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  1. You can use the same technique with other colors of oil paints to add volume to the detail. You can also make rain tracks, leaks, etc.
  2. I use double refined turpentine and dark brown oil paint. The brand of paint is not important. With the tip of a toothpick you take some of the paint - it is thick as a paste and put it on the part. Then, with a brush, apply turpentine as a paint spreader so that it fills the concave parts. The trick is to make the protruding parts lighter than the concave ones. Here I photographed how I emphasized the wooden texture of my Soleil Royal:
  3. Do You know how to work with oil paint and turpentine ?
  4. Its Not bad. My opinion is that the ropes that connect the dead eyes should be darker. The dead eyes were smeared with resin and tar, so that the rope and the wood itself would not rot, so the rope could not be so bright. If you decide, you can darken them with some oil paint and turpentine. The masts, on the other hand, you can use a little wash with dark oil paint and turpentine - to add volume to the protruding parts and emphasize the details.
  5. 3 boats are ready, 3 more remain. Material - maple and pear. Finish - Danish oil.
  6. The second boat is almost ready - here is the steps:
  7. I will show the technology step by step
  8. I removed the paint to 90%. It remained only around the nose - it is very slow and touchy, although it soaked it for 48 hours in Meglio. In the meantime, I'm working on the boats - the base it's made of several layers of balsa wood, the ribs are 1.5 mm maple wood, which I soaked for 48 hours in water to bend without breaking:
  9. The boat is not painted, this is a 0,5x3mm peer wood
  10. Hi Jim, When you started the shrouds, it's better to remove the topmast heels and caps. It will be easy to make shrouds without them. When You finish the shrouds, You can return them on place Good luck!
  11. I made a makeshift tub of nylon so I could immerse the whole body in the thinner to make the paint fall off more easily. Seems like Costa Concordia During this time I continue with the boats. The technology is classic - a balsa wood block is made, then ribs and cladding with pear slats.
  12. I don't understand - what is "25ft cutter"?
  13. The gun carriages of the visible cannons are ready. I started the boats. More fight with the paint
  14. No. Will be yellow but more light than this.
  15. The model was started years ago by a friend of mine, who painted it and refused to finish it. The colors aren't correct, so I'll remove them to start over. This Terminator is something like a paste - it is applied on the paint, wait 15-20 minutes and then it can be removed more easily.
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