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  1. Still no paint But nearly every part has been snipped and cleaned up. Started gluing some bits together and test fitting to see of everything fits. Half a dozen sink marks have been filled, mainly in the wings. One of the benefits I'm finding of starting this kit so slowly (while I wrap up some others) is that I'm spending more time on prep and taking the time to sort out sink marks and such. Not sure how to tackle the clear instrument panel. Thinking tiny drops of Mr Mask stuff onto the recessed instrument faces and then painting up. I just suspect that this will cause some paint to lift off when the masking solution is removed. And the back of the panel should be painted a gloss black. Thoughts / advice welcome. But yeah, that's it so far...... Aaron
  2. Thanks @matto21 I've done a few bits on the Spitfire. Undercarriage is now in place. Masked off the exhausts and brush painted them. And all the decals are on Well all apart from two, but we'll not talk of them. I did find the the wind walk lines didn't quite fit... I'm not sure if they should look like that, but it was really irritating me so they got extended with one of the unused decals. Also made a start on the wing tip lights. I have a cunning plan for them. Silver to start with, then I'll use some Tamiya clear red & Green. Then going to add a little bit of Tamiya smoke to the corners to try and create a bit of 3D effect. It may not work as intended, watch this space. Everything has been sealed with a coat of Klear and left for over a day now. So later today I'll crack on with a panel line wash. Aaron
  3. Morning All Thanks @Colin W, I usually go for the cocktail stick approach with roadwheels. I've got a Panther lined up for my next tank build and already dreading the wheels! Hull bits have been painted up. They'll get some oil treatment once the decals are done and it's been given a Klear coat. I was getting no where with the tow cable. Tamiya supply some thread to attach to the loops at each end. So had a go at making my first cable. Used 3 strands and then twisted them around to get this And all painted up and stuck in place Late last night got the decals on and at some point this morning it'll get another Klear coat. Next up weathering Aaron
  4. Thank you for the kind comments @Bill Livingston I caught on your build last night and it's looking cracking! I've been idle in the Spitfire for a few days as I've been working on my Sherman over in the Journeys End GB, in part because I'm not entirely sure on what my plan of action is going to be. I had been dithering with the idea of a grey filter, but think I'll just make a start on the decals later today. Aaron
  5. I've been working pretty steadily on this for the past two days and it's come along nicely. Was given a spray with Tamiya XF-62. Tracks painted rubber black and then a thick black wash was applied to get them to close to how I wanted them. Started to pick out some of the equipment in black. Finished all the road wheels and rollers! Huzzah The rubber on all the wheelie bits was painted a very dark grey that I mixed up using acrylics. Used some of the Mig dark brown wash for green vehicles (A.Mig-5) Here's some progress shots: Majority of the wheels were painted on cocktail sticks before gluing on The tracks fought me a little bit. For the first one I following Tamiyas directions and ended up with a slight gap when it came to them joining up. For the second track worked slightly differently so that should there be a gap it was at the rear bottom road wheel. And yes there was still another slight gap. Couldn't figure out what I did wrong. It's not noticeable unless you go searching for it. I did (and would recommend) working quickly when gluing the tracks. Glued the top piece into place making sure the drive sprocket teeth click into place. Particular care is needed at the front section where the track meets the first road wheel as the solid section of track (consisting of 4 links) needs to be slight raised away from the road wheel by the single link piece to get things to align nicely. Hopefully that will make sense if you are building the kit and looking at the instructions! Going to leave this now for a day or two for the enamel wash to dry (I noticed the finger prints and buffed them off) Aaron
  6. Touch wood, as yet, I haven't knocked anything off.... It is probably just a matter of time! Now we have more paint! So was primed black and then given a mottle coat. Top and bottle have been sprayed and last night sprayed some gloss. The cowl join isn't perfect but not far off, although lost no detail. So I'm happy enough with the result. Was also particularly pleased with my masking around the canons. Contemplating adding a grey filter over the entire thing.... Aaron
  7. Bit more progress from Friday and Saturday night. There are some pin marks which look like they've be visible on the lower track, although the road wheels may help to obscure them a bit. Filled the marks with Mr Surfacer 500 and then swiped with a cotton bud soaked in levelling thinners after 20 mins. After spraying some primer last night, they'll need more work!w Everything has been primed and added some pre-shading Not sure how effective the pre-shading will be and there isn't a lot of contrast between the colours. I'll see how it looks after some olive drab, can post shade as well if I'm still not happy with it. Aaron
