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  1. Hi Courageous, It's a Peco owned company "Ratio 436" Security Fencing. They're a railway accessories supplier. Not cheap and reputed not to be easy to work with. I obtained from one of my colleagues who couldn't get along with it although to be honest I didn't have trouble other than the end posts weren't quite strong enough, would have been better if I'd used 2 stuck together to take the end strain. Geoff T.
  2. Thanks for the comments Maginot & Ray S. It was hovering in the might never get finished 'Fog' Today some sunshine when I was in the shed made the difference !! Geoff T.
  3. O.K so I vanished in December. Now it's mid February !! The modelling stuff had to be banished from the kitchen, my usual work space. In addition my experience with nylon threads is that they expand when cold and damp, tightening back as they warm and loose some moisture. To make certain that the limited rigging I was going to do would stay tight the model, nylon thread and everything else has sat in my shed for nigh on eight weeks. Today I plucked up the courage to finish off. I decided to make it look pretty by photographing on a Diorama base made in 2017 for the Railway Clubs Diorama Competition. Perhaps I should have done a Ready for Inspection thread, but I don't think my photographs, let alone the model deserve that. In fact I still have to try that laminated wood effect on the rear of the prop. Not brilliant, but better than nothing ? However here it is probably as near to finished that it'll get. I seem to be unable to re-size my photos at the hosting provider, so they may cause me problems, I try to use 800x600, but here we get what I took them at !! On the airfield You can just see the glint off the rigging Best overall photo Again you can make out some rigging. Geoff T AKA 'V'
  4. Hi Courageous, My wife likes her little cutting mat, that I borrow for any small jobs. I'll be honest I've pinched it !! Hi AdrianMF I always think we need to start two models, finishing one to find all the problems and then built the second one with that background knowledge. Back to the Ba-33. My plan for stretching nylon failed. My fishing type son said fishing nylon didn't shrink with heat and he was correct for invisible sewing nylon as well. It snapped almost before any stretch. Back to the drawing board. With the nylon already stuck into the top wing a little late for major changes. What I have found from railway modelling is that nylon (fishing line) shrinks when warn and dry, but stretches out when damp and cold. Here you see what happened to a small 'scenic' modelling test piece I did for one of our railway exhibitions. Tight when done, but so slack after a few weeks in my garden shed. So the model will sit in my shed for a few days - fingers crossed !! 'V'
  5. Some more done, decals in place. Not exactly perfect, but I don't have any matching Czech style fonts. These are from Modeldecal RAF white letters with the 1's being cut from the upright legs of a 'N'. The only clear 'artwork' picture I've seen of Jan's aircraft has a squarer shaped head to the 'P'. The '1' should also have a hooked top that I might try to add from a trimmed shred of decal. I now need to experiment as I've used invisible sewing thread for the small amount of rigging I'm adding. The question to be answered will nylon thread shrink with a delicate application of heat as you can with stretched sprue ?? What I'll do if it doesn't ??? I have no idea, Until tested I can't fix any more. For any super detailer remember what you start with makes a huge difference, this is a Vacform. At least it has an instrument panel. At the start I said it was to see if I had any interest in making more aircraft models after a long lay-off, well I've quite enjoyed making this so fingers crossed. 'V'
  6. Getting very close to the end. Rudimentary rigging threaded through to see if it was going to work. All components in place, next gloss varnishing before finishing decaling THEN and only then will attempts be made to suitably secure the top wing and tighten the single strand rigging. Adding the twin wires needed to be prepared for much earlier in the build and would need to be of a much finer thread, so fine I doubt that I'd be able to work with it. Will it be one more photo before RFI ????? Even when the model's not exactly top notch there is an additional satisfaction of creating something from as basic as a thin sheet of embossed parts. Now to open my gloss varnish !! 'V'
  7. Hi Flankerman, Thanks for those photos, I can use them for painting as well. although the dark grey one I've seen in some photos would be interesting. The gold effect can probably be obtained by painting the inside with Humbrol enamel gloss varnish, the yellowing effect should work (Theory !). It looks like those small eyebrow windows are also gold tinted. TheJammedKenny MMmmm perhaps some time, but not immediately, The VC-10 has sat gathering dust in my loft for the last 8 years plus. It could probably do with a wash. Another windows trick I used once was to use thin, flat, but stiff clear plastic and flooded with superglue, building up until I could sand back to more or less match the fuselage single plane curvature. I've tried a few things, some work, otherwise I wouldn't be here now !! As to clear vacformed windows blister - No chance with this beast. I'm certain it came from my pen-friend in Kiev way back in the early '90's. 'V'
