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  1. Hey Georgie Boy, Very nice job on the Ju 188, and I agree with all your observations about the kit. I am not a fan of the Ju 88 lineage, but your rendition could have me thinking otherwise. Cheers
  2. Thanks much. Cheers Much appreciated. Cheers Thanks Djordje Cheers Thank you Greg. Cheers Thank you very much. Cheers Thanks much Pete. Cheers
  3. Thanks much. To make the insulators, I apply a small drops of Micro Scale Kristal Klear to the antenna wire and when dry I paint them gloss white. Cheers Thanks Vinnie Cheers Much appreciated Wulfman. Cheers Thank you very much Gary. Cheers
  4. Thanks much Cheers Thanks Steve. Much appreciated. Cheers Hey Georgie Boy, thanks a lot. I am still hacking out models and it does not look like I will be seeing you anytime soon. Stay safe and hopefully we have a beer next year. Cheers Thanks much. I can't take credit for the colours. That's all Xtracolor. Cheers Much appreciated. Cheers High praise and I thank you for it. Cheers Thanks Colin. Cheers Thank you Piotr Cheers Tha
  5. This is the Tamiya kit finished in the markings of Feldwebel Walter Scholz, 3/Jagdgeschwader 53 while in France, September 1940. I used Aero Master decals on this one and I feel that the yellow 13's area tad too small and the black outline is not bold enough. But, alas, I did not have any other numbers to chose from, so it is what it is. I have seen this scheme done by others and I am offering my interpretation based on how I see the photos of the real thing. I fell in love with scheme based on the presentation of the swastika and overall finishing of the vertical fin.
  6. This is the Tamiya 1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109E-4, finished in the markings of Oberleutnant Albrecht Drehs, of Stab III/Jagdgeschwader 54 in France, August 1940. Respecting my minimalist approach to modelling, I only performed the following minor enhancements to the kit. A note to fellow modellers in regard to the spinner colours. Hussar suggests a red and white spinner, and while quite attractive, is incorrect. The RAF Crash Report states the spinner is dark green and white. Fuselage - kit seat replaced with Ultracast seat -
  7. Nothing strange about it. I can contact Scott on my own.
  8. I am pretty sure that I had paid Scott in advance for two years. I am sure Scott can verify if that is the case.
  9. Thanks Bert. I have not given up on the Vagabonds. Truth be told I am unable to log in to the site and I have not taken the time to ascertain why. Cheers Thanks very much Greg. Cheers
  10. Vlad never specified if he was talking about the E's or the G's. I cannot comment on the G variant, but I believe the way Tamiya has designed the E version, it is next to impossible to get the correct splay. They just seem to set up a tad wide. They want to fall somewhere between the splay of an E and a G. All this may be irrelevant if Vlad is not talking about the E. Cheers
  11. Thanks Chris Thank you Woody Cheers Much appreciated Miguel Cheers
  12. Thanks much Ivan. Cheers Thanks Reini Cheers Thanks Bob. I know the 262 should be puttied, but it loses all its curb appeal and personality when you do so. I just chalk it up to artistic license. Cheers Much appreciated. I use Testors Dullcote, decanted from the aerosol can for my flat finish. Cheers
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