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  1. its gone green.... really pleased with that (less so with how I tried to add parts from other tanks (ie engine deck and one harth).. oh well, can weather them differently and with the turret
  2. cheers Longow... can that stuff also be used for tow cable??? running gear done (tracks a touch tight but can fix that with super glue to fix the wheels level)... onwards with the gun... started on the small fixtures & fittings and internal gun shield. currently floor plate and gun just placed to check fit (any thoughts on the drivers compartment colour? just white floor and everything else OD? ...
  3. started the masking.... going for "camel" with green (not sure on what green still, thats this mornings job)
  4. slight change of plan... this will "inspired by" so not moving the lights... rest i will do tho
  5. Am hoping that was humour..... That's just a drawn version on my iPad..... Hahaha mind, the finished one is likely to be as bad!!!!!
  6. great work... been wondering about adding a Gecko kit to my stash, anything to be wary of?
  7. mesh is off being painted - going rusty steel type grey/rust finish... but noted on thickness of roof - could just go with the one over the raised vent
  8. thinking of going grey-green mixing protective green & dunkelgrau (4:1 or so).... as to squiggle or straight I dont know yet (have better results with panzer putty vs tamiya tape so think squiggle)
  9. cheers stix, noted for next time.. may try watered down PVA or matt varnish and paint it on (should've asked before gluing it down ;-))
  10. and for completeness, this is the "look" I am going for... stowage, tarps... I know the kit doesnt match a dday version but i am going to make her up to look similar: https://12thfieldrca.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/0-PRIEST-IN-LST-UK-JUNE-1944.jpg
  11. ok... so "rope" wrapped round the upper part of the gun.... a bit fluffy so need to work out how to stick it down more...
  12. Basic paint on - Dunkelgelb with mottled lighter shades for the hull (still need to work on the camo scheme, just faded green I think) red oxide primer and one mottled shade for the hull (also have one wheel and one rear stowage bin like this) ash grey and one shade mottle for barrel
  13. correction, the rungs on the sides are in the kit so thats OK.... so extras to add: rope on upper part of gun (starting with cotton which seems to be working) wading superstructure changes (plasticard) front stowage rear stowage interior detailing (will see what I can do with plasticard rather than give Mr Eduard my money engine deck changes tarps (will see what I can do with these) move the lights
  14. also need to add rung ladders on the outside but dont know diameter of wire I would need - any thoughts??
  15. looks like the kit has the wrong wheels for the period, but am not that precious so will build with solid but set up for dday (will move the lights tho)....
  16. been warned the kit tracks are too short, what aftermarket options do I have??
  17. Well here we go, out of the loft and ready to build... going to add stowage and a rack at the front plus wading fittings and some tarps.....
  18. its all gone black.... hope to get Dunkelgelb and red oxide on tomorrow.... think the hull will have dunkelgelb stripes and faded green patches....
  19. thanks guys - this is the dilemma I have... thinking allowed, maybe comes out the factory in dunkelgelb and then gets OD camo added - but not full coverage (so could have the "giraffe" pattern of dunkelgelb stripes and green splodges..... and the thought of a cross in white star - not maybe on the front glacis that would work food for thought
  20. build finished..... added an extra set of spare tracks on the turret.... still not 100% decided on a paint scheme... might be "giraffe" style dunkelgelb and green (or brown) hull and then red oxide turret....
  21. getting ready to start... I hope to get the kit out the loft today/tomorrow
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