  8. Hi TheyJammedKenny, Yes, exactly one of the reasons for looking at Mainstay. The cabin windows I believe are all flat, but I will have to look at that carefully when I start cutting out the voids. My VC-10 windows were individual flat pieces cut to match the openings, so I have done that before, but with many less and it was slow ! Just preparing the kit parts is laborious, and although I built a complete flight deck for the VC-10 this will have the absolute minimum, like a cabin floor and pilots seats, perhaps some central controls as they take up so much space between the pilots. This one is for me, because I like the airframe shapes, I doubt it'll ever go to an exhibition so no fancy work. 'V'
  9. More trimming done and now all 7 components of the main fuselage cut out. I have no idea of how accurate the plans are, but the parts indicate the model will be somewhat narrower. It will be made as parts allow, the fin sweep angle doesn't agree and certainly the fin bullet is far to thin. I will build the fin bullet up as all the photographs I've seen none are like the kit part, but fin sweep will be as kit. This is a monster, big enough already to have had comments from her indoors. Funny never complaints about railway stuff laying around. It is taking a lot of space, here just the tailplane alongside the almost finished Czech Ba-33 model. The more I check against the plans the more I'm tempted to do as an AWACS A50. There is no provision for the twin tail cannon armament of the transport. Also should I ever take it out, it would look good with the NATO Boeing E3. 'V'
  10. Hi TheyJammedKenny, I have used two mix car filler before, I don't remember it getting that hot, just warm. I will have to invest in some fillers, a heavy deep fill and a lighter fine fill. Anyway it's taken me an hour to extract a 1/3 main fuselage section from its scrap edging. Using a Stanley knife to the degree that I have slightly sore hands. Put the Vernier gauge on an undrawn edge and came up with 2.0 mm thick. I still don't know if I should go for the A50, IL-78, or IL-76. here it sits on the kitchen work top with the wings and radome to try to give an idea of how big this monster will be. I took a load of pictures of a IL-78 at Fairford, all pre digital cameras. I have a Boeing E3, that would look good alongside the A50, but then an IL-78 would sit well alongside my VC-10 K2. Yet a basic IL-76 is easier to make and when did you see one made up ? I wish I could make up my mind !!!!! In the meantime I have loads of rough trimming to do, even before the finer matching up to any adjoining parts. This will run for some time- A little faster than previously, those main wings were put together in the mid 1990's 'V'
  11. Thanks for the comment & likes guys, Windscreen that went missing now in place and frame painted ! Can't loose it now. I have 9 more small bits to add now then decaling. I still fancy trying to get a laminated wood effect on the prop. It's now had a gloss finish and I'm hoping this will help trying to get a streaky effect from the final colour meant to represent dark wood strips. If you don't try you can never succeed. When I was doing my 14 years as a model making instructor with the ATC, almost 40 years ago, I'd always say :- First step is the hardest If you never try you can never succeed Success is built on your earlier failures. Next just could be another early Czech biplane vacform. 'V'
  12. Thanks for the support Adrian, Getting nearer, standing on it's gear, which sadly is the weakest part of this kit. I suppose I could spend weeks scratch building parts that give me a better look and sit. However I did say it was a test to see if I enjoyed making aircraft models again. A vacform was perhaps a stupid choice, but so far it's been an enjoyable trip. HOWEVER it really needs some rigging, not a lot, but it needs to have something. Here it sits with a loose top wing, needing inner interplane struts finishing, guns fitting a couple of other odds, a repaint and decals A little while before it's done. 'V'
  13. Today I sorted through 3 boxes out of 4 I have packed with decals, looking for markings for this model. I've found sheets from 'Extra Tech' and 'Tally Ho' both Czech based products, but I'm still stuck for the '1' & a 'P' in white. Think I may obtain by cutting down a 'R' and making a '1' from white decal sheet. Having looked at the Vacform for an Avia A11/A12 sitting in the loft it's nice to know I have loads of flag shape insignias, That makes it a future possibility. Can't be many on here with an interest in the Czech Air Force as no response regarding the free book. Anyway I still have to attach the undercarriage plus sorting a few other small parts. This is where I'm always in danger of wandering off into something else. 'V'
  14. I've been sorting through a few more books and find I have 2 copies of Aircam Aviation Series S5 for the Czechoslovakian Air Force 1918 - 1970. If anyone U.K based, who is interested in the Czech Air Force and would like this sent to them FOC & postage paid please send me a message. The book has already been through several owners, but is in good condition. I believe I came by it when founder and leader of the Czech & Slovak Special Interest Group of the IPMS(UK). That group closed when I was no longer able to carry out as I would have wished and there was nobody wishing to take it on. There are many interesting aircraft mentioned. I still have another unusual Vacform here of the Avia A11/A12 1920's biplane. 'V'
  15. All streets ahead of my Monogram B52D made in the '80's Had to bin it when we move into our smaller retirement bungalow Still have 2 unmade in the loft So you can see I like BUFFs Impressed by all your fine detail work. 'V'
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