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  1. Ooooo first time I've logged into Britmodeller for quite a while! (shame on me) So to see this was a pleasant surprise! Thank you to everyone that voted. Aaron
  2. @PLC1966 @Dave Swindell Thank you both for the info and comments! I do find it really interesting to learn more about the aircraft. I hadn't clocked the perspex addition until you pointed it out Dave! Not much of any update: The other day gave the clear parts a coat of Klear and they are now all mainly glued in place (just the wing tip ones to fix tonight) Spent a hour or so last night chopping off bits for the undercarriage and props and started to tidy them up. The main thing to happen last night was reaching the end of the series for Star Trek Voyager. So the big dilemma is what to watch next! Do I go with the original Star Trek series, or Star Trek Enterprise? I'll post another picture once I've made some vaguely interesting progress! Aaron
  3. @PLC1966 I think the 1/72 version was released after the 1/48 (I've not checked Scalemates - but if memory serves me correctly that was the case!) @Vicarage Vee That's my kind of thinking! @Mottlemaster @trickyrich Thank you I could have gone a bit further with the interior weathering, but not a lot of will be seen, as is often the case! If I decide to drill out the camera aperture, then it looks to be very similar in size to the ones on the underside. I think it may be a little too wide for PVA glue as I suspect it would sag outwards and form a convex dome? Oh Hmm. Yesterday whilst having a look for more info on DZ383 found this page, Shellhuset From what's said there, it sounds like the picture of the two chaps in front of the Mossie was taken just after their return from Shellhuset. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it look like the Mossie is in a camouflage scheme and not overall PRU blue? Aaron
  4. @PLC1966 Oh Bum. I just had a look at the Tamiya instructions for their 1/72 version and sure enough on that kit they mention opening the hole up and include a clear part. Nuts. The fuselage halves are glued together now, so might just leave it sans camera. I will have a ponder. Aaron
  5. Nothing too exciting to report at this point. Just been gluing various bits together before getting the bulk of it glue together. And a loose dry fit just to have a gander at the lovely Mossie shape The wing joints look flawless which is nice to see! I've ordered an Eduard mask set, which should hopefully turn up today. Aaron
  6. Can I sneak onto a slot please? I suspect I'll be building something Star Wars from Bandai, unless I finally lose all my marbles and make a WHIF carrier based / Navy P-61 which is an idea I've been knocking about for a while.
  7. I spent most of yesterday doing plenty more work on the Mossie. Got a little too carried away and almost forgot to take any snaps before buttoning up the fuselage. I decided to just use the supplied kit decals for the seatbelts. Muted them a little with some pastel chalk. Yesterday evening got the fuselage glued together and then started on smoothing the seams while watching another episode of Chernobyl. This morning before work managed a quick black/grey oil wash around the wheel wells so suspect I'll be assembling those and the wings this evening. Hope everyone has had a most excellent weekend! Aaron
  8. That looks great Pabbi. I need to pick up some EZ line at some point, it really adds to the finished look.
  9. Thanks for the info Dave! That's good to know, at least now when I omit it from my build I can at least claim it was taken out by ground crew for some maintenance It certainly makes sense to have some redundancy built into the hatch / door combo if the bombardier was crawling backwards and forwards over it during flight! Aaron
  10. Normal Service has resumed! Got most of the internal gubbins painted up. The leather bits have had a wash of dark brown and will try some various shades of brown dry brushed to liven them up. Sealed this in with a coat of Tamiya semi-gloss so I can do some oil washes. Thinking of mixing some grey and brown for the oil for the wash over the cockpit green. I was puzzled by the item that's just next to one of the nose window on the starboard side. Spent a while trying find a picture of part and finally found one showing that it's an axe! Presumably so the crew could hack their way out through the wooden frame in the event of a wheels up landing which would block the hatch? So that will get a dab of paint at some point. Speaking of the hatch, did it have two doors? An inter and outer one? There is a part included in the kit that it say's isn't used. However when I was having a nosy at some other kit instructions (may have been Revell) it shows this part used. Either which way I've decided to leave the part off as there is only detail on one side of the part and if it is positioned opened then you can only see the blank surface. Unlikely to get much done this evening as the folks are over for tea. Aaron
  11. Completely off topic BUT! This just arrived at work, having winged it's way over from Japan You actually get two A-Wings in the box. You can't tell from this pic but the gun barrels and engines are side moulded. Now, I MUST NOT GET DISTRACTED. I'll post a further Mossie update tomorrow. Aaron
  12. Ah yes! I'd been eyeing up those decals too for the PR Mustang. Good luck with the Beaufighter, the Tamiya kit is one that I want to build at some point too. Aaron
  13. Nothing too exciting to report at this point. Got very frustrated with the airbrush last night while trying to get the prime down. Had to stripe the thing down twice to give it a good clean as there was something somewhere stopping the paint from coming through. I'm used to the Vallejo mecha primer drying on the tip, usually a cotton swab dipped in water is enough to sort that out. But no, last night I turned the air a particularity vivid shade of blue. Anyhow, got there in the end and gave it a splash of Tamiya XF-71 cockpit green. First time I've used this colour, thankfully it looks nothing like the paint lid plastic colour which is a fairly nauseating colour. With a bit of luck tonight I'll get the initial interior colours done on the various bits and pieces, then onto some highlights and washes. Aaron
  14. Thanks Nick. There's plenty of scope for practising chipping on the P-61! There's plenty of photos about showing just how much these planes chipped with the black paint scheme.
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