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  1. The hammocks are ready and installed in the nets. I also made the famous buckets - 21 pieces. They are full of sand Buckets can get better, but on this scale I can't do better ...
  2. This way of storing hammocks, I think I saw in Historical ship models a long time ago. The hammock is rolled up, then folded in half and placed on boards. This saves space in the hold, protects against shrapnel and prevents the abordage hooks from attaching.
  3. The first section of hammocks is ready and installed. There are 90 pieces, don't count them :)))
  4. Of course you have my permission for the masts, as well as for everything else. If I had any secrets, I wouldn't show the whole construction process. The net that I use for hammocks is called tulle". Look in flower shops or gift wrapping shops. They have different colors - look for one that is suitable for the scale. greetings!
  5. The hammock racks are ready. The nets become quite slow - half are ready. They are about to be filled with hammocks
  6. I have the same model - waiting his turn one day. I will follow the topic with interest. Greetings!
  7. The boats are mounted, so I start with the masts because I must pinpoint the dead eyes later. In the meantime, I made a cell with a code name - "No more dust!
  8. Yes, I saw that the previous photos disappear and I don't know why this happens. I upload them directly from my Facebook album. I will try to find time and upload them again.
  9. After a break of almost two months, due to other side projects, the work continues. Installation of boats
  10. Some small boat in 1/100 scale for a present
  11. It's easy if You use the top glass for base, and glue the front glass and one of the side glasses to the bottom. Fix them, and glue the back glass and the other side glass. The turn the showcase and it;s done
  12. This is the big case - 90x45x90 cm
  13. This showcase I made for my Bataiva - its around 50x25x40 cm The large case is the same technology. First I glue the 4 glasses - 2 glasses for face and back, and 2 glasses for the sides, then I put the top glass. You can use some template for 90 degree angle. When the silicone is dry - must be cleaned. Boring procedure... After this - I apply a black tape at the angles - to cover the silicon. Then I put the frame - the glue is a silicone again. and because of the black tape - the silicon that You will use for the frame will be not seen Its simple - but.
  14. It's not hard. You need glass - 5 mm thick, silicone, black tape, L-shaped profile for the frame. It takes about 5-6 hours of work. If you want I will upload pictures on my showcases, to see how it is done.
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