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  1. I thought the link below would be of interest to many of you. This gentleman has managed to purchase (at great expense) some original RAF WWII rations and he opens them up to see how the look after many decades. He also gives a thorough historical overview. He also has other ration reviews - some aviation related - from many different countries. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiUgyJdZYsg&list=TLGG9w4Zw4YEPgEwODA5MjAyMA
  2. Another work of art Libor. You stated that the canopy is homemade - how did you do it? It does look very thin and realistic.
  3. Thank you Fly! There are so many interesting schemes for this airplane. Bravo!
  4. This is a great point Giorgio. Italy has a rich history in the arts going back many centuries. I have a gut feeling they produce their own inks from scratch and have found a unique way to create their screens and films/emulsions, but we will probably never know.
  5. As I've already said, a stunning build. Would you please explain how you create the very subtle variations in shade of the various colors. It looks extremely realistic.
  6. Stunning build. The cockpit is amazing.
  7. Stunning build. The cockpit is amazing.
  8. Another masterpiece Fuad. Love the Finnish markings.
  9. I'm really rooting for the British Phantoms in 1/32. I can't wait to see that kit.
  10. I recently purchased a 1/144 Tornado by Dragon Models and the decal sheet was printed by Cartograf many years ago. I was absolutely amazed by the fact that I could read the small stenciling on the sheet with the help of a high-powered loupe. I have also noticed how beautifully they print the traditional "problem colors" such as yellow and green. They are completely opaque and devoid of "splotching" (caused by the grain of the decal paper - darker shades of the color will form in the deeper parts of the grain due to more ink pooling in those areas). I realize I am "rivet counting" and I DO NOT
  11. Another beauty Moa. The blue paint looks beautiful - nice and smooth. Were the white letters printed on an ALPS printer?
  12. Stunning result and thank you for sharing. By the way, always be careful with models in the sun. I once had a Heller 1/48 Mirage IV melt on me .
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