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  1. Here's a pretty good YouTube video showing the new Bandai Star Destroyer.
  2. After seeing Andy's Bandai AT-ST in progress build, http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234978365-at-st-bandai-148/ and the eager awaiting of my own kit from HLJ, I decided to begin some rough artwork to explore some different schemes for this kit as I want to finish mine in something other than grey. So below are my random thoughts and ideas as they come to me. Nothing too detailed or precious, just pushing out ideas. If you have any ideas of your own or want to see a particular camo scheme let me know. Cheers Richard.
  3. Stu, check page 3, Andy has done such a scheme for an AT-AT.
  4. Incorporating a bit more weathering into this one to give me a better idea of how it may look on the model. Richard.
  5. For those of you who play War Thunder, you may be aware of the new Italian vehicles and aircraft. I'm currently grinding my way through the Italian lineup and couldn't help but notice the unique and varied camouflage schemes available for them. Of course thoughts soon turned to the AT-ST and how they'd look in the Star Wars universe! So here's the first of them, out of sequence for those counting...... Richard.
  6. I'm going to be working on some desert/temperate schemes for a while now as I muse ideas for my diorama for later in the year. (I'll need 4 different schemes) Richard.
  7. Another Ewok squisher. Richard.
  8. Something Green! First for 2019! Richard.
  9. Gekko_1

    Resistance Walker

    That should be fine.
  10. Gekko_1

    Resistance Walker

    No problem at all. One thing to warn you about though! DO NOT use any Enamel based washes on a Bandai kit! The Enamel wash will eat into the Bandai plastic and destroy your joints. Its happened to me on my AT-ST and Slave 1. Cheers Richard.
  11. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! In the meantime, I may have some new schemes to tempt you with.
  12. Thought some of you may be interested to see my work in progress? Still working on/finalising the starboard side. Then the headache of getting the two sides and front to work on the top and back! Luckily I actually enjoy this sort of thing! Many more camo schemes coming for 2019. I'm in the initial planning stages of a purpose-built diorama that will be specifically built to fit in a bookshelf, so it is long and narrow. It will be 28cm x 84.5cm and have either 3 or 4 AT-ST's on it in animated poses shown in a fire and movement scene on a desert planet, possibly Tatooine? All of the Bandai 48th scale AT-ST's will be in a different desert camouflage scheme and will be in various states of weathering. It will be a lot of work but should look quite unique by the time I've finished. I've already been practising the groundwork, which I want to look quite "otherworldly". Anyway, more on that in a separate thread soon. Cheers Richard.
  13. OK, here goes my version of the popular Tamiya F-14A Tomcat. I'm doing it in the markings of VF-142 Ghost Riders in their 1981 low-vis scheme from the old Microscale Decal sheet 48-217. Controversy and confusion kick off right from the get go! Microscale, with their usually vague painting instructions contradict each other in how the jet should be painted! I thought an ancient copy of Scale Aircraft Modelling June 1983 Vol. 5 Number 9 page 403 may have been of some help.................... ..........but the article seems to copy Microscale's instructions! The problem here is that I believe both Microscale and Scale Aircraft Modelling have got it wrong in their illustrations. The scheme in question appears to be the then brand new (for 1981 that is) low visibility blue/grey scheme of FS. 35237 top, FS. 36375 mid section and FS. 36495 underside. This very scheme has been slightly better documented by a couple of VF-143 Pukin Dogs Tomcats as seen below. https://deskgram.net/p/1825662876444855523_3230508708 So, the search began for any colour photos of Bu No. 159452. My initial search, several months ago, found nothing. But a more recent search uncovered a very poor quality colour image that seemed to confirm my hunch. https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/view/1048472 But, there are still unanswered questions! If anybody else is able to source any more colour photos of this particular jet I'd really like to see them. Anyway, so on with the build....... The cockpit is good enough out of the box. All that really needs adding is aftermarket seats. I'll be adding Quickboost seats from set number QB 48-754 for the EA-6B Prowler. As far as I'm aware they are the same seat as fitted to the early F-14A Tomcat, and you get 4 seats obviously, so enough for 2 Tomcats! I'm trying to build the kit in a way that avoids as much masking as possible. So I have painted the inside and outside of the nose section before gluing. This way I'm hoping I won't have to mask off the cockpit and undercarriage bay. Part number H6 the cockpit frame was painted Tamiya XF-85 Rubber Black, then dry brushed with light grey. This will simply slot in to place once the nose section is finished. An example of ease of use and speeding things up a little can be seen here with parts D18 and K1 and K2. I assembled K1 and K2 then glued them to D18, then went about cutting off the antenna and cleaning up the join line. Doing it this way made it all a lot easier to handle. Next the unit will be sprayed FS. 36495 and glued directly to the model. The panel on the side of the jet was filled with a styrene and Tamiya glue mix, then sanded. Perfect! Also take note of the fuselage mold line that needs to be removed prior to painting! More filling required on the nose section. This time using Mr Dissolved Putty. I really like this stuff and can highly recommend it. Also, there are two more sections of mold line that need to be removed. As indicated by the black marker and red arrows.............. On the intake ramp parts I glued part E13 to part D4 whilst holding parts D4 and E10 together (not glued) with mini clothes pegs. This aided painting later on. Parts G56, A5, A6 and B12 were all added to the lower fuselage section as well as the two E13 & D4 glued parts. This entire unit was then painted Stynylrez white primer. K14 and K15 were glued to their respective intakes and sprayed Stynylrez white primer. This section (not glued yet) is a drop fit onto the lower fuselage section. Such is the quality of Tamiya engineering! Next will be completing the front fuselage section and painting the lower fuselage FS 36495 in its various sub assemblies. Cheers Richard.
  14. Gekko_1

