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  1. thank you - I have not done anything on this since the last post.... have a biuy 6 week so so but may dust off the model...
  2. fab build.... really like the finish you have achieved
  4. thanks all.... Tracks on (not my strongest area, need to do some more research. Need to do some finishing touches and add the final few pieces and weathering....
  5. nice work - pity about the gloss coat. I have the Italeri kit ( a LOT older than this but will use it to do some scratch building, improvements etc as a post-holiday build). Looking forward to more of this
  6. Thanks both .. chipping time this afternoon... Green and grey to show wear on all layers of paint. Will chip the stuka frame of course, just get for that
  7. filter & matt varnish applied... next up scratches and then streaking....
  8. always been tempted by this kit so will be watching
  9. nice work... really like the pre-shading showing through
  10. Decals on, mixture of 2 kits - some a little fragile. Stuka units done (one isn't quite right but too late now)... next are a few little bits - like mounting the tracks!!!
  11. Thanks guys.... Decals on later, just some crosses but may look at the Spares box for options as the kit ones look a touch heavy...
  12. nice - how many tins of Mr Hyde did you use???
  13. very nice. one question, where did you get the Hussar wheels from? I have just got the very old Italeri M3A1 and they do wheels for that (hoping to get some Value Gear stowage, plus some of my own plus jerry cans to really load it up)
  14. actually tidied up a bit with plain water and a clean brush... think as the weathering builds up it will be ok
  15. yeah, its the one thing I hate, multi-colour camo (said the man heading towards caunter scheme!!!!)
  16. dunkelgelb on but not great... need to do a little touch up I guess but my airbrush skills are abysmal..
  17. photos of painted stuka assembly just placed on. hope to get camouflage done tomorrow
  18. flikr is undergoing post upgrade issues, photos when it is back (and hope the dunkelgelb will be on tomorrow (worried that the blu-tac will mark the green tho... will see what happens if not left on for a long time)
  19. dunkelgelb on the stuka assembly (used Mission Models thinned with water - ok coverage). I like the green/sand contrast so looking forwad to the cab & rear with camouflage (will mask with blu-tac to try to give slightly soft edges. Moving away from tiger stripe to more green patches with dunkelgelb pattern (no patches)... like I said, its pure WHIFfery so thinking guy in field with spare Dunkelgelb would spray it to break up the green,,,,
  20. and now it has gone green... modulation of olive drab then Mr Color Russian Green 1 over the top. Going to leave it to cure for a few days then I hope Saturday I can get the dunkegelb camouflage started. Dont forget, this is a russian vehicle captured and then modified. i would expect in the field paint to be basic (which is why it will be 2 tone striped dunkelgelb I think
  21. all primered. Mig Ammo One-Shot black - really nice and easy to use. Think I will do as I thought - preshade with olive drab modulation before applying the russian green - should give it a slightly "dirtier" green (I hope)
  22. nice start to making a silk purse from a sow's ear... think I will have the same with an incoming M3A1 Scout Car (italeri)
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