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  1. @Paul J lovely to see one being built. Following with interest! Striations were fairly pronounced on kits produced on old tech as @billn53 will recall, but things have really improved since the advent of higher resolution mono lcd screens. My current printers are good but there is already better stuff out there, I can definitely foresee a future where resolution is so good the parts won't even need a light sand, which is when I can start doing raised rivets (kit designer heaven). @Back in the Saddle would love to see an aa5 built, was rather pleased with how that came out.
  2. Looks like a nice ride, you can have a cup of tea in the conservatory before the fokkers arrive. Well scratched, Marklo!
  3. Oh my giddy aunt. I didn't really "get" 1:144 scale until i saw this, now I get it... There's no 3d printer available for any amount of shillings that can do what you've done!
  4. Late to the party, but what a beautiful build. I also love the paintings. To have a sense of technical design but also of organic form and faces is quite a double gift!
  5. Lovely! One more question - how did you make the dial glass fronts?
  6. This is fabulous work! I've always wanted to have a crack at something similar myself. A lit panel particularly would be a fantastic wall piece. Was there CNC cutting involved as well?
  7. This is top work. I totally concur the Comanche is a fine looking aircraft (if a bit squat on its tiny undercarriage!) I've been recently working on a digital model of the PA24, so I've become very familiar with the details. Might you add the nosewheel door that hinges on the stb side? My version - still on its way to reality...
  8. Hi @Paul J sorry for missing your emails. Pup is progressing well, but I have to get white decals printed and I'm also quite busy making Cessnas until June. Then I should be clear to start making Pup.
  9. Hi there, Harry from VFR here. I did the Grumman as a sub contracted cast resin kit. It was a lovely result, especially with cast clear parts, but I agree its a bit pricy for what it is. But the difference is reflected in cost of sale unfortunately.
  10. Great build - one of those classic kits that no one has tried to better in 40 plus years!
  11. After upgrading to 4k Elegoo Saturn from an old Mars, I've had great results just from standard Elegoo grey. The only downsides I know is that being thicker it is more likely to fail if you are printing in cold temperatures, like middle of the night in the garage. Thinner (and usually smellier) resins like Monocure fair better here I find. If you need strength or heat resistance (eg using for vacforming) there are also better choices, but Elegoo grey is cheap so just for display models I've found no reason to switch.
  12. Wow! That is incredible painting. Amazing to see that there are things a humble brush can do that the best airbrush couldn't.
  13. Wow, beautiful build and full marks in the lesser known African air forces class! You just need to do Guinea Bissau and Equitorial Guinea and you'll have the set...
  14. Just a suggestion from me having built the Heller 707, I did corogard by spraying Alclad (a non hi shine shade such as matt aluminium) on matt grey primer, as opposed to gloss black as per Alclad SOP. Not grey, but more subtle than a true metallic paint.
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