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    RIP Hardy Kruger

    If it's a WW2 film and it's got Hardy Kruger in it you know your generally onto a winner. RIP
  2. RobL

    RIP. Meatloaf

    Not been well for a while, apparently when Jim Steinman died last year Meat Loaf said "Coming here soon, my brother Jimmy." https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-60080934 RIP Meat Loaf.
  3. I don't have anywhere to put a glass cabinet, so, when I built a series of jets, I shoved acrylic rod(s) up the tailpipe(s) and they sit vertical on MDF bases. They're all on a floating shelf on the wall. Pretty much everything else, like helicopters or props that I've built hangs from the ceiling.
  4. Not a huge fan, probably only know Breadfan and tyre fitters, as they're the ones what get played on the wireless, but good music nonetheless. RIP
  5. Thanks guys. At the moment it seems to be a waiting game. Can't get much info from the nurses. mother is lucid (or as lucid as she ever is) and showering etc. herself whilst on the ward, but she only seems to give me half the story, or bits and pieces at a time, apparently now she's had some scans but has to see a dentist before her heart bypass?! Every time I have to deal with her, nurses, or anything to do with this situation (like having to pay the rent) it makes me feel unwell. That subsides when I go off and do something else (like painting a figure) to take my mind off it though. Doesn't help that I can't be there in person, even just to collar the doctors/surgeons for their input on what's going to happen going forwards. I spoke to someone at another hospital in the county (it's in the same trust and he oversees people in a department at the hospital mother is in), where I volunteered and then worked back in 2017-2018, because I can't get to the hospital mother is at, so can't speak to the nurses or deliver magazines and stuff, and was assured by him that she is in the best place at the moment, and they are going to buy her some magazines/word search books and deliver them to her, to keep her mind off things, so I guess that's one good thing.
  6. Somewhat brings an image, and I can't think where I saw it (might have been Red Dwarf), of a man, average to large size, on a very small horse. You're thinking in 21st century terms. We are emasculated compared to men of the medieval times. Back then those who used the equipment either grew up using it, or trained almost daily in it, so the weight was nothing to them whilst they were fit and healthy. Take the English Longbow for example, it needed something like 80-130lb to draw the string back, but as people started using bows as kids, by the time they became soldiers they were highly proficient and easily strong enough to pull the string back for combat shooting. The same applies to armour and other weapons, although obviously not so much for full plate armour, because it was generally made for adults as far as I know.
  7. Hey all My mother was admitted to hospital on Wednesday with a cardiovascular problem, hospital informed me today that after an angiogram she's now been slated for a heart bypass. My late father had a bypass in the early 2000s, but I was living on my own at the time and wasn't involved in the before and after, frankly I only found out when I had to move back home, so I don't know what sort of care he needed after the op whilst he somewhat got back on his feet. If my mother survives the op I don't know what to do, as I'm not a health professional and I struggle quite a lot at times to look after myself on a daily basis (I'm 44, I've got arthritis in various areas of my body, and chronic severe asthma and eczema, among other ailments), so caring for her, if she needs it, is going to be an uphill struggle. I'm between jobs, so that will have an impact also. I'm home on my own, worried, and don't know where to turn. Apologies for posting this here.
  8. I've only seen three of his films, Little Nikita, Sneakers and The Jackal. Despite that he seems to have been one of those actors that you always think you've seen more from. Great actor. RIP
  9. RobL

    John Madden RIP

    RIP John Madden. American football legend. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-59814542 Starting to feel like I'm in that position in life where the people I respected and enjoyed being entertained by in my youth are passing away, but there's no-one there to fill the void...
  10. Hey all This a Games Workshop figure from an old game, called Mordheim. He's 28mm scale, the base he's on is 25mm. He's an Elf mercenary, or "Dramatis Personae" in GW-Speak. Little bit peeved as I somehow got CA glue gunk on his feet when attaching him to the base, which ruins the look somewhat! Ho hum... Thanks for looking, C&C welcome.
  11. The problem is, that many of the people doing these things are young, even people my age (I'm only 44), and have no clue about what they are talking about, either through lack of education or just sheer ignorance. It seems many like to talk about the wars these days, but actually, the amount of those who actually have some idea of what they are talking about is diminishing.
  12. Hey all I bought this model for use in an old Games Workshop game, called Mordheim. He's 28mm scale, the base he's on is 25mm. He's a witch hunter. I tried for a Van Helsing/Witch-finder General kind of look to him (I have a couple of other witch hunter figures, so it's a running theme). Unfortunately his sword is a bit bent up, despite my attempt at straightening it, he came to me like that, despite being in one of Reaper Miniatures' blister packs. Ho hum... I finished painting him today, having started him the other day, unfortunately I failed to notice a chip on the bottom of his coat at the front when I took these photos. Grrr! Thanks for looking, C&C welcome.
  13. RobL

