better to remove and replace them with a riveter, or perhaps keep the rivets as is and replace them with HGW positive rivets where they might disappear during construction?
  8. Gents, many thanks for your input. Looks like the Trumpeter A (9-12) currently is the way to go then.
  9. Reviving this older topic, but I can’t seem to find any info on a Zvezda MiG-29 (9-12). As it now is 2019, has their kit been released? Looking for the best 1/72 scale standard MiG-29A and Zvezda seem to offer the better kit of this subject, but of other versions...
  10. Many thanks for taking the time to look for an answer, Chris! I figure som scratchbuilding would be required to depict the fule filler area... will have to ponder this some. Thanks again!
  11. Nice build! Just curious, but where is the fuel filler cap located on the Valentine? I have googled without any clear info, and considering the new Panzer Art tank crew refueling I just now got an interest in building the Valentine for a vignette.
  12. Thanks for the confirmation! And yes, it is indeed a nice kit (from what I can see in the box).
  13. Thanks J-W, I may give the Techmod decals a try then. And yes, I would be surprised if indeed there would be any difference between the two releases.
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