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  1. Thanks for the suggestion. It is slightly complicated by the fact that the screen is moulded with the dashboard as one piece (sounds strange and yes, it is slightly strange!) so I would end up having to cut it into 3 pieces and that comes with the risk of snapping it as the clear plastic is brittle. I am not putting the roof up option on so leaving it as an open top. I will mull it over for a while. in the meantime I feel I need to learn about the group builds.
  2. Hi Tim, I am making this kit at the moment and have found it relatively straightforward but have hit a snag. The angle of the windscreen is very different from the frame. It is nowhere near !!! I’m sure the frame can be flexed to meet the clear part but there will be a fair amount of tension on it. I’m thinking it is going to need supergluing but I’m worried about clouding the plastic screen. Have you test fitted your screen and is it the same? Any ideas how to fit it? good luck with the build. I’m making mine in Ford Aporto red which is similar to an original colour. I will post some pictures when it is done
  3. Do you brush paint it. How many coats and how long between coats? Thanks
  4. Mmm. That is quite a difference. I guess the answer is to build one and see what it looks like on the shelf
  5. Great answer, thanks. I never realised this hobby could be so complicated! Thanks for the advice
  6. Thanks. I guess I will get a better idea when they are built
  7. Hi, Sorry if I am asking something that has already been covered elsewhere but...... today I received two Heller kits - the Blower Bentley and the Delahaye. I obviously haven’t built them yet but in the box the Delahaye seems bigger than the Bentley whereas I know in real life the Bentley is a big car. I am in the middle of building another Heller kit - the Talbot Record - and again it does seem large against my other 1/24 models. Maybe a silly question but are Heller kits ( and other kits for that matter) accurate to scale? Also, I am tempted by some 1/25 scale kits and want to know whether they look ok amongst 1/24 kits. The difference in scale should equate to 1/4 inch for a 12ft car length and 1/40th inch for a 15inch wheel Which both seem trivial particularly when not directly comparing the same car side by side. I don’t want to be a scale snob but I am building a “car collection” and would prefer if they look similar. thoughts?
  8. Hi, what decal paper do you use? Thanks
  9. I am looking for "Rover Chilli Red" in Halfors but can only find "BMW Mini Chilli Red". Is that the one you refer to? thanks
  10. where is the best place to buy aftermarket wheels? I can only seem to find expensive ones!
  11. I’d love to see a Sunbeam Talbot 90 in 1/24 (to build a replica of my rally car!). Stirling Moss rallied one so that would’ve a great kit. Oxford do a 1/43 diecast
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