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  1. Getting perilously close in the alphabet to K & M…
  2. I’ve been fondling mine since it arrived and am having to use all of my self control to complete my 1/24 Typhoon first! Cons: 1) The larger cannon breech covers look very squared off on the leading edge to my eyes. 2) I bought 2 kits as I want one in flight hung up in my garage, there is no pilot. Boo! Pros: 1) It looks amazing. 2) There is definitely other versions coming as the tail wheel area being sectional means a retractable tail wheel option exists. The way they have designed the kit up to the firewall bulkhead allows multiple engine versions. If Airfix bring out a Mk.VIII (Shark Teeth) and a Mk.XII / Mk.XIV (Griffon) versions I will be giving them a lot of money over the next few years. Well done Airfix!
  3. I’d quite like a 1/72 Hampden to complete my Bomber Command cabinet.
  4. Anything with folding wings in 1/24 is a winner! Imagine: Seafire XV Seafire 47 Corsair Martlet Hellcat Sea Fury all in FAA schemes, in a glass display cabinet. Wings folded, cowlings open. As an aside the Mk.IX Spitfire does lend itself to allowing the after market guys a lot of Griffon based possibilities. Seafire XV, Spitfire XII / XIV.
  5. I’m really enjoying the 1/24 Typhoon I’m building right now. a new Hurricane to the same standard (especially a Desert IIc) would be fabulous. I also think a 1/24 Tomahawk would be fab.
  6. Better for the environment, I can see it now: "...Join the Army, where it's not just the colour that makes our tanks green!"
  7. The Airfix kit has Katy too, and Princess Elizabeth’s vehicle as well. just not on the official list of options, which may have been due to copyright sensitivity. I bought the Airfix kit because: 1) I didn’t even know Gecko models existed. 2) I wasn’t looking for an Ambulance but when it popped up on my Airfix email notifications I thought it looked like a fun build. However this could perversely work out well for Gecko, I rarely build much other than aircraft, and the world of armour modelling contains many brands I’m unfamiliar with so wouldn’t ever gave stumbled on the Gecko kit. I have now looked at their website and will probably buy something from them now I know they are there. I bet I’m not alone.
  8. This is bonkers. It has mystified me why Mustangs & Phantoms need a ‘Boeing Licenced product’ sticker when it’s arguable that a) Those companies, North American Aviation & McDonnell Douglas are defunct & b) those aircraft are essentially ’public domain’ as the shape is so iconic. If true that this is happening with all models where does it end? Corporate lawyers trying to justify their salary by raking in pennies of royalties. Yee gads!
  9. I think not including ‘Katie’ from the film is a massive oversight, presumably because of copyright issues? I bought one on pre-order because I love the film & think it would make a nice change from aircraft. Airfix will do well with this release I think. As for ‘Katie’, I expect the aftermarket decal chaps will be along shortly.
  10. Looking at the way it goes together it is remarkably similar to the 1/72 version. Hoping for a 1/48 Phantom FG.1 to join it!
  11. 2x Typhoons very low over Poole just now. very unusual place to see them. Wonder if they have been doing a spot of affiliation with the Tank chaps?
  12. I wonder if the GR.3 (or to be more precise the laser nose bits as GR.3 refers to the airframe not the nose I think?) sprue is included? If so XtraDecal did a great GR.3 sheet in 1/48 they could upscale. I hope the 1/24 Harrier is out there to test the market. Thinking of equivalent sized British jets kitted in smaller scales by Airfix a 1/24 Hawk or Lightning could be a possibility if there is sufficient uptake. I would love a 1/24 Folland Gnat. I don’t know if the 1/24 kits make much money for Airfix or a prestigious loss leaders. But I am pleased they are aiming high.
  13. In 1/48 to complement Eduard’s excellent Spitfire Vc would be welcome too!
  14. Not just by me! I confess I forgot the Manchester.
  15. I have 2 on pre order. Not only that but having resisted 1/24 for years I am going to buy a cabinet just for them, so will end up probably doing a Typhoon and Hellcat as well. The modular construction of the rear under the tail certainly allows for a Mk.VIII. This is the best news for Airfix as I think I can't be the only one who will use this as a gateway drug into Airfix's other 1/24 kits. My wish lists are being full filled with alarming regularity... 1/72 V-Bombers. Completed. Tick! 1/72 1970's FAA. Buccaneer & Phantom, waiting on Wessex, Gannet Sea Vixen & Scimitar. 1/72 Bomber Command. Whitley, Lancaster, Wellington, waiting on Hampden, Battle, Stirling & Halifax. Keep it up Airfix. Wonderful work.
  16. Because it’s a Spitfire and they do that! No such thing as a ‘standard spit. On a more serious note the original 2 bladed fixed pitch was replaced with a variable pitch 3 blades ‘small spinner’ Rotol. The Mk.II early on in production got a constant speed DH prop which has a short but fulsome shape spinner. The Mk.V got a Rotol constant speed unit which has thicker blades & a much larger spinner more commonly associated with the Mk.V. Given that there is a degree of interchangeability & either local repair or inconsistent naming of equipment (See Mk.IX.LF.B MH434 discussions) it’s quite the minefield. I thnk the spreadsheet for that one would be quite the undertaking!
  17. Notwithstanding my above comment; An excellent build of a beautiful ship, such a shame she can’t be saved, even as Jeff Bezos’ private yacht would be better than a seagull roost!
  18. No she wouldn’t. I have never seen any Class or Flag requirements like that. Items like life saving equipment & fire fighting installations would need updating but ships are allowed to remain ‘as built’ as regards visibility.
  19. Yes. Good point, but given the construction of the Eduard radiators it could be simple to ‘deepen’ them. No! Stop it! by the time I have got all the bits sorted out and started to do the conversion an Eduard Griffon kit will be out! Given a Mk.XII is just a fuselage, prop & exhausts away from a V. And a lot of the IX could be recycled into the XVI, the fuselage sprue could incorporate the new rad parts, it’s only a matter of time. Add to that a D wing sprue incorporating deeper oil tank & a new transparency moulding allows a XI or an XIX from the IX or XIV kits it’s too obvious a progression.
  20. If you take the spare fuselage from Eagles Call & add it to the spare E wing I have left over from my Royal Class IX then add in a resin Griffon engine (which negates any cowling issues) and a spare 5 bladed prop from the spares box you get an Eduard XIVe high back… …this could get out of hand.
  21. Beautiful finish, my refernce build for the one I am currently plodding though. Nose gear landing light noted. Sorry for your loss.
  22. Fleetscale sell the hull for this vessel. As I am currently Captain of it I have a full set of drawings on a memory stick. 1GB and 400 files. The poor old girl is being sold I see no commercial issue with making these available to anyone who wants to build this model. PM me and post me a blank stick & I’ll return you a full one.
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