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  1. The amphibious cats operated by 331 Sqn were delivered in standard US Navy scheme of Blue Gray uppers and Light Gray undersurfaces. The RAF roundels were superimposed on the US stars. Getting paints for repairs were difficult to obtain in Iceland.
  2. Thanks! Having looked around a bit, I think AS22 is within limits after all. I'll use it on my HKM Lancaster. A late war plane from 166 Sqn. Stein
  3. Hi! I find this a bit too dark for my liking. Have any of you tried this spray? It leaves a very nice and smooth finish. Stein M
  4. I think the cockpit was RLM 66 Schwartzgrau, nosewheel bay RLM 02, while the rest of the interior was various shades of bare metal. Stein M
  5. The Grey Matter nose is very nice. I got it for my Matchbox Mk. 22. Stein
  6. What happened to Italian subjects? Macchi flying boat fighter? Caproni Ca.3 3-eng. bomber? Stein
  7. Hi! I got this kit a couple of days ago. The instructions call for Cockpit Grey Green in the cockpit. However, I've been beliving that all internals visible from the outside were Night. What is correct? Also, any good potos/drawings of the Rose Rice tail turret? TIA Stein M
  8. Gloster (Typhoons) and Hawkers (Tempests) were painted differently. Early Tiffies, like MN235 at the RAF Museum were Cockpit Green with Night from approx. elbow height. Tubes were Night against the Night sidewalls, silver elsewhere. Later Tiffies were silver iso. green. Tempests were all green except for the Night surfaces like the Tiffie. Tiffie seats a dull silver. No idea about the Tempest seats. Wheel wells were a dull silver. Chris Thomas will most likely be able to shed some more light on this subject. Stein M
  9. The HE111P found in the mountains in Norway and restored, had RLM66 cockpit and RLM02 elsewhere. The plane was shot down in April 1940. So Airfix is right!
  10. I' looking for EZ Line rigging material but the only store (in US) don't ship to my country (Norway). Anywhere else I may find this product? Stein M
  11. The Swedes mounted a night vision sight in this position on their Post War N.F. Mk. XIX. Stein
  12. IIRC, the Academy SB2C-4 Helldiver has. Stein M
  13. And then we have the Kovozavody Prostejov kits released just a few years ago. Malcolm and standard hoods. How do they compare to the previously mentioned kits? Stein M
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