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  1. Modeldecal produced a very nice sheet of French roundels with separate anchors. The sheet number was 62. See here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/modeldecal-62-french-modern-cocardes--157389
  2. Somehow missed this the first time around. Another beautiful piece of work. Love the markings - what brand are they? Also, how did you make the wing lights and the small light just behind the canopy?
  3. Glad you didn't throw it away Libor! It came out great, as usual. Float planes always build into impressive models. Is the machine gun aftermarket?
  4. As a side note, the white residue that appears once the decal is submerged in water is a result of the decal paper that the printer used. For some reason, when the Scalemaster range of decals came out way back in the 1980's, they ended up using Decafix decal paper rather than Decaflat. The white residue is a byproduct of Decafix decal paper and it will absolutely ruin your model. They usually turn a disgusting rust color over time. Since Scalemaster did a lot of freelance work for companies like Testors and Glencoe at the time, there is a strong possibility that your B-66 decals were printed
  5. Hello John, Yes, I agree that their process is a combination of traditional screen printing and lithography (their Youtube videos show this), but they have somehow perfected it to an incredible level. The new printing method used by Eduard for the last year or so is showing great promise. It seems to be a litho process, as you can see dot patterns under a magnifying glass. You can also see some stair-step under a high powered loupe, so perhaps it is some form of a digital output. However, the dot patterns in the grays are very weak and here have been complaints about the gray codes in the
  6. Some of the most impressive decals on the market. It's obvious that a lot of research goes into their sheets. Please keep them coming Aztec.
  7. Another beauty Libor. Was the green and light tan camouflage airbrushed freehand or with masks? Always look forward to your new builds.
  8. Absolutely beautiful work Reini. It is so nice to see aircraft from the smaller air forces.
  9. Beautiful looking bird. Had no idea it was that small. The photo with the paint can makes it look like a 1/144 model.
  10. Yet another beauty Libor. Always look forward to your new builds. What riveter do you use and what do you use for a guide? Any chance this will appear in a magazine? Thanks for sharing your builds!
  11. I thought the link below would be of interest to many of you. This gentleman has managed to purchase (at great expense) some original RAF WWII rations and he opens them up to see how the look after many decades. He also gives a thorough historical overview. He also has other ration reviews - some aviation related - from many different countries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiUgyJdZYsg&list=TLGG9w4Zw4YEPgEwODA5MjAyMA
  12. Another work of art Libor. You stated that the canopy is homemade - how did you do it? It does look very thin and realistic.
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