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  1. OMG ….. Is it 2 years since I last posted on here ? Photos of some of my last work here, an obvious indication that I'm not doing much nowadays. Perhaps I do have the odd thing, I'll have to look into my files. 'V'
  2. We were quite chuffed at the stupid ideas at the bufferstop end A brazier that glows and by the pile of clay pipes a paraffin can for starting with a box of matches resting on a pipe and a newspaper laying there. 4 mm scale stupidity !! 'V'
  3. Yes I did forget to get back - Blame Photobucket A picture looking towards the head shunt end 'V'
  4. Since I ceased making model aircraft I don't get on here too often. Always need to be doing something though. In December with a mate of mine we decided to make a shunting puzzle layout in '00' 4 mm scale. Well tonight was the first real outing to club night and all went well. A simple inglenook type some 50" long and 18" wide. Space for 11 wagons, 9 always on track and have to be shunted into a specific order by the goods shed and platform. I was going to post a few pictures, but as they're all in Photobucket I'm not going to try. It's not that I know it won
  5. Hi Mancunian airman, You know I'd love to send a 'plan' but I'm reluctant to draw plans because until I start laying track I don't know what I'll run with. I call it being artistic and I just work to the basic idea in my head. My idea was that most model railway exhibitions have compact stations and with so many being end-to-end the rolling stock is limited in number and speeds. I fancied something where a 9 coach express can roll non-stop through a station and not look cramped. My other gripe is that the larger and usually club layouts have quite large fiddleyards off
  6. Thank You bigbadbadge, Two steps forward, one step back !! Added 15 lights to my station platforms, one not so bright, then failed. All glued in and wired-up. I think it may have been a failed connection in the light, certainly not from my lighting loom as I tested that. Superglue de-bonder allowed me to extract most of the base without damaging the platform although some electrical bits couldn't be removed as trapped in the double skin !! A couple of pictures :- You can see the failed light when it was weak, 4th up on
  7. Ahh Graham Boak, I've had several over the years - you do get the odd one that's not quite right, even when made in Hull. I spent 12 years or so as a civilian instructor with the ATC from the early to mid '80's and of course when helping run the Make & Take at Telford (In the early Days). It's not just one duff tin, the entire paint formula has changed beyond all recognition, nearly all my newer paints are either Duff, or at least suspect. My tins marked 1994 generally still work well as well as many even older ones. The modern paint is faster dryi
  8. Errrr Two years later !! This project had it's 5th Birthday back at the end of September. I'm having to press on as it's booked into an exhibition at Milton Keynes in February. The last few days I've been adding my stations platform lights, the one I preferred was too short, so each light has had a 7 mm stub added at the base. While I was working on it I took a couple of photographs. Oh and this thread has lost photographs from when I left Photobucket and went to Imageshack who have dropped all my photos as I wouldn't become a paying customer. Sorry.
  9. Absolute garbage !! I'm about to return a tinlet that I've opened and it's unusable. I brush paint and have done since the 1960's, I expect a tin of paint to be paint not sludge. The tin could fall on it's side and I doubt much would spill out. Thinning just doesn't work. As to fine work forget it, touch a brush onto the paints surface and nothing is picked up, it needs shovelling up. 'V'
  10. Dapol Kits are as cheap as chips, yet with a little work make good models. So much of the finished look is the paint job, looking towards that finishing straight and some photos from you !! 'V'
  11. This one was a challenge, Getting any decoder small enough was difficult. In the end I decided the only chance I had was a Lenz Silver Mini and the cheapest in the U.K was £29 + £2 P&P. So I do appreciate Anyd's DCC costings 'V'
  12. Solution easy enough. Throw away the coupling parts that come on the kit sprues. Buy some Parkside Dundas coupling mounting blocks. These accept standard Bachmann NEM pockets with narrow tension-lock couplings. This allows a sprung sideways articulation as with RTR wagons. Depending on the under floor of kits you may have to sand some depth off the Parkside Dundas mountings to get the exact height correct. These mounting will also need a scratch built mounting pad from plasticard, I usually use some 2.0 mm square plastic section first to lift away from the floor. If you read several pag
  13. I've been finding it almost impossible to remove the duplicate picture - sorry 'V'
  14. I shall now try adding a couple of photos here on the un-named 'Minnie' from Roxey Mouldings. This runs on exactly the same Tenshodo SPUD and again the same DCC conversion needed. This time somewhat harder to take through into the cab, but more or less the same principal. To get a small enough decoder with top running qualities I again chose a Lenz silver mini. Here hidden behind a plasticard panel. I'm still working on fine detail & in this picture some parts are just propped in place. Not a cheap option as the kits with power unit are both in the £70 bracket and the Lenz d
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