  8. Still not got going fully with the Avenger yet. (Focusing on the Spitfire still for that GB, but should have it finished within a week or two) All I've really got to show to is a pile of parts that have been cleaned up. Been tiding up the injector pin marks, most of which haven't been too bad. bomb bay doors look to be the most sever ones... Speaking of the bomb-bay I was trying to decide on what ordinance to fit. As it comes with 4 500Lb bombs which seem to be the standard option. Kit also comes with a 1600 & 2000Lb bomb. In the original AM instructions it makes mention of the large bombs being fitting to the middle bomb rack - but can't see any obvious way to do this. If anyone has fit the larger ordinance I'd love to hear what you did. The kit does come with some rockets - I'd be inclined to leave them off as I think they spoil the look of it. But would the rocket mounting points always be in place? Maybe next time I'll actually have some paint on this! Aaron
  9. I'm going to follow along. Would really like to see one of these kits built up as it one I'd like to track down
  10. Glad it's not just me having some grief with the coolers then! After a coat of primer the coolers look fine. As expected have had to put some more Mr Surfacer 500 down along the cowl join and under the fuselage. Don't think there's much more I can do while I wait for the surfacer to dry. Last night I did briefly contemplate trying to fit the etched torque links(? not sure if that's the right name) to the undercarriage legs. Got as far as cutting one off and started to file off a burr before it started to twist out of shape. I need some decent needle nosed pliers. So I took the easy way out and opted for the plastic ones instead. To date my best success with etched is getting the the bit fitted for the drop tank leaver / control thingy fitted into the cockpit of this Spitfire! More than likely going to spend the rest of the day faffing around with my Avenger build now. But I next I should be able to make a start on spraying the P.R.U blue Speaking of which, I'm not sure which paint out for the blue or grey will be darker. But spraying the blue first should make masking easier. As I've already fitted the doors for the tail wheel and the boundary for the colours runs through those parts. Darn. Aaron
  11. That's the one I've settle on in the end. I did buy the needed paints for it a while ago, so it would be a bit silly to not use them. (Although I've still got a hankering to do another desert camo - I do have the Airfix Tomahawk tucked away for that) Thanks for the comments on the cockpit. I found yours and the brassin bits do look really nice. But as you say, the stuff straight out of the box does a good job at making the place look busy. I probably should have added a few bits of wire in there to spruce it up a bit..... but I'll image I'll build another one in the future. I've been badgering away with the rest of the build. It's been pretty straight forward. The cowl join looks ok - but I'm sure the first coat of primer will say otherwise! Had another go at using cut up sponge to block up the cockpit which I seem to have got the hang of now. Remembered to glue in the little rod behind the headrest. Found the fit of the air coolers a bit iffy. Not entirely sure what I doing wrong as the parts looked to have been cleaned up properly. Meh. It's done now and after a brief attach with a flex-i-file and sandpaper looks ok. Going to give it a wipe down with some IPA now to get rid of any finger grease / dust / etc before priming. Never bothered to wipe down pre priming before be recently noticed on some builds that the paint does seem to have a tendency to wear back to plastic in some areas where heavy handling occurs. So interest to see if it make any difference. Can't help but think that I've given this plane a blonde Afro with that sponge jammed in there. Aaron
  12. I'm sorry to hear that Dennis. I am looking forward to seeing how the camo turns out on these. Aaron
  13. Thanks for the interest gents I said there would be a slow start with this one.... This weekend I cut the fuselage from the sprue along with the cockpit floor and bomb bay roof and that was it The quality of the plastic looks superb. Seems such a shame that AM went under. Had a rummage around and for paints - I've got some Mr Hobby Interior Green and Mig Ammo Zinc Chromate Green so should be good for the interior. Aaron
  14. Spent a few hours on Friday and Saturday working away on this. Starting to look like a tank now All the road wheels and tracks have been tied up, just a few smaller parts (mainly the tools and machine gun) that need sorting out now. I'm going to paint the road wheels separately to start with. I do really like the fact that Tamiya have included some weights for the Sherman. But I'll be saving these as they'll be more useful as nose weights in either my B-25 or A-20 that I've got stashed away. Not likely to get much more done on this this week, so till next weekend. Thanks for looking Aaron
  15. Cockpit is now finished! I may have managed to mix up the compass and the fuel tank cap parts like a clown. I did realise before everything was glued together, so sorted that out. I'm still not sure how I managed that, as I remember thinking the part didn't look right some how and double checked the part number. I've left the cockpit fairly clean this around. Used Tamiya cockpit green to start, then brown oil wash before dry brushing with the charming rotting flesh colour from Games Workshop. And some snaps of the progress Fuselage is buttoned up now. Made a start on the cowling. My tactic with this was to seat the parts in place in the fuselage and then working front to back joining small bits at a time with TET. While the TET was setting used the tip of a cocktail stick to poke the side to try and check them joining parts were flush. It's still going to need more work. I've aquired some Mr Surfacer 500 & 1500 which I've not used yet so this looks like an ideal time to give it a whirl. Wheel wells have been glued into place and sprayed P.R.U Blue (along with the insides of the air cooler) Aaron
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