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  1. Thanks Kev. I for one would love to see another VC10 from you, but life is short so no pressure! You touch on an interesting point - is a Mach 2 kit needing a whole heap of reengineering still easier than a vac. I'm not qualified to say alas.. Thanks for all your encouragement Moa. You'll be pleased to know more civilians are planned! But I may steer away from mind boggling and focus on fun a bit more. Thanks Woody. It was good to explore the edges of my capabilities, and find out how much I actually like this hobby! Turns out, a lot. We have our first sprog touching down in a month, and something tells me this is my last chance to be able to indulge this amount of time and focus in a plastic model for quite a while...
  2. Innumerable final details - aerials, pitots, krystal klearing the windows, plus lots of little decals - the emergency hatches, the dayglo wingtip tape, the white striping on the nose, the red striping around the baggage holds, some tiny Royal Mail logos, and of course the eyebrow windows, which are just Xtradecal black striping cut to shape. But I'm just about calling it done: I'm both pleased and weary! I decided that the cockpit windows needed to be sharpened up, and I decided to add edges, again in Xtradecal black stripe. This is a bit of a cheap trick, it pays dividends from afar but of course won't fool anyone up close: But I think it's more win than lose. Hopefully my next scratchbuilt cockpit windows [develops hand tremor] will have slightly higher fidelity, but at least I can tick the personal development box with this build... Here's a shot from above which shows the asymmetry of the BA titles: I'll do an RFI in due course. It's a photographic challenge so I may be some time! All the best, Harry
  3. Beautiful build, and I particularly appreciate the effort you have gone to with the diorama. Backdrops (I'm assuming that's not the view from your garden!) make a huge difference, although are quite an undertaking to get made. What did you do for lighting?
  4. Just wonderful! It must be great to say, "72nd Jumbo- yup, done that." I dream of having one of these built up, but I fear I would need to do structural work to the house just to get it in and out of the loft. The scary thing is certain airliners (obviously A380, but also certain variants of A340, A350, 777) would be even bigger..
  5. Lovely build and finish! And thanks for pointing me to the kit which looks quite acceptable, I gave up looking for a Hasegawa, poo-poohed Airfix and for some reason never knew about the Italeri.
  6. Wonderful! I always have to stop to applaud Swedish splinter camo. And they put it on the blades too? That's my learning point for the day!
  7. Oh lovely! If you told me that was the HpH 1:72 I would have totally believed you. I love the red canopy framework, Air Koryo is an attractive scheme. I hope a tiny Kim Jong Un is aboard, guzzling Emmental...
  8. Beautiful scheme, thanks for posting! (I have to say, and I'm not at all disappointed, but was gearing up to have my mind blown by the little-known SR-71 in Belgian Air Force service..)
  9. Absolutely...After all, when you're out of F8s, you're out of fighters... Great build, thanks for posting. And lovely freehand airbrush work, you must have a Gucci gun, or a wizard hat!
  10. Beautiful, clean build, lovely! Shows off the lines of the kit well and makes me want to build the one that's lurking in my pile. This could be used as box art on the kit (if Airfix were still into that sort of thing). Its a shame there are no wingtip lights in the kit, but painting them on is a bit dubious I suppose, especially when the rest of the build is so clean and honest.
  11. Thanks Kev. It's on my list, didn't know it was a periscope, I had it down as 'black dot behind cockpit'
  12. Fantastic bit of gumph! I love the flawless (ahem) Russian transliteration of 'Steh-alt-kkhhh' (probably means something completely different, like u-bend or piles). I remember flying Microprose's F-19 over Libya on a CGA monitor at about 1fps (less on landing) and having a great time.
  13. Very nice! Thanks for posting, good to have a 48th Etendard to look at, it is inspiring me to tackle the Heller 1:72 in my stash, (which will need inspiration to make into a reasonably detailed model!)
  14. Indeed. The ceiling of the cockpit is made of p38 filler, and I fear that if I had tried to make small holes for windows they wouldn't have been particularly accurate in shape. I'm not a fan of window decals in 1:72 but these are pretty small in the grand scheme of things.
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