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  1. Stein Meum

    Why car-doors?

    The P-47 prototype also had a car door. Stein M
  2. Stein Meum

    Airfix 1/24 mosquito, a good kit?

    It's basically a good kit. I'm in the process of, off and on, building and converting it into an NF Mk. XIX. It is very accurate in outline and shape. The main problem is the lack of internal details. The engine firewalls are just blank surfaces. So are the landing gear door insides and the weapons bay doors. A lot of scratch building is needed in these areas. I didn't realize how lacking the kit is in these areas until I got the Tamiya 1/32 Mossie! The main wheels are useless. Get resin replacements. Surface details are very prominent, especially on the elevators. Needs sanding down. There were rumours in the late 70's that Airfix was working on a 1/24 Mossie which wasn't released. The kit reminds me of an Airfix kit from the 70's with more parts added before it was finally released some years ago. Stein M
  3. Stein Meum

    Mosquito Wheel Well Colours

    Tnx Bentwater! Just shows how much detail is missing in the Airfix 1/24 Mossie kit! I've got my work cut out it seems! Stein M.
  4. Stein Meum

    Mosquito Wheel Well Colours

    Thanks Elger! This is most likely. At least this fits in with the photos of the forward side of the firewall, as well. And was one option I have considered. Restorations tend to go for "all green" interiors. Far away in the back of my mind, I seem to remember that one or two factories building Mossies did not paint the wells green late in the war. Stein M.
  5. Stein Meum

    Mosquito Wheel Well Colours

    Did the Mossie N.F. XIX, all built at Leavesden, have interior grey green or silver painted main wheel wells? A photo of a Swedish XIX (J30) seems to show silver painted gear door interiors. TIA Stein M
  6. Stein Meum

    Mosquito N.F. Mk. XIX

    Thanks guys! I've found my copies of "Aircraft of 100 Group" and "Confound and Destroy". Lots of info but there are still a few questions to be answered. After a lot of "trials and tribulations" with Abebooks, I ended up with ordering the book directly from Faust Antikvariat in Gothenburg. Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are merely dialects and pose no problems in reading. Thanks for the input on the 100 Group B-17! Somewhere I have some old Hasegawa kits lying around, and one will be a 100 Group Fort. Stein
  7. Stein Meum

    A Colour Conundrum

    Hi again! In an effort to make a sizeable dent in my stash of kits before they come to put me in a home for the infirm, I've started on a few large scale kits of the Mosquito. Hong Kong Models 1/32 B.Mk.IV, Tamiya 1/32 Mk.VI and 1/24 Airfix Mk.VI. Colour call-outs for interior items vary. Airfix calls for a satin dark green seatback cushion for the pilot and seat for the navigator. The pilot's seat cushion a mid-brown colour approaching tan, the two other producers calls for a satin dark green. Airfix calls for a dark green (30) for the navigator's seat back. Airfix calls for Matt Black pilot armrests, the 2 other producers call for satin dark green. The crew oxygen bottles are Khaki in Airfix, Buff in Tamiya. Not present in the HKM kit. Airfix and HKM has Silver rudder pedals, Tamiya Cockpit Interior Grey Green. The leather cover around the base of the control stick: Airfix a dark greyish green (98), Tamiya Black Green, HKM Black. Drift sight base: Airfix Khaki, Tamiya Khaki, HKM N/A. The electrical control panels on the right side of the cockpit: Airfix calls for colour 21 for the electrical conduits, Tamiya Flat Yellow. Humbrol 21 is definitely not yellow. The internal tail wheel cover should be painted Aluminium according to Airfix, Interior Grey Green according to Tamiya and HKM. Airfix wants Silver rocker covers and superchargers, the others go for various blacks. Airfix and HKM go for entirely Interior Grey Green for the wheel wells, Tamiya for entirely Silver ones. There are many other variations, especially regarding engine components like tubing, etc. but I can sort that out by my self. My knowledge of the Mosquito is somewhat lacking in areas. I know they were produced at Hatfield, Leavesden and Chester (Hawarden). Can that be the reason for the colour variations?
  8. Stein Meum

    Mosquito N.F. Mk. XIX

    Thanks for the replies! I've got the 100 Group book somewhere, however, my Mossie will be VY-A from 85 Sqn flown by Norwegian pilot Tarald Weisteen during the summer of 1944. Stein
  9. Stein Meum

    Mosquito N.F. Mk. XIX

    Never heard about that book, Mats! Where can I find it? Stein
  10. Stein Meum

    Mosquito N.F. Mk. XIX

    Hi! I've acquired the Airfix 1/24 Mossie, and I'm planning to convert it to an N.F. Mk. XIX. What are the greatest differences in the cockpit between the Mk.II and the Mk.XIX? Stein
  11. Stein Meum

    Help in identifying Thornton-Brown's Typhoon Mk. Ib

    yes, very likely. S/L Erik Haabjoern used ZY-Z when with 247 Sqn. Stein
  12. Stein Meum

    Airfix Car Door Typhoon

    Yes, Tony. Both seats are included, as are the two types of main- and tailwheels. Thanks Chris! 2 of my "car doors" will be 56 Sqn planes from approx. mid-March 1943. Late seats it will be! Then there will be a 609 Sqn 1943 and 2 247 Sqn planes late 1943/early 1944. Interestingly, both types of exhaust shrouds are included in both issues of the kit with none of the markings options calling for their use! Stein
  13. Stein Meum

    Airfix Car Door Typhoon

    Hi! I've got several of this kit in 1/24 scale. What I didn't know, was that at some point there was a change of seats and mainwheels. The tear drop kit has only the late seat and mainwheels. At what point during production did the changes take place? TIA Stein
  14. Stein Meum

    Republic Aviation interior green question

    References to DDG in Republic P-47's are not confined to the D/S volume. They are fairly numerous. Color photos do exist as well.