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  1. Half of the hull is riveted. I have about 3500 tiles with 50 rivets on each tile, which makes about 175,000 rivets ... I slightly corrected the black lines on the bottom row of gun ports. I have not yet decided whether to partially matte it, because after riveting, the gloss decreases by about 30% ...
  2. I cut my pear from parquet, from which I cut the necessary slats. I also have wild pear stumps in the basement that have been drying for years For me, the pear is the best material on a scale of 1/100. Very fine structure, and wonderful color after treatment with oil.
  3. And so - the whole copper plating is placed. I start tests with light matting, and imitation of rivets. Pure matt varnish does not look good - I will try a semi-matt. If it does not fit well - there will be no varnish. First I riveted to the side - I liked the result so I started on the ship. I make the rivets with an awl, the points are below 0.1 mm
  4. The Sails form His Model is good, but I will made my own sails The wooden deck's I will made from pear.
  5. Hello again Mine balustrades olso not fit well on the side sterns. Тhe solution is to cut them, and glue them one by one at a slightly longer interval to fit. Top and bottom also do not fit well, because they are shorter. I put thin strips of maple and it turned out well I think Look carefully at the photos;)
  6. Hello, I took my balustrades from here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/PP36PZ3MR/1-100-heller-9-6-hms-victory-stern-gallery I have the same opinion about rivets, but I still think of imitating them with something sharp. I will show when I'm ready Thanks. PS And what is your opinion about the copper cladding line? The anatomy shows how the bearings of the copper plating are slightly higher. In this case, Heller's model does not provide this possibility - if I raise the copper a little, it will cover the boards at the nose and I will
  7. Please someone who knows more about this ship - let him explain - should the rivets on the copper plating be imitated? I think that on a scale of 1/100 they will be too small (about 0.1 mm) and in reality they will hardly be visible. I am also interested in the real ship, whether the rivets on the copper plating were as pronounced as in the ships of a later period. Thanks in advance.
  8. Cover the body with 0.2 mm thick copper foil https://scontent.fsof8-1.fna.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/121958135_10218131624990998_8084466429259286001_o.jpg?_nc_cat=102&_nc_sid=e007fa&_nc_ohc=lE3VPv4drlkAX8OueAM&_nc_ht=scontent.fsof8-1.fna&oh=b5404f5f6d37abba912d2bc1ca783b31&oe=5FB1702C
  9. Work on the building continues: - I cut out the ornaments on the nose, as I will replace them with 3D ones - masking, and spraying until fainting - painting of the stern coat of arms:
  10. Gun port covers - ready. They are numbered, so I know who's where, that's a big horror. The hinges are photoeched. I glued 0.5 mm maple veneer on the inside. In principle, they are installed last - even after the sails, because they stick out during the manipulations. As they are numbered, they go to the closet to wait in line.
  11. Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I will photograph in detail each stage of the construction, at the risk of becoming annoying, and the topic will become many pages. I think this ship deserves it. I did not order the decks ready-made - I will make them myself from pear. I will show the technology in detail. Greetings!
  12. Next step - painting. First inside - tile red - a mixture of 3 types of paint. Outside - a thin layer of the main "yellow" color.
  13. After some hesitation whether to have an entrance, whether to have one or two entrances, and on which side to be, I decided to make two entrances - respectively on the left and right board. Since the left board is the front of the model - I put the 3D printed arch on it. I copied the arch for the left one from the pear. Accordingly, I made the steps again from pear.
  14. I am very hesitant about which board the entrance should be on. The anatomy of the ship is shown on the starboard side, but as far as I know - it depends on the year. Please, if anyone knows where the damn entrance was in the period 1800 - 1820 let me say. )) Thanks
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