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  1. Very nice model of a great bike. I have built the same kit a couple of years ago, really a pleasure to build. Apart from the burnt metal effect, you could have also opened the exaust outlets...
  2. Wow great attention to detail, especially the dashboard and the engine looks very nice and realistic. Very nice work!!
  3. Hello all, I have recently finished Tamiya's Honda S600. It is a tiny car, probably 2/3rd of a normal size car. The fit of the kit is ok, probably a little more problematic than recent Tamiya standards. Chromed everything with Alclad. Used tamiya spray white mixed with some tamiya acrylic earth to get a classic car color from 60's. Used automotive gloss as the top coat and applied alclad for the trims over it. Thanks for your comments... salih
  4. Thanks for kind and encouraging words.. The black base is decanted from Tamiya's spray can and shot with an airbrush at 13-15 psi (I guess). Tamiya spray paints are amazing with very good coverage and very short curing durations. For the gloss final coat, I used Standox 2k clear varnish, which is actually a 1:1 size car gloss varnish used in automotive body paint shops. The gloss is mixed with its own hardener and tiner. I shot the mixture in one session in my home-build paint booth and as quickly as possible because the gloss coat catches lint and dust very easily. I left it for a day or two
  5. Why did you choose a less shiny surface? The clear coat will, in any case, make it shiny in the end?
  6. Instead of tamiya x-1 as the black base, I would recommend tamiya rattle can gloss black, which is more shiny and durable base for metalic colors...
  7. Where is the model? I just see a monogram model box in a real corvette...
  8. Hi all, bought this kit to regain my "mojo" and completed in 3-4 weeks time. Since the body of the car is printed in one piece with all its bumpers and spoiler and etc, masking was quite difficult, even though it seemed like an easy kit at first glance. Front lights' washers and dashboard frame (not visible though:)) were scratchbuild. Rest is out of the box. Thanks for your comments... salih
  9. One of the most realistic car models I have seen, really amazing, especially the top bars and IKEA boxes brings the realism to a new level...
  10. Very realistic looking model, really great work...
  11. Hello, this is my humble interpretation of Toyota Hilux Pickup, which is one of the most popular vehicles preferred by the militants of the civil wars in Middle East and Africa. Nice kit with good fit and quality. regards, salih
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