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  1. Thanks guys. I guess I won't bother and go seek a new A3 mat. I have a The Works in my local town centre (as far as I know it's still there). All of what you see on that mat is from where I paint miniature figures. I don't use a wet palette all that often (although I probably should), and whatever the mat is made from (rubber?) is a good surface for putting paint on to thin/mix and then apply to a model via a brush. I get the feeling that using anything on top to protect the mat would either a) not be as good a surface for the paint or b) leech through onto the mat anyway and c) the mat lasts longer than anything I'd put down on it and doesn't need replacing as frequently thus saving money.
  2. Hey all I have 2 or three self healing cutting mats. They all look similar to this - Is there a quick way to remove the superglue, paint, etc. and restore the mats back to something cleaner looking? Thanks in advance.
  3. Tamiya X-35 Semi Gloss Clear is my go to, I've sprayed it neat and thinned 50/50ish with Gunze Self Levelling Thinners, never had a problem with it. However just recently I've started using Windsor and Newton Galeria Gloss mixed 50/50 with Windsor and Newton Galeria Matt. Does the job, but I'm only spraying Games Workshop figures with it, haven't tried it on any scale aircraft, although I think I might have used it on a GW tank I repainted recently. I've got a nearly full 75ml bottle of each, so it needs using up, and it's cheaper than buying 10ml Tamiya pots... Some of it can be technique also. A certain well known youtube channel and modelling business owner, who sells clay washes (not UMP, the other guy), did a video a few years ago showing that you can spray gloss varnish, and depending on how you spray it (i.e. distance to surface, air pressure, etc.), it can end up gloss, matt, or semi-gloss.
  4. I think you're wrong on that assumption also. It's just another crime drama. You can take the sub out, wouldn't make a difference. People don't go "oh it's set on a sub, I'm not watching that then!". It's something that, like all of them these days, has a twisting (read intentionally convoluted) plot, fake tension, yada, yada, yada, and a well known female lead, that can be "discussed" at "the water cooler"or ad nauseam on BBC Breakfast... It not being a documentary is rather irrelevant. Nope, didn't see your edit, but that doesn't really change what is an attempt at making an excuse. I tend to pay attention to trends in the media, especially the BBC's output, seeing as we pay a TV tax for it, so I tend to notice things about TV shows that perhaps you don't (don't get me started on ITV's propensity for "new" cookie cutter crime dramas almost every week). So, indeed, lets agree to disagree.
  5. How is it harsh? Most people are not knowledgeable about these things. I also doubt that you're correct on your assumption. Especially as over the last ten years surveys and studies have shown that women are increasingly watching more TV than men. https://www.tvlicensing.co.uk/about/media-centre/news/report-reveals-latest-uk-tv-watching-trends-NEWS35 https://www.statista.com/statistics/269943/daily-tv-viewing-time-in-the-uk-by-gender/ Women are also drinking more these days. There's been plenty of reports and studies carried out and publicised about the "bottle o'wine after a long day at work" crowd. The BBC are aiming these dramas at a specific demographic, and it's not teens, social animal twenty something's, alpha males, or those who like a bit of blockbuster action. Just because you and yours enjoy them doesn't mean you are an exemplar of the viewership either. I think it's quite fair to say that, despite a few outlying examples like yourself, these programmes are aimed at women who like to sit down with a bottle of wine of an evening and watch some "drama" that isn't concerned with any accuracy. Given that women watch more TV than men, and women are drinking more than they used to. Oh, and allowing the dramatic nature to flow? Oh please...
  6. BBC "prime time dramas" are all aimed at the bottle o'wine o'clock, mostly female, crowd, they aren't knowledgeable so they don't bother with stuff like accuracy. This one is no different. Particularly as it's made by the same producers that made Line Of Duty...
  7. Unless paint and thinners start spontaneously combusting (which they don't), I would imagine everyone's going to be alright. Unless they leave their stuff near a naked flame or something electrical, and faulty, plugged in when they're not around... The trick is not to spray smoke around...
