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  1. gorgeous build fella !! love the skis .. never tried vegemite but presume it is the same as marmite ( roughly ) a yeast / cellery extract product both delicious !!..
  2. you'll be lucky if it does fella , but everythings worth a try i tried a solvent out here but with no luck the only real thing that seems to work on thermo type plastics like polythenes is plastic welding , unfortunately only suitable for car bumpers etc ..
  3. sorry should have said super models 1/72
  4. that is it !! although there should have also been details somewhere in the kit !!
  5. airfix have recently released a multi aircraft stand sold seperately !! that's them !!
  6. it still exists and still as good i send emails via their contact on the airfix website but there should also be a parts slip in the kit . i have used the new hornby management twice now for parts and can't fault them , their customer care is seccond to none !!
  7. the only way i have found of joining it is heating and melting together but even that isn't very succesful plus polythene figures usualy don't hold paint well either being more suitable as a toy than a modelling figure i'd personaly see if there's any suitable plastic figures , or even to convert !!
  8. already built most of it but will continue from here !!! wingtip nav lights were lost so have scratchbuilt some from clear sprue !!
  9. well after a few months it is now complete a first and not the last armour diorama !! thouroughly enjoyed building it and it certainly involves all learned modelling skills dunno what is next but i have a nice sas jeep i can build a dio with !! unfortunately the photos are a little overdone on the red side cos i'm messing with a small studio set up but hell it gives the idea !!
  10. i presume the mine resistant part refers to where it matters ( the passenger cell ) nowhere else job done well by the looks of it i'd rather loose ten vehicles than have 1 injured squadie !!
  11. mainly on the same lines of thaught was my reasoning for sugesting it , it is such a wide range of available subjects even if you like building planes there's the revell starfighter kit !!
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