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  1. Wow! Simply stunning Falcon build Steven. What a paint job! Weathering! Amazing! Really like yout photography too.
  2. Thx alot pal very kind of you to say. Feel free to post a pic of your falcon. I did check your profile but didn't see any falcons . Cheers Ollie
  3. This is awsome! Love Red Dwarf! Great print btw.
  4. Work on the cockpit Some decals (Very nice) and a lil hand painting (not so nice, to small for my clumsy hands). I sanded smooth 90% of the raised details so the decals would adhere neat and tidly without air trapped behind. Cheers Ollie
  5. Thx for the update very useful info. Cheers Ollie
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome. lighting models is a learning curve for sure. Feel free to message me if you need any help with wiring. Cheers Ollie
  7. Very kind . Thank you. Still scratching my head in how I will display this one. Not sure if i'll do some kind of diorama. Or just a stand for flight mode. Cheers Ollie
  8. That is a kit I really want now, especially after seeing this. looks like a nice scale too. Well done mate really awsome. Ollie
  9. Really cool. awsome concept and a great finish. Quite inspiring actually. Well done pal Ollie
  10. Looks like you have made a great start that's some seroius seam work. Awsome ! Can't wait to see more. Cheers Ollie
  11. Hi all . Joined this forum a while ago, been a long time lurker and thought it was high time I joined in. So here goes. Already made a start to this project. As per title i'd like to do an Empire strikes back version of the Falcon. My fav movie of all time! The fundamental difference are alot more lights, the gaining of the two extra landing gear and landing gear bulkheads. Also the lower maintenance pits are different. The cockpit is also different compared to the first movie, but luckily The kit comes with an empire cockpit already..... I bought the parts needed from sha
  12. Looking forward to an update on this one. Are you doing the crazy aztec pearl paint job? what did you use to fill in the brickwork? Looks really good. Thanks for sharing mate. Ollie
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