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  1. I am working on same kit at the moment. Better watch out the cockpit platform fits in slots in fuselage perfectly. Otherwise it causes some extra work on top /nose.
  2. Thank you gents! You both saved my life!
  3. G'day Gentlemen! I am currently building a 1:48 Tamiya Mosquito. I purchased An Extradecal sheet and intended to build SEAC one (HR399) in Dark earth-dark green clothes. I have 2 issues to be solved. 1- What sort propellers used that bird? Wide or narrow one? ( forgive me for my ignorance I am sure they have proper brand names; rotol, curtiss etc) 2- Has HR399 carried with strips under wings? I will be pleased if some may enlight me. Best wishes from Turkey. The Flogger
  4. Thank you gents, I searched a bit more; seems like there were no diamond pattern wheel on RAF Fortress. I appreciate your kind responses. Wish all you a happy new year! Flggr
  5. Good evening Gents! Currently building an 1:72 Airfix Fortress mk III, 2016 mould nice one. I didnt like kit wheels and purchased Eduard resin set. But later I realised that on internet, they used radial pattern wheels or many pictures were blurry. So, It will be wrong if I use diamond pattern wheels on British fortress Mk.III? Thanks for reading. Flogger
  6. Esci 1:48 F-104N was my 1:48 kit. I was in Secondary school. It was 1989 or 1990. You took me to past. Great build by way!
  7. Well your birds are way away from my era but I envy your works Thanks...
  8. I had lost the part allows flap down. Bended the one lets flap flat. A small surgery.
  9. Thanks a lot,I am glad you liked. I bet your will be way better. I used Gunze black (which is semi gloss) and washed with gray oil paint. P-47M series arrived war scene lately and were not so worn. So I didnt weather it.
  10. Thanks Steve. Honesty, all my purpose was complete it and save from shelf of doom. Someday I will try one 'insignia blue-azure blue' version.
  11. Ooo great! Must be boxing numbered 8066. If I were you I wud build profile B,the one flown in Tunisia. Please keep us updated while you build it. Byway, I forgot to thank you for your kind words
  12. Thanks Jackson... As you said Tamiya decals need some extra treatment but mostly they turn OK at the end.
  13. This kit was a great member of my 'shelf of doom' for more than a decade. Somehow, one evening I decided to complete. This was the result. I don t know what I had kept her so long but I managed to finish. In 2021 we will need more space in our stashes,ha? Kit is Tamiya with colored seatbelts. Kits's decal were used. I admit I always hated Tamiya decals but this time they worked fairly.It was a quick build took almost 10-11 years.. Regards.
  14. Hello guys, this is one of 2 kits I managed to completenew year's eve. Eduard's well known P-39 kit wirh Eduard's steel seatbelts. Gunze paints were used. Thanks for looking!
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