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  1. Beautiful build. What decals and what white paint did you use? Very impressive.
  2. Fantastic build of an old kit. Very impressive and brings back good memories.
  3. Turned out great. Love the Ethiopian scheme.
  4. Unbelievable build 109 fan. One of the best looking 109's I've ever seen in any scale. The fact that your model is 1/72 is truly amazing. Look forward to your future builds.
  5. Another beautiful result Libor. I really enjoy your build reports in the Valiant books. How did you add those two really small round things onto the antenna wire just in front of the fin? I've seen them on a lot of antennas but I have never been able to find out what they are.
  6. Looks very nice. Love these old Airfix kits - brings back good memories!
  7. Thank you Fuad. I need to try these Molotow felt-pens. Beautiful rivet work on this build - look forward to your future projects.
  8. Hello Serge, You are absolutely right Serge. With the help of the Siberian reserves and due to the fact that the Germans had no winter clothing, Zhukov did a masterful job in saving Moscow. One thing that helped Zhukov accomplish this was the fact that Stalin finally kept his nose out of the planning and allowed Zhukov to make the decisions. Stalin also kept his nose out of the planning involving the Stalingrad encirclement and let Zhukov and Vasilevsky make the decisions. I give Stalin a lot of credit for this, because his bad decision-making at the beginning of the war lead to the deaths and capture of many Soviet troops, despite their vast numerical superiority. I think it can be agreed that something definitely wasn't right with the preparations, strategy, and decision-making of the Soviet political and military leadership at the beginning of the war on the Eastern Front. The fact that the Germans made it all the way to Moscow and the Volga and were able to capture several million prisoners along the way should prove this, but then again, maybe not. The unfortunate decision made by Stalin to murder so many of his top officers during the Great Purge probably didn't help. The Russian Army's performance in the Russo-Finnish War should have been a wake-up call. Serge said: In what way is the description of Stalin's life written: - by two Russophobes ( "The anti-Soviet is always a hidden Russophobe!"(с)) Yes, I consider Montefiore's book one of the best on the war in the Eastern Front because it delves deeply into how inept and incompetent Stalin and his cronies - like Voroshilov - were in making important decisions regarding strategy in the early stages of the war. His writing is heavily footnoted and relies on original documents in Soviet archives. All I can say is read the book with an open mind and decide for yourself. On 2/4/2020 at 3:27 PM, Hobo said: "I was not aware that people in Russia are able to access original documents in order to clarify the colors used by the Soviet Union during World War II." Serge's reply: "And the funny thing is that there were and exist albums with color samples which the planes should have painted on according to the approved schemes. No, actually my personal bear has access to the archives, but we usually play the balalaika and drink vodka when the bear works in the archives!" That was a really stupid statement on my behalf and I apologize Serge. I am well aware that there is a lot of great work being done by researchers in the Russian archives. In summary, I really regret my first post. I had no idea that Pilawskii was so radioactive. I know that there were quite a few field-applied schemes that were non-standard, so it is impossible to know with 100% accuracy what the colors were. The links that Troy gave me illustrate some of these schemes. I should have just mentioned that fact and moved on. I definitely meant no disrespect to the Russian people, and I certainly meant no disrespect to the Russian researchers who have worked so hard on this subject. And I am definitely not a Russophobe and I doubt that Mr. Montiofiore is. I have a deep interest in Russian history, especially 20th century Soviet history, and books by authors like Montefiore, Rayfield, Service, Conquest, Solzhenitsyn, Radzinsky, and Kotkin have informed me on this subject. Perhaps their writing is distorted and biased. What all of these books do point out is the hard work, sacrifice, and incredible fighting ability of the Soviet people during World War II. I apologize to you Serge if that post offended you in any way. Cheers.
  9. Thank you Jason - I wasn't even aware of these titles. The reviews on Amazon are very favorable and I need to add these volumes to my library. This thread has been very informative and I thank you.
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