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  1. Sorry to hear that. This game really does have its ups and downs...
  2. Well, it's a challenge to make something beautiful from any Brewster design, but you succeeded!
  3. Very probably not, as they are slightly different, one slightly newer with more functions. That's a good answer @ICMF, nothing too sinister!
  4. That is a lovely, striking piece of work. I love the panel lines, they are bold but they go with the in-your-face markings perfectly. I've got some outrageous 1976 bicentennial F-111 markings somewhere, this is giving me inspiration...
  5. Lovely work - extra kudos on the rare roundels!
  6. Hi all, Here's one for the wise DLP giant heads... I've got 2 Elegoo Mars running side by side. Often, printing the same file at the same time. Except, today, I notice after 3.5 hours, my older one is 20 layers behind. Its not necessarily an issue, although I do get slightly more print failures with my older machine. I think it may be a 2nd gen, while the newer machine is a 3rd gen? (It has the tank clean function). Just curious to know any thoughts - I hope it isn't a harbinger of impending mechanical failure, maybe its a sign to apply some gr
  7. Sounds like a lovely day's spotting. What is that single engine type? I can't make out the reg. Edit - I just tried a bit harder - an Aerospool WT9 Dynamic! That's my education for the day.
  8. Bangseat

    DIY Decals

    Are these inkjet printed decals, or laser? For inkjet, an acrylic clearcut is normally recommended, humbrol gloss coat would be a bit too hot I would guess. Also, I for one have never been able to make inkjet decals work consistently without risk of bleed, I've tried several clear coats and got up to 75% success rate, but they are so fickle, also using a decal setter is a pain because it really has to be applied under the decal. If you are using laser printed decals, these don't need a clear coat, but they can be fragile if the decal becomes wrinkled, the toner which is in theory b
  9. Yes, it's the older ones particularly - there are a surprising number of kits in one form or the other for the current stuff, eg Global, Citation. I'd add the original Jet Commander - the Aurora kit is a collectible these days, not really for building - and a Learjet 24.
  10. That is one lovely pair of HS125s! Particular props on the Matchbox, hard to find, and we do need a new 125-600 in 1:72...
  11. Having a purdy good weekend in Vegas, probably. This is a truly lovely model, well done! Definitely deserves a hermetically sealed perspex home.
  12. Beautiful builds! Great stuff. (Romanian PZLs = my learning point for the day!)
  13. Fantastic Delta Dart, and a great finisher! I must say, if I did a century series my OCD wouldn't cope with one Luftwaffe machine next to 5 USAF, but Luftwaffe is a much more representative scheme for the 104 so glad you don't have the same affliction!
  14. Just spotted this, sorry you've not had a response. I would say, a general no to acrylic washes. The key with a wash is to be able to remove excess, and acrylic dries quickly making it very difficult not to leave (unwanted) stains. There is a Citadel product called Lahmian medium, which you use to thin acrylic and make a wash, works well for figures but I found it a bit gloopy when used on undercarriage. A clay based wash - basically pigment in water with flow improver - such as Flory Models wash is your friend. Totally wipeable-offable (if used on a gloss surface - it will get in
  15. Sorry I'm late..love it! I predict a fantastic before and after pic in the near future.
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