  8. If I had a car, a driving licence, materials, and a workshop full of tools, and a premises for said workshop, I might do. But being between jobs in the UK, with no start up capital, and no way of obtaining/generating capital, it makes it a bit difficult to even start something. Regardless of whether I would or not, it's just so frustrating when you see frequently on these shows things that are so basic, which require the minimal amount of DIY skill, "creativity" or imagination to achieve, and people are being paid quite a bit for them. It's like if a 5 year old painted a picture, that you'd typically stick on the fridge door, and it goes on to sell for £1000s, despite it being your typical painting by a 5 year old, not some highly skilled work of art! Indeed. That applies in reverse to the antiques programmes you see - so many times they'll get a discount that Joe Bloggs could only dream of, purely because the dealer has a camera shoved in his face!
  9. If there's anything good that has come out of the pandemic, it's the rise in live streaming of events. It's been great for those of us who normally wouldn't go, for reasons, to such events. I'd like to bring to people's attention (I'm sure many are already aware) a youtube channel called PlanesTV. They've been live streaming some of the events at Duxford recently, they have in the past, pre-pandemic iirc, covered Yeovilton and Farnborough among other flying events across the UK. All on Youtube accessible for nowt. How long it'll last, who knows... Awesome pair of F-15s at about 14 minutes into this one -
  10. So, I was briefly watching the BBC today, as mother had it on, and they've got a "new" programme on in the afternoons called Saved and Remade or something like that. Basically it's a bit of a mix of The Repair Shop and Money For Nothing if you're familiar with those shows. Another of the cookie cutter outputs BBC have... Anyhow, I'm an office worker when I'm not between jobs, and it struck me that as I have basic DIY skills and can use power tools that, if I had a workshop, materials and tools, I could do a few of the things that were done on the show and I'm looking for the wrong type of employment. One of the "creations" was turning some accordions that some bloke brought in into a pair of floor standing shelf units. The lady that "created" them basically took some wood, cut, screwed and glued it into a basic 4 sided box shape, disassembled 2 of the accordions and then reassembled them without all the gubbins inside and screwed them to each end of the box shapes whilst sandwiching the accordion's bellow between two bits of wood glued and screwed in the middle of each box as a divider! The wood appeared pre-finished, and "creating" the piece involved very basic DIY skill level work. And yet the lady who "created" the piece probably gets paid quite a lot for such basic work! Seems like I'm missing something, if it's that easy!?!
  11. Yep. That's what McQueen wanted. If you watch the documentary made in 2015 called Steve McQueen: The Man and Le Mans, it sheds quite a bit of light on the problems, most of which seem to be Steve McQueen himself. That's also on the iPlayer at the moment (apparently it was aired on Tuesday on BBC Four) - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000gg35/steve-mcqueen-the-man-and-le-mans He was an actor turned racing driver making a documentary about racing. They had no script to begin with and were a bit rudderless. The initial director, John Sturges quit. The movie studio took over. And so, we ended up with a mishmash of racing documentary and movie. However, it is the greatest Hollywood racing movie so far, for a few reasons, including, the fact that a lot of the footage was filmed during the actual race in 1970, and where they staged the footage the cars were all filmed at racing speeds - something that had never been done before. You'll never see such good footage of those cars at any time period and the cars were as near to being as they were on race day. Grand Prix (the Hollywood racing movie that came before Le Mans) can't make that claim, nor Rush, nor Le Mans '66 (Ford vs Ferrari). I guess it's a film for aficionados like me. Anyhow, not long now until the start of the real event this year. Looks like it's a bit wet for the start!
  12. It was on BBC Two this afternoon. Available on the iplayer for the next 29 days - https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000m21l/le-mans Only a few days until the real thing starts for the 89th time also...
  13. Ring them up. But do bear in mind that you're in the US, Airfix are in the UK, and pandemic. We've had quite a few problems in the UK because of the ongoing pandemic that people just don't seem to appreciate.
