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  1. Thanks for the heads up, $699 for a supersize resin printer is extraordinary, isnt the big Phrozen Sonic like $2000? Exciting times, as an aircraft builder having a taller printer would mean more fuselages can be printed on their end rather than on their belly, which is a much cleaner print. Heck, with 250mm I could have a 747 in 4 prints!
  2. Ditto thanks for the tip about acrylic nail powder - I wonder if that is basically the same as the fabled dental acrylic powder used by Paul Budzic (but easier to find if you're not an American Dentist)? (I'm afraid to say I just watched a video on applying nail powder - a lot of transferrable skills there! A Dremel was used at one stage..)
  3. Nice bit of Onshape there! Thank goodness for Transform/rotate eh..
  4. That is spectacular work! One thing I have always wondered, is how transferrable the legions of 3d models out there are to printing as scale models. Correct me if I am wrong, but it looks like his models have been made for skinning and creating images? A high def model made for Flight Sim, for example - I would think if you scaled that down to 1:48 say, you would have lots of unprintably fine details, too thin surfaces etc. But maybe there are clever ways of working with an existing 3d file to make a viable, printable model?
  5. Hi Joachim, Thank you - this is a resin DLP print. FDM printing is not really ideal for model planes imho, at least for small ones, although useful if you wanted to make a giant model and didn't mind doing all the detail by hand. WiP - I'd like to, but I'm a bit pushed for time at the moment. Building these is really just like any resin kit with a bit more sanding. The design phase really needs a YouTube video series!
  6. Yes, I noticed there have been a few crashes in India...but then, if it all goes wrong, it's got a parachute!
  7. That's interesting, I never realised that. I guess that would improve with one the new 4k printers, like a Phrozen Sonic (he says rubbing knees in delight)
  8. Lovely build! Like many a new scheme for me.
  9. Evening, Another in a series of small general aviation 1:72 models that I have been designing and 3d printing to keep 2020 interesting...and what better to model in 2020 than the Pipistrel Virus? (Actually it's pronounced Veerus). This is a dinky plane with a lovely bird like fuselage that reminds me of an Etrich Taube. I think it deserves a model, it's quite a thing if you are unfamiliar - 140kt cruise at a claimed 48 nautical miles per gallon. 1000 or so have been manufactured so far, including 194 to India where it is the air force basic trainer. An
  10. @Kushan_Farsight thanks, these have been done with .02mm layers with anti aliasing on 8. To be honest I think the real trick is angling the part correctly on the build plate. Any near horizontal or vertical surface will show the wood grain type lines, but when surfaces are closer to 45 degrees the layers will be closer together and much easier to smooth out with a clear coat.
  11. I said I'd follow up on this. Since my initial prints, I have done another batch, this time I followed more or less the post cure process recommended by @plasticguy . Curing in water does work well, thank you - the result was a part with a nearly gloss/satin sheen. I then coated with 2k clear coat: The parts now have the high gloss that I want in a clear part, but yes, there are still visible lines with optical distortion. It is possible that multiple coats of high build clear coat would reduce this further, so I will have to investiga
  12. Humbrol decal fix is strong stuff containing ammonia. Microsol is better for general use unless the decals are really difficult. Seeing as ammonia can be used as an ingredient in airbrush cleaner, you can see how it might react with certain acrylics, I've had glossy patches appear where I've applied it too liberally. I'd recommend changing your setting solution, not your gloss coat.
  13. They're even shorter in 1:72! Thank you, you obviously know your Mooneys so glad it passes muster. @DaveWilko ah..good to see, someone needs to update Wikipedia! @noelh thank you for the suggestion, I'm working up to doing a model more than 11cm long..although Decarli look to have done a decent job of the GA8.
  14. Bravo! I actually modelled it on the TB-9, but I think externally the differences are negligible between TB9, 10 and 200. You're very kind - I have been totally wowed by your designs over in the 3d forum. I don't have any pro engineering background at all, I can draw and that's about it. I'm using Onshape, which I have learnt over the past six months, after a bumpy and steep initial learning curve and lots of YouTube videos, I'm on a roll with it now. Definitely recommended to any interested 3d newbies, it's free. Yes please to a PA28!
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