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    Thanks for that. I may give it a go, or I may just have the wings swept and not worry about it? Not sure yet.
  15. For anybody interested in trying to work out a camouflage scheme for their AT-ST here's a basic layout that can be printed off or used in something like Photoshop to help decide on a pattern that can sometimes become quite complex and difficult to work out. It should print out to A3 size. (I hope) Cheers Richard.
  16. Gekko_1

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    Yes actually, Vegemite would have worked perfectly for this sort of thing. I honestly never thought the decal would pull up as it did. I'm guessing it was mainly because the decal was so old the bonding agent must have weakened over time?
  17. Gekko_1

    Trumpeter E-75

    Hi guys, starting off with something a little different. Not sure if it'll work or if it will end up looking a bit silly, but I'll never know unless I try it. Its a sort of video dairy build created in Adobe Spark. First time using this program, so I hope its turned out OK? https://spark.adobe.com/video/ysr0ydIk47IOw What do you think? Cheers Richard.
  18. Gekko_1

    Tracks for Trumpeter E-75?

    I have a dilemma! I can't use the rubber band tracks that come with the Trumpeter E-75 kit because they're rubbish. Master Club do three different metal track link sets for a King Tiger, listed here: https://www.bnamodelworld.com/parts-decals-for-1:35-scale-master-club-mtl-35097 https://www.bnamodelworld.com/parts-decals-for-1:35-scale-master-club-mtl-35093 https://www.bnamodelworld.com/parts-decals-for-1:35-scale-master-club-mtl-35094 Question is, which one, if any, would fit the Trumpeter E-75?? Regards Richard.
  19. Gekko_1

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    Time to paint the coroguard paint on the leading edge................... Based on the only really good colour image I have been able to find of this Tomcat I decided to lighten FS. 36375 by 50% white to match the contrast seen in the photo. So I sprayed the colour, no problem, then began to take off the masking. Port fin went fine, then...................................... Oh! Luckily I have a lot of patience. I kept my cool and just accepted my fate. To be fair the decals are roughly 35 years old. I think what happened is that the decal hadn't adhered to the surface properly and pulling up the Tamiya tape was enough force to bring up the whole thing. Anyway, luckily I was able to find a replacement sheet on eBay. So once that arrives I can carefully sand down the surface, repaint, re-gloss, and try again.
  20. Gekko_1

    Tamiya 48th scale F-14A

    Well, I didn't get the Tomcat finished for the comp, too much left to do. But, the build goes on! Here's some progress of the subassemblies. I discovered the hard way that the decals, now quite old, would come apart once soaked in water. Luckily this only happened to the port side skull and bones decal. I was able to re-assemble it on the fin. After that it was time to apply some Micro Liquid Decal Film to the rest of the decals. Luckily this did the trick. Also did some oil paint rendering on the Pheonix pallet. Wings ready for further weathering. I have to figure out how to do the wing sweep oil and grime marks somehow. Any ideas? Here's the two drop tanks, one in Light Gull Grey, the other FS.36495. And the remaining Pheonix pallets. All of these still need some more oil paint rendering/weathering. Here's the underside of the main body. Intake trunking still not glued in place. A close-up of some of the oil paint rendering/weathering. Cheers Richard.