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  1. Just started painting my U-Boat and on a roll... All vents and drains in the hull have been opened up - including the decks which where thinned with a scalpel from the reverse side until the holes were open. Deck is paper thin in places. For any that missed some pix from another thread this is where I was prior to today - more pix overnight!
  2. Thanks for the link - really useful as I'm just about to start painting the U Boat tonight... Already using the salt method - works well - but there's a whole load of new stuff to me in there! STUNNING results he's getting - makes me want to have a go at sci-fi!
  3. Hi all - thanks once again for all the kind words - *really* appreciated... Was actually an exercise to beat the AMS that had stopped me from finishing anything. The Trumpeter comp at the Nationals in '06 and '07 spurred the idea of building it straight from the box and spending time getting the finish right and I'm quite pleased with the results. I've concluded that rather than getting overly tied up with waiting for resin detail sets/corrections/etch sets/scratchbuilding there's a *lot* to be said for just building the bl**dy things and having some FUN! Iain
  4. Hmmm... Not what I'd call stunning - in fact - very plain! Now - wouldn't it have looked good pre-war silver with Sqn. Commanders bands like on a Swordfish? Or WWII camouflage? Taranto raid markings... Or the post war grey/sky? RAF did it with their Hawk in early Spit colours and that did the trick! I'll get my coat... Iain
  5. Hiya Jen - just found this - may be useful (I thought it was *really* cool!) http://www.vollto.de/html/flash/schleudersitz/mig-21.html
  6. I'd go the Turquoise then - as per dswoofies pic... The early MiG 21s were the ones with the small intake/shock cone - and forward hinging canopies. The Bis is a far later bird - BTW Bis means 'modified', or upgraded... http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/comm...-21_cockpit.jpg HTH Iain
  7. I need to dig out the box of bitz - I think there are a few good refs in there - but I do recall scratching my head a little on the dustbin... Any 'Tante Ju' experts out there?
  8. Which model MiG 21 are you building? IIRC the earlier ones (F, PF) were light grey, later that distinctive turquoise colour... Take a look at http://vayu-sena-aux.tripod.com/pix/mig21fl-1171-1.jpg
  9. Very nice Jen - just the right level of weathering IMHO...
  10. How did I miss this one? Stunning! I'll second the 'more/bigger pix' request... Hmmm <scratches head> - think I've still got an ID Models 1:32 vac somewhere in the loft, or garage...
  11. Now that is nice... Sadly missed from the UK airshow circuit Iain
  12. Yeah - that makes the project so much easier! Actually - adds complication as I'll need to make the gunners 'dustbin' and bomb racks etc... Iain
  13. Makes note to put something on my site - maybe at the w/e... Iain 32SIG http://www.skywriters.net
  14. No guarantees - and I suggest you test it first - but it's what I've always assumed having bought a 250 ml bottle of thinner and performed a *very* un-scientific 'nose' test... Certainly smells like it (definitely not neat Isoprop tho... - have tried that and it clogs the airbrush) Others will no doubt know more - am more of a Lifecolour/Xtracrylix kinda guy EDIT - may also contain a retarder as well - I really don't know on that one. EDIT2 -This may be of use Clicky Iain
  15. 'Scuse my ignorance - but thought Tamiya Thinner was just distilled water and a little Isopropyl Alchohol? If so - surely cheaper to make your own? Personally - I use tap water (prolly my Scots genes as it's pretty good vfm ) - works for me! Iain
  16. Mish, If you have half the wheel - why not make a plasticine mold and cast in polyester resin (car fiberglass kit)? Iain
  17. Thanks for the comments guys... Always planned to do a Spanish Civil War bomber. Yup - all interior bulkheads (which is why I've cut the fuselage roof off - to be re-fitted after the interior) and heavy duty spars that will sit on that flat resin internal keel. If too far for this GB - I *may* dig out the SM-79 and make a start on that - but again - the chances of me finishing.... Fuselage plastic pretty thin because of the deep draw - so wanted to get basic shape established on a resin keel before going any further. On first attempt the resin was 'off' and didn't cure - also started melting the plastic. Managed to rescue her by chipping out as much of the gunk as possible and pouring fresh resin with the fuselage level - so resin found it's own level. Seems to have worked. I'd class the build to date as 'prep' really Iain
  18. Iwata HP-CH is my weapon of choice - I simply haven't seen better build quality and performance anywhere else (and I've tried a few - I still have a couple of Badgers and an Aztec lurking in the draw). Personally - I wouldn't recommend the Aztec at all - although some swear by it. I just swear AT it! Iain
  19. This is as far as I got - bit of a problem with some resin - still an awfully long way to go. Would be nice to tag along - if too far started I'll dig something else 1:32 out... Iain
  20. I'd love to be in on this one - great period in history and a testing ground for some famous types... My Rata is already done - but I have a JU-52 I kinda just started and then stalled that I'd like to include in the GB - trouble is - I doubt I'd get it finished in the allotted time, but I'm game to crack on and post some in progress piccies if you'll have me... Kit is the Modellbau Schmitt 1:32 vac... Iain 32SIG http://www.skywriters.net
  21. Hope you'll take it to some of the shows - would love to see it! Great work Iain
  22. Thanks Tony, Looks like I'll have to extract a digit and head up there at some point Iain
  23. Dont suppose you have any cockpit shots of the Ohka do you? At least it's now on the ground - I once travelled all the way up there specifically to get some cockpit shots of it and it was hanging from the ceiling! Iain
  24. Beautiful work Daniele! Really inspirational... Iain
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