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  1. For anybody interested, I got one of the runner up positions.
  2. Hi Pete, thanks. The caste metal effect was Mr Surfacer 500 roughly painted on with an old brush straight on to the bare plastic. Quick, easy and worked out perfectly. Cheers Richard.
  3. For those of you not aware there was an MA.K in Gundam contest recently run on YouTube, see here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y1dgHAaLWiE&list=PLoBIme3OUbYq8rST2QIGcTH9Bwp1YqkRB&index=15&t=508s The base kit I decided to start with was the Bandai 1/144th scale Gundam Gusion kit and converted it into a mobile suit from the Maschinen Krieger universe using a lot of scratch building and spare parts. I called the mobile suit - Hasslicher Fetter Junge Ausf K (Ugly fat boy) The winners of the comp will be announced this Wednesday or Thursday on the same YouTube channel. Cheers Richard.
  4. That looks amazing Andy! Wow! Cheers Richard.
  5. Here's a pretty good YouTube video showing the new Bandai Star Destroyer.
  6. Stu, check page 3, Andy has done such a scheme for an AT-AT.
  7. Incorporating a bit more weathering into this one to give me a better idea of how it may look on the model. Richard.
  8. For those of you who play War Thunder, you may be aware of the new Italian vehicles and aircraft. I'm currently grinding my way through the Italian lineup and couldn't help but notice the unique and varied camouflage schemes available for them. Of course thoughts soon turned to the AT-ST and how they'd look in the Star Wars universe! So here's the first of them, out of sequence for those counting...... Richard.
  9. I'm going to be working on some desert/temperate schemes for a while now as I muse ideas for my diorama for later in the year. (I'll need 4 different schemes) Richard.
  10. No problem at all. One thing to warn you about though! DO NOT use any Enamel based washes on a Bandai kit! The Enamel wash will eat into the Bandai plastic and destroy your joints. Its happened to me on my AT-ST and Slave 1. Cheers Richard.
  11. Awesome! Looking forward to seeing what you come up with! In the meantime, I may have some new schemes to tempt you with.
  12. Thought some of you may be interested to see my work in progress? Still working on/finalising the starboard side. Then the headache of getting the two sides and front to work on the top and back! Luckily I actually enjoy this sort of thing! Many more camo schemes coming for 2019. I'm in the initial planning stages of a purpose-built diorama that will be specifically built to fit in a bookshelf, so it is long and narrow. It will be 28cm x 84.5cm and have either 3 or 4 AT-ST's on it in animated poses shown in a fire and movement scene on a desert planet, possibly Tatooine? All of the Bandai 48th scale AT-ST's will be in a different desert camouflage scheme and will be in various states of weathering. It will be a lot of work but should look quite unique by the time I've finished. I've already been practising the groundwork, which I want to look quite "otherworldly". Anyway, more on that in a separate thread soon. Cheers Richard.
  13. Thanks for that. I may give it a go, or I may just have the wings swept and not worry about it? Not sure yet.
  14. For anybody interested in trying to work out a camouflage scheme for their AT-ST here's a basic layout that can be printed off or used in something like Photoshop to help decide on a pattern that can sometimes become quite complex and difficult to work out. It should print out to A3 size. (I hope) Cheers Richard.
  15. Yes actually, Vegemite would have worked perfectly for this sort of thing. I honestly never thought the decal would pull up as it did. I'm guessing it was mainly because the decal was so old the bonding agent must have weakened over time?
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