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  1. Here it is removed! All the wheels etc are still lose too, to make painting easier later on. And the second track is now complete and drying.
  2. Jeez. That sounds like a fresh new horror you'd discovered! Tackled re-scribing the panel line down the spine last night. Used a bit of insulation tape. With it's thickness it did the job well. Need to run a small amount of Tamiya extra thin down it to smooth it out a tad. Used a bit of Mr Surface 1000 in few other spots There was a slight gap either side of the cowl section join, brushed on a small amount of Mr Surface 1200, which nicely sank into the gap to plug it while still keeping a panel line so when I add a wash it'll stand out. The are
  3. Cheers folks. Didn't fancy weathering the interior as it'll mostly not get seen, but nice to have finally done an interior. Been battling the tracks today and been able to get one side done. Started off by tackling the track around the drive sprocket, laid out the tracks flat and applied a bit of Tamyia ET, gave it a minute then wrapped the track around the sprocket, Then worked my way backwards. The kit comes with a jog for the top run to get the track sag, which turned out to be chuffin pointless. Part of the problem is after double ch
  4. You'll get no disagreement from me about road wheels I'll put them off as long as possible
  5. I've still never made it to Eden camp, once day trips become a thing again it'll be on my radar
  6. Welcome Terry! I'm just down the road in the Leeds. Hoping to get up to the Yorkshire Air Museum at some point this year. The YouTube channel sounds intriguing! Aaron
  7. Update time! Stippled some paint onto the seat to try and make it look like worn leather. Sprayed a bit of black around before phot etch vents and the like are applied. Working on the tracks at the moment, scraping off all the pin marks from the bottom sections for the tracks. Not bothering to do the top strip of track as they'll not get seen and there's a lot of them!
  8. Bit more progress on the 109. Need to figure out how to re-scribe the panel line down the spine of the fuselage as it's been lost with sanding. Ignore the incorrect air filter, it's just pushed in place. I'll be posing the flaps and slats, up and closed so those parts are being trimmed at the moment.
  9. What's the kit interior like out of box? I've not built any WW2 Italian fighters and really should at at some point. Which markings are you doing? The middle?
  10. Not wanting to jinx it, but is the trickiest bit out of the way?
  11. I'm looking forward to following this, nice subject. Will look great in the Coastal Command scheme
  12. Ah, if it's a skirtless Stug, change my mine to scheme 2. I'd probably go a bit doolally trying to paint the honey comb over the contours
  13. How are you getting on with the replacement cowl @Valkyrie?
  14. I'm liking the look of the 1st scheme, very unusual
  15. Hi Bob, your flying along compared to me! I did spend pretty much all weekend working on my Bf109 build tho When I built the DW Panther, the jig for their link and lengths was a great as it allowed the the full run of the track to be assembled with drive and idlers in place, so there I Assembled the full length but left one section unglued to allow fitment later. I'll see if I can recreate it the way you've done it too, but with a break somewhere around the idler. Wherever possible I try to paint tracks and wheels / return rollers etc separately!
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