    Flat Coats

    Tamiya XF (I forget the number) Flat Clear is usually my go to for flat coats through an airbrush. If you want something brushable I use Windsor and Newton Galeria Matt Varnish, it can also be airbrushed quite nicely and is dirt cheap considering how much you get in a bottle, just cut it 50/50, or more depending on taste, with water. MRP do a flat coat, they call it super matt varnish, don't know about US sellers but here's a link I found via a quick Google search - https://www.aviationmegastore.com/super-clear-matt-varnish-30ml-bottle-mr-paint-mrp-127-scale-modelling/product/?action=prodinfo&art=145705 They also do semi-gloss, gloss, and HAVE glass flat, clear coats.
  14. On the second day of Xmas Airfix gave to me... ...oh forget it, I really can't be bothered!
  15. Did this a bit last year as I recall... On the first day of Xmas Airfix gave to me, a minute chance to win a self funded journey to Manchester for a 5 minute ride in a Vulcan "simulator"... Airfix's idea of an advent calendar full of offers and giveaways is woeful.
  16. Figures? I don't know. I was in a similar situation to yourself, where I couldn't build stuff for lack of space, or use an airbrush (not that I had one at the time), although finances were more of an issue at the time. So I gave up, took up video gaming instead. Then came back to aircraft modelling (and models in general) more recently, some years later. Unfortunately I'm back where space is a concern for aircraft models (and if I'm honest any other scale models), so I've gone back, for that and other reasons, to my "bread and butter" which is Warhammer stuff (I can stuff them in boxes for storage more easily).
  17. Another luminary of Formula 1, if not motorsport in general, gone. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/formula1/59453378
  18. RobL

    Covid Jab

    What he was posting, about companies, rightly, not disclosing to the public the minutiae of their product, is irrelevant. There is very little to no valid criticism or disagreement to be had at this point in the pandemic. And if you do genuinely have any that is valid then it should be taken up with those you wish to criticise and disagree with, not spouted on a hobby forum, public transport, or anywhere else. People just don't want to listen or pay attention to "anti-vax", "anti-mask", "anti-everything if it impinges on my lifestyle", "I'm all right jack why should I care", childish whining, stamping of feet, and nonsense. Especially when it's coming from a loud minority of unqualified, ill-informed, ignorant, rabble rousers who at every turn misinterpret, misunderstand, and misrepresent everything put before them, often intentionally. It doesn't help us get any further to getting out of the situation that the world is in. Can you tell I'm irate? I'm getting fed up with hearing/reading it all, it's getting so bad that I have to put up with all the nonsense on a regular basis on bus journeys I make - journeys where I have no choice but to hear ignoramuses, loudly, above headphone level, spouting nonsense. And I know I'm not alone in that. We don't need it here.
  19. RobL

    Is Modelling Art?

    Many would say no. There are many snobs in the modelling "community" who "appreciate art", but will not consider modelling a form of "art", ditto goes for people involved in "the arts" who would decide on grants and stuff. And yet they would call a painting by a 5 year old "art". Apparently it's a measure of one's intellect... One of the definitions of art is - Skillful creative activity, usually with an aesthetic focus. Personally, I think that if Tracy Emin can "create" a bed and call it "art" (because she's attached a pseudo intellectual story to it), then we can call assembling an aircraft kit, painting it, and putting it on display, "art". Moreso if you've made a diorama that tries to tell a story. Several BM members would of course disagree... But yeah, good luck trying to get a grant for modelling.
  20. RobL

    Covid Jab

    My first Covid jab was painless. My booster was painless at the time of injection. My 2nd jab wasn't painless and bled a little. I think it comes down to the training of the person administering it. Although what training you need to stab someone with a needle I don't know?! Also had a sore left arm for a day or two after my Pfizer booster last weekend (my first two were AZ). I'm still here, though.
  21. Yeah, if there's two of you a taxi would likely cost less than a pair of bus tickets. Where I live currently the route I'm on has been decimated by cuts, particularly the services in the evening people use to get home from work, excuse, despite the company running other routes perfectly fine, is the "driver shortage" chestnut that's being trotted out these days. Taxi for one to get home from my local town centre is £7. Bus fare is £4ish. Wouldn't mind too much but you can't even get a taxi most of the time!! I certainly do think we Brits need to start reevaluating public transport and move to a more European model.
  22. Welcome to Britain. You should try using public transport to get around... For car drivers it's two dirty inconvenient words, for those of us that are stuck using it, well, it's shambolic at best...
  23. Yeah I don't use lacquer thinners in them, not for long at least. Had exactly what happened to you happen once myself, although I left it outside so it wasn't an issue. The shot glass was a shrivelled up melted mess.
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