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Stein Meum

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  1. Stein Meum

    HK Lancaster

    Thanks! Stein
  2. Stein Meum

    HK Lancaster

    Hi! I got this kit a couple of days ago. The instructions call for Cockpit Grey Green in the cockpit. However, I've been beliving that all internals visible from the outside were Night. What is correct? Also, any good potos/drawings of the Rose Rice tail turret? TIA Stein M
  3. Stein Meum

    Question, Hawker Tempest cockpit color

    Gloster (Typhoons) and Hawkers (Tempests) were painted differently. Early Tiffies, like MN235 at the RAF Museum were Cockpit Green with Night from approx. elbow height. Tubes were Night against the Night sidewalls, silver elsewhere. Later Tiffies were silver iso. green. Tempests were all green except for the Night surfaces like the Tiffie. Tiffie seats a dull silver. No idea about the Tempest seats. Wheel wells were a dull silver. Chris Thomas will most likely be able to shed some more light on this subject. Stein M
  4. Stein Meum

    Preliminary inquiry - correction for Academy Catalina.

    Put me down for one set! Stein M
  5. Stein Meum

    Heinkel He111p-2 Cockpit colour

    The HE111P found in the mountains in Norway and restored, had RLM66 cockpit and RLM02 elsewhere. The plane was shot down in April 1940. So Airfix is right!
  6. Stein Meum

    Biplane rigging material

    I' looking for EZ Line rigging material but the only store (in US) don't ship to my country (Norway). Anywhere else I may find this product? Stein M
  7. Stein Meum

    Mosquito windscreen bulge - what is it?

    The Swedes mounted a night vision sight in this position on their Post War N.F. Mk. XIX. Stein
  8. Stein Meum

    Navy aircraft

    IIRC, the Academy SB2C-4 Helldiver has. Stein M
  9. Stein Meum

    P-51B/Mustang III in 1/72 - suggsetions?

    And then we have the Kovozavody Prostejov kits released just a few years ago. Malcolm and standard hoods. How do they compare to the previously mentioned kits? Stein M
  10. Stein Meum

    BV 138 cockpit colour.

    I'd go for RLM66. HE111's and Ju88's downed in Norway during 1940 had RLM66 in the cockpit and RLM02 elsewhere. Stein M
  11. Stein Meum

    Whatever happened to Airframe Silver?

    Around 1969-70, Humbrol released a series of Authentic paint sets. The RAF set included, amongst others, a colour named Airframe Silver. Haven't heard about it after the set went out of production. Would this have been the silver used for the tubular constructions in the cockpit of Hurricanes and Typhoons. Also landing gear wells, doors and gear struts of these types as well as Tempests? Stein M
  12. Stein Meum

    Why car-doors?

    The P-47 prototype also had a car door. Stein M
  13. Stein Meum

    Airfix 1/24 mosquito, a good kit?

    It's basically a good kit. I'm in the process of, off and on, building and converting it into an NF Mk. XIX. It is very accurate in outline and shape. The main problem is the lack of internal details. The engine firewalls are just blank surfaces. So are the landing gear door insides and the weapons bay doors. A lot of scratch building is needed in these areas. I didn't realize how lacking the kit is in these areas until I got the Tamiya 1/32 Mossie! The main wheels are useless. Get resin replacements. Surface details are very prominent, especially on the elevators. Needs sanding down. There were rumours in the late 70's that Airfix was working on a 1/24 Mossie which wasn't released. The kit reminds me of an Airfix kit from the 70's with more parts added before it was finally released some years ago. Stein M
  14. Stein Meum

    Mosquito Wheel Well Colours

    Tnx Bentwater! Just shows how much detail is missing in the Airfix 1/24 Mossie kit! I've got my work cut out it seems! Stein M.
  15. Stein Meum

    Mosquito Wheel Well Colours

    Thanks Elger! This is most likely. At least this fits in with the photos of the forward side of the firewall, as well. And was one option I have considered. Restorations tend to go for "all green" interiors. Far away in the back of my mind, I seem to remember that one or two factories building Mossies did not paint the wells green late in the war. Stein M.