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  1. Very realistic looking model, really great work...
  2. Hello, this is my humble interpretation of Toyota Hilux Pickup, which is one of the most popular vehicles preferred by the militants of the civil wars in Middle East and Africa. Nice kit with good fit and quality. regards, salih
  3. Hello everyone, I have just completed this kit after a year of no modelling. It is a brilliant kit very good fit and excellent engineering. No filler required. You can literally just attach 70% of the parts without any cement/glue. regards, salih
  4. I have tried home made acrylic thinners and it is much better compared to pure IPA, as IPA has a very fast drying time and it does not give the paint to settle on the surface before it dries. With home made thinner (which I believe it is very close to Tamiya's acrylic thinner) I achieve better, smoother and shinier results, while pure IPA leads to flatter finishes.
  5. airea

    Removing Alclad

    Try isopropyl alchohol.
  6. Hello again, This is one of the easiest kits I have ever done. It took me only 2 weeks to complete it (normally I can finish kits in 6 months on average). The fit excellent, plastic quality is wonderful. Chrome parts are excellent, I did not remove chrome and directly used all of them (except the brake discs, for which some drilling was required for a more realistic look). I would advice this kit to any modeller at any level, it was very enjoyable and even though it seems complex, it is just a tad more difficult than a Lego:) If you are looking for a rehabilitation after some difficult models, try this one:) Regards, salih
  7. Hello, It took six months to finish this kit. This is a nice one. Not as good as Tamiya; plastic is a little thick, clear parts are like armor glass, chrome parts have some flash, rear window has a big gap, etc. But all in all it is an enjoyable kit. I removed chrome and painted with Alclad, which is a lot better than the kit chromes. For the first time, I used BMF and it was very difficult especially around windows. I guess it would have been better if I had used alclad for the windows too. Thanks for viewing.. salih
  8. Wow, great work! I have just completed the 722 version in orange color. Great kit..
  9. Hello guys, I have just finished Tamiya's Mercedes Mclaren SLR 722 edition kit. Nice kit but it has been a challenge for me due to reasons like the body not being one piece or the doors having a different mechanism, etc. All in all, I enjoyed doing it and recommend it to experienced builders. regards, salih
  10. Great model, great bike... Really very nice details... Contragulations!
  11. Thanks a lot guys for your nice comments... Actually, this model got a gold medal (not real gold though:)) in a recent local modelling competition in its respective category. I am really happy that I am finally able to build something with acceptable results:)
  12. Great model of a great bike! I have recently completed one with hobbydesign detail set. It is shame that a lot of nice detail is unseen under the side covers...
  13. I have recently completed this kit, with hobbydesign detail set and tamiya front fork set. Really great kit and your build seems also great. You can see my panigale here: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234999825-ducati-panigale-1199s/#entry2312886
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