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  1. Out of curiosity, does anyone know in which year did this plane got this markings? I know it says 84, just wondering if it had them earlier in 1983? I'm getting ahead of myself and thinking about the "year you were born" GB later this year Edit: Scratch that question, just found the info on the Airfix website. " She is presented here in a two tone air superiority grey colour scheme and sports rather unusual sharks mouth and eyes markings, which were applied to three 5 Squadron Lightnings during a detachment to an Armament Practice Camp in Cyprus during September 1984."
  2. I've finished working on the various seems and primed the P-38 with some black Vallejo Mecha. I really like the Mecha primer, can be shot through the airbrush straight from the bottle. And will previous advice I've gotten on BM, gave the plane a rub down with some microfiber cloth. I've really keen to avoid the issue I had with my last kit where the paint ended up a rough dusty mess! Tonight I might get a chance to make a start on the neutral grey underside. Aaron
  3. Last night got the canopy masking finished and glued into place. Little bit of Mr Dissolveable Putty applied to the front seem between canopy and nose section. Slathered a bit of liquid green stuff around the seems on the booms. And got the canopy internal colour sprayed. Tonight will be a sanding fest. Thinking I might pick up the Revell riveting tool if I end up having a wander into town tomorrow. Aaron
  4. Ah, so browsing though some more pictures it looks like the join should be smooth and flush. Green stuff time this evening then! Aaron
  5. Have now got the last of the main bits glued on! And looking pretty good! Still a bit unsure about the boom intakes, as they have a slight edge / lip where they join. Had a quick look at pics this morning and seems there should be a panel line and a small step? Sprayed a little black primer around them and if I do need to get them flush to the boom it could be fun! Need to sand back the putty too. I've realised Mr Dissolveable Putty is more suited for very fine cracks and imperfections. So I might have to crack out the liquid green stuff (Games Workshop product) as that's the only vaguely suitable thing I have to hand at the moment. Loosely popped in the undercarridge and looks to not be a tail sitter! Whoop Trying to make my own canopy mask for the first time using Tamiya tape and a fresh Xacto #11 It's not perfect, but it is immensely satisfying to do! And comments on my boom cooler question very welcome! I'll and have a look for some more pics now too. Here's where I'm at: Aaron
  6. Had a play with the Mr Dissolverable Putty last night. It's weird and wonderful stuff! Leaving it for a full day to cure before trying to sand it with some wet n dry. Picked up a bag of lead shot / ball bearings for weighing the nose and engines down. Only vaguely suitable glue I had was some PVA so currently that's drying out before I glue those bits on. Not exactly an exciting progress shot... Was having a look at the fit for the air intakes(?) that go either side of the booms. The fit for the parts looks a bit iffy. Not sure exactly where the problem lies. Tried a bit of tactical sanding last night to no avail. Will carry on trying to sort the fit out this evening. The fit for the engine nacelles and nose cone section looks to be spot on Aaron
  7. I think it would look great with the black panels! Good luck with the future masking
  8. Anything from WWII America with twin engines in 1/48 scale makes me drool. I'm very excited to see ICM are releasing a B-26 at the end of the year I'll need to have a proper look at the kit supplied IP - but I seem to recall it's quite nice. It's the clear sort that has a decal applied to the rear, and I think it will be more 3D. But I'll certainly consider the etch if it'll look better. I was having a bit of read over some previous builds / reviews of the kit and from what others have said the shark mouth version should be painted olive drab over white, and not OD over neutral grey Found a couple of B&W pictures which look to confirm the white belly. I have to admit that I have a certain amount of the FEAR at the prospect of painting so much white! Unless anyone has any picture evidence to show that it might have been painted OD/NG at a later point in it's life? Aaron
  9. I'd like to stick this here for the time being. Will probably be a few weeks before I make a start as I'm part way through a P-38 build in the Lockheed GB I bought this kit at the beginning of last year when I got back into modelling again, and have been putting off the build for fear of making a mess of what looks to be an amazing kit. I think the time is right for me to give it a bash at long last! I've got the Eduard mask and zoom set. Mainly got the etch for the seatbelts, not sure if I'll use the IP or not. I had been thinking of leaving this kit in the stash and buying the Airfix P-40 to build instead. I'm really curious to see what the new Airfix kits are like, but there's a P-40 STGB later in the year, so here we are with the B-25G! Aaron
  10. @Troy Smith Ah yes, I'd come across that review while I was looking into buying the kit. I've sanded back the nacelle doors, but left the other bits as is for fear of making a mess! And also not to sure what he means by some of the things! E.g "lower wingtips are missing the characteristic upwards washout" and "The rudder hinge lines extend across the mass balances" I've had a productive week with the P-38 and got fairly carried away and forgot to post any updates. Cockpit is all done, abet in the wrong colour: Used a set of misc USN / US WWII seatbelts from Eduard. On uploading the picture, just noticed a mistake I make with the seatbelts, oh well! Cockpit was painted Mig Ammo zinc yellow. Oil wash of burnt sienna. Then used Citadel paints for the rest. Very dark grey for the various bits, drybrushed light grey then black washed. Little bit of silver chipping to the seat, floor and sides. Used a bit of grey and brown pastel chalk on the floor. Yesterday glued the two big sections of fuselage together. Was pretty unsure on the best way to tackle such a big piece. Decided the best approach was to glue the wing area around the cockpit and between the engine nacelle using Revell Contacta, then using Tamiya liquid cement went round in small sections so I could try and hold the pieces together to reduce and steps - particularly on the booms. Seems to have worked reasonably well: With a bit of luck I'll get a chance to use some putty on the seams today. Will be my first time using Mr Dissolverable Putty, interested to see how it pans out. Aaron
  11. Famous last words! But yes, should be something fun and small to practice a bit of scratch building with and it if it goes totally wrong it's not like I'll have messed up a kit. Thanks! Yesterday picked up a pack of assorted evergreen card. Never used the stuff before so will be interesting to have a play. I'll have a to have a look at youtube for some guidance, as I want to see if it's possible to use heat to be able to bend small bits of it into shape (for the mudflaps) I still need to actually find some suitable wheels too... Aaron
  12. @TEMPESTMK5 Not sure if this helps, but towards the bottom of this page there is a picture that might be helpful? https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/model/Lockheed P-38J Lightning Aaron
  13. Looks great, especially in the diorama setting
  14. While I was looking at pictures of P-38's a few day ago, came across a picture that gave me a silly idea. I'm terrible at scratch building / modifying parts - mainly as I've never tried it. So thought this would be a mini fun project to try. I still need to have a rummage around in the spares box to see if I can source some bits. But here's a teaser glimpse at the reference picture in question... I also have something more substantial for this GB, will get a thread going once I've taken a picture of the box and plastic . Aaron
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