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  1. only just spotted this... thats a very neat bit of scratch-building. Seeing the Body cut down to just above the wheel arch had me wondering whether it would take an anti-aircraft gun (perhaps a german quad) or even a rear facing 6-pdr.... it's tempting if I could get the 2 kits needed really cheap
  2. lower hull progressing... just subtle weathering this time... and used Mr Metal Color brass to touch up the shells - really nice paint
  3. started weathering the fighting compartment. just the usual chipping to start...
  4. do you mean the bras sin: https://www.greatart.co.uk/talens-rembrandt-artists-oil-colour.html
  5. thanks - i used MiG Ammo bronze - VERY transparent... may have a look at the ones you mentioned as have 2 more full interior builds to do
  6. I officially hate bronze paint.... sitcky, doesn't cover well... hate it I tell you.... need to touch up & weather this - all major parts just placed for fit testing....
  7. no photos but primed up... hoe to get some painting tomorrow and then more on Monday - should have photos then
  8. havent forgotten this build. I might be able to prime it over the bank holiday weekend I will have to see. At the very least I have started marking up the priming scheme I need (combination of black for darker colours and grey for the white)
  9. thanks breach was AK rubber black with dry brushing of oily steel I believe.... recoil slide(?) was AK ash grey with oily steel dry brush (as was the SMG)
  10. upper hull, gun and sides mounted... leaving back off for now as I need to add a box just where the gun mount is and that needs to be painted.... not 100% with the fit of the sides so a little filler needed....
  11. Chipping and some detail painting. Need to add a little more dust/grime on the horizontal surfaces then I can start to button it all up
  12. interior primed and base coated.... might be able to do some chipping/weathering this weekend
  13. I do try to clean the parts (badly) and I use soldeirng paste (so contains flux & solder and you dab it on... may not be the best but for what I have done so far it has been OK
  14. finally got painting time, so interior and gun primed... going with plain dunkelgelb I think ... may risk tri-tone scheme if I feel brave enough
  15. no work recently, just back from a week away.. hope to get the painting started this week while off work
  16. progress...all still dry fitted. So far so good, just a couple of breaks but they are OK once in situ.... really need to start painting - going to prime all grey, airbursh the large parts (sides/bulkheads/engine/floor) an dthen brush paint the detail...
  17. very nice work.. hope my T-54 gets close to your finish
  18. the modular nature is taking shape. I am adding parts with same colour to main bits, then will paint other parts on the sprue before attaching... so need to work out how to pay 8,345 shells (or however many).... the air pump(?) pipes broke in to multiple parts but are attached and hopefully wont be too visible
  19. need to check the white balance.... but nothing difficult to correct in post... as for which one, went with: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/384226984259
  20. nothing new on the tank but now have a photographic light box which should improve my images (need to play around with it more of course).....
  21. thanks for the encouragement guys... broke it out tonight and started with the engine.... first page done (21 left)
  22. all marked up ready to go (apart from the 10 sprues of tracks, 8 of wheels and 6 of shells)....
  23. I may do.... the AM ones keep falling apart and beginning to annoy me
  24. unfortunately Miniart are not "most" manufacturers. they tend to spread there stuff around sprues!!
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