  14. Do yourself a favour, take it back and get yourself some Deluxe Materials Perfect Plastic Putty.
  15. Thanks. that seems to have been the problem. I unscrewed the screw that holds the needle seal and then screwed it back up, but not as tight. I also cleaned the needle, although there was only a tiny speck on it. Worked much better earlier having done both of those things.
  16. Hey all Some months ago I replaced the needle packing seal in my Harder & Steenbeck Ultra, to cure an issue of paint coming through into the trigger area. However ever since I replaced that seal the trigger has been stiff, which makes pulling it a small way back very awkward. This issue is ruining any attempt that I make of doing fine/small area details. Would anyone here happen to know if there's a way to fix this issue - i.e. make the trigger a little less stiff on it's initial pull back? Thanks in advance.
  17. Below is the entirety of my stash, so this is quite easy - The 10 I'd keep - 1/35 Academy UH-1C with resin/brass M134 Barrels + eduard pe weapons set 1/48 Italeri MH-60K Blackhawk SOA + Werners Wings 160th SOAR decals + Armycast M143's 1/48 Italeri MH-60G Pavehawk - + Werners Wings "Pedro" decals 1/72 Airfix HH-53C Super Jolly Green Giant + decals for Knife 21 1/72 Revell HH-3E 1/144 GWH Avro Vulcan + 2 sets of decals (camo and anti-flash white). 1/72 Italeri A-10A Warthog + master brass gun barrel + paint masks 1/72 Fujimi F-86 Sabre 1/72 Dragon/Cyberhobby Sea King 1/32 Matchbox Porsche 917/10 + L&M decals What I'd get rid of (the first 4 were the only difficult chioces) - 1/48 Airfix Spitfire (2019/2020 release) 1/72 Dragon/Cyberhobby GLoster Meteor F.3 1/72 Academy A-10A Warthog 1/72 Hobbyboss Corsair II 1/72 Misterkit Javelin + airfix firestreak missiles 1/72 KP MiG-23 1/32 Revell OH-6A Cayuse 1/48 Revell Huey + resin + parts for weapons I have the following works in progress for which I'd also keep the kits for, if allowed... 1/35 Meng Mark V Male tank 1/350 AMT Klingon Bird of Prey - in it's box 1/72 X-Wing + 1/72 TIE + display bases + coastal kits display board x2 1/72 Blue Angels F18 - in it's box I also have 2x 1/72 Hasegawa weapons sets do they count as a kit? And I have the following in a "draw of doom", badly built/failed idea models that I haven't gotten around to chucking or robbing parts from yet, so I guess they'd get chucked in this exercise - 1/72 Academy F-14A 1/72 Eduard FW190A-5 1/48 Sea King x2 1/48 Revell Huey 1/72 Revell HH-3E
  18. As a former Flory forum member take this as gospel - 1. yes 2. probably best after 3. use it on dark colours for very light panel lining. I mixed it 50/50 with dark dirt for a Pacific Theatre weathered look to my 1/48 F4u-1d Corsair. Go watch some of his videos on youtube for further info/advice.
  19. RobL

    Aircraft kit values

    I wouldn't use ebay as a yardstick, not unless you're comparing prices of brand new kits sold by reputable sellers, Jadlam, ModelHobbies etc. A lot of ebayers (read most) seem to have an over inflated opinion of what the kits they sell are worth, I get the feeling they feel their "investment" owes them a house or two... Of course if you're selling I guess that's not really a problem, because as they say, there's one born every minute...
  20. Unfortunately, when not between jobs as I am currently, I'm an office worker (general office bod and former BlackBerry 1st line helpdesk person), and office workers don't use machines with Linux (in my experience), so I have a need to keep up with Windows versions, besides gaming. I was volunteering at an organisation that helps vulnerable people, until the pandemic response hit last March, and they were using Windows 10, first time I had used it, luckily it's so similar to Windows 7 I managed OK. I think for the next iteration upgrade, as late as possible, I'll have to find some magic beans to pay for a new PC (my current one I've upgraded to Win 10 is 6 years old, and wasn't "top end" to start with)... I feel a similar pressure with video conferencing, never done it until recently, don't wish to do it really, and I don't have a webcam, but I was forced by the "programme" I've been referred to by the Job Centre to attend a video call last week. Had to use my smartphone, for what can loosely be called a presentation that is best viewed on a desktop PC's monitor!
