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  1. Oh wow, two weeks since an update. I feel very idle now! Have been doing a bit of work on the Avenger on and off. Fuselage has been glued up and promptly after that the radio / bomber seat fell out. Not dealt with that yet. Picture update: Pleased with how that's turned out. Will need a bit of touch work around the tower behind the pilots headrest as I managed to get a glue smear there. Most of the past week has involved working on sanding and polishing the seams which where not
  2. Thanks @Wez I managed to nab the second slot in the gallery
  3. I have actually been working away on this one! Interior is coming along nicely. It's been painted Mr Hobby interior green and then a brown oil wash followed by a light grey drybrush. I did somewhat stall on the build last weekend I think due to a lot of none stop model making recently! Aim for the day is to grab a brush at some point and get some chipping done. Aaron
  4. Tamiya's 1/48 Sherman - Easy Eight W.I.P is over here Aaron
  5. Weathering.... I got to play around with the rust and streak set from AK Interactive, previously the first time I'd used one of these pencils with was the smoke one on the Spitfire Vb Trop I recently completed. It wasn't the best learning experience. Had a bit more success with them this time around. Also the first time trying out the summer dust set from Mig Ammo. The dust enamel wash didn't go well, as it reacted with the flat coat in some spots and also didn't thin it enough so had to try and scrub it off afterwards to tone down the colour. Did use some Mig pigment fixer i
  6. This one's all done and dusted now. Finished it before the weekend but only just getting round to taking some snaps. Added some pics to the gallery along with the Vb Trop. Thanks for following along and comments along the way Aaron
  7. @TEMPESTMK5 @Valkyrie @Bill Livingston Thank you all! I finally got round to taking some more pics and this is up in the gallery now. Aaron
  8. 1/48 Tamiya Spitfire Vb Tropical W.I.P can be found here Thanks Aaron
  9. 1/48 Eduard Spitfire VIII HF W.I.P can be found here Aaron
  10. I'm going to tag along, got a soft spot for the P-61
  11. Some update pictures on the weathering progress... The underside engine streaks are some black and brown oils added as separate layers, with a few spots recoated to darken the effect in places one the first cost had dried. Exhaust streaks started as dark grey oil streaks, then added black pastel followed by some light grey. And then I got a great big oily finger print into one of them After correcting they are a bit too dark for my liking now. Likewise the wing root weathering went a bit array and any attempts at correcting seemed to making thi
  12. Thank you gents! I panel line washed the top and bottom on Saturday. Used Winsor & Newton Payne's Grey which does have a blue hue to it in my eye, so works well with this scheme. Applied - This was left for 30+ ish minutes before buffing off using an old t-shirt. I've found that when using cotton swabs / q-tips dipped in odourless thinner in the past that it can affect the paint underneath. So I like to avoid using any thinner on the clean up stage. If needed in any tricky locations (wing roots / guns etc) I'll use a brush slightly dampene
  13. Still no paint But nearly every part has been snipped and cleaned up. Started gluing some bits together and test fitting to see of everything fits. Half a dozen sink marks have been filled, mainly in the wings. One of the benefits I'm finding of starting this kit so slowly (while I wrap up some others) is that I'm spending more time on prep and taking the time to sort out sink marks and such. Not sure how to tackle the clear instrument panel. Thinking tiny drops of Mr Mask stuff onto the recessed instrument faces and then painting up. I just suspect that this will
  14. Thanks @matto21 I've done a few bits on the Spitfire. Undercarriage is now in place. Masked off the exhausts and brush painted them. And all the decals are on Well all apart from two, but we'll not talk of them. I did find the the wind walk lines didn't quite fit... I'm not sure if they should look like that, but it was really irritating me so they got extended with one of the unused decals. Also made a start on the wing tip lights. I have a cunning plan for them. Silver to start with, then I'll use some Tamiya clear red &a
  15. Morning All Thanks @Colin W, I usually go for the cocktail stick approach with roadwheels. I've got a Panther lined up for my next tank build and already dreading the wheels! Hull bits have been painted up. They'll get some oil treatment once the decals are done and it's been given a Klear coat. I was getting no where with the tow cable. Tamiya supply some thread to attach to the loops at each end. So had a go at making my first cable. Used 3 strands and then twisted them around to get this And all painted up and stuck in place
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