  21. Yeah thanks guys. Memory is my next thing to test/diagnose. Don't have the money to buy new RAM though. Not at this precise moment at least. And if it is the culprit I'll just go back to Windows 7 as it exhibits no issues at the moment (or didn't before I upgraded and dual booted with Windows 10). It's running Red Dead Redemption 2 alright though, at least for the brief 15 minutes I've just played it, and if anything RDR2 shouldn't even be able to be run on my PC. Although MSI Afterburner Riva Statistics wasn't displaying in-game, despite showing up during the game's startup. And it's a fresh new version of MSI Afterburner I installed last night. The BSOD's I've been getting are KMODE exception not handled and attempt at switch from DPC, both of which t'interwebz seem to think could also be driver related (but then the internet can't seem to agree on any diagnosis for these BSODs, no change there then), so I've installed the Windows 10 drivers for my Asus motherboard (a Z97P), something which I hadn't yet done. So I'll see how it goes. Haven't had a BSOD whilst using the computer this past couple of hours though (seems to happen the most when uninstalling an application/driver package that was installed in Windows 7)... I've installed/upgraded OS's on several computers over the past 15 years though and never known such a pita install/upgrade!
  22. Unfortunately an upgrade is the only way I could go, as I don't have, and may not be able to get, installers for some of the stuff I have installed, and some of of the applications I have may have installers that just don't work in Windows 10. That may or may not be an issue, but I find it's always the case that you think that, then you need something and can't get hold of it! Anyway I'm limping on. I have Windows 7 to go back to if I keep encountering BSODs regularly in Windows 10 to the point where it interrupts gaming/general use of applications. If I could be bothered doing a clean install and installing everything again (what I can at least) I would, but reports across web media indicated that an upgrade from Windows 7 should work fine...
  23. So, among other things I'm a video gamer. I've noted that there is an increasing push by developers to require gamers to have Windows 10 to play the latest game. I've been running Windows 7 just fine until now, all the games I play at the moment work, however as Microsoft offer a free upgrade I decided this weekend just gone to take the plunge and upgrade to Windows 10. So late on Saturday I cloned my Windows 7 drive to an exactly the same SSD which I had earlier moved stuff off and formatted (because I cannot at the moment buy a new drive). So far so good, took a couple of hours to do. Sunday I started on the process of upgrading to Windows 10. It started fine, then got stuck on a "this is taking a while" screen, so I rebooted. Windows 10 booted up fine, although things weren't working, MS Store and Calculator for example and I was having some issues with my mouse (so far "fixed" by adjusting a setting in the BIOS). So after some time and digging around on the interweb, on Monday, I decided to do an in-place upgrade (basically acting as a non-destructive repair)... ...that seemed to have fixed the issues and every game I was playing on Windows 7 (apart from Elder Scrolls Oblivion) seem to work, so far, as do all the applications I currently use. I then started to proceed to uninstall some stuff that was left over from Windows 7 that I no longer need. And... ...started getting a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) with a couple of codes every time I tried do things like uninstalling stuff or cleaning up the left over old windows files. Fast forward to today and I've had more of the same issue - just by opening Chrome and clicking on a web based radio station's stream player link! Seems be happening randomly because despite changing a setting in the power options (turning off fast startup) I have just had another of the same BSOD, by going to Google Translate on Firefox!?! My [insert deity name here] this has been a pita! I never had such a problem installing and getting Windows 7 running, even when I migrated from a HDD to an SSD! That only took me a day! Luckily I still have Windows 7 (dual booting with Windows 10) to fall back on if I need to (or want to play Elder Scrolls Oblivion)! At this point I really do envy people who can afford to just go out and buy a new PC with the latest OS pre-installed when developers force them to upgrade to play a new video game or application!
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