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  1. I am puzzled… as I was browsing the list of the many participants of this group build before posting my last pics, it appeared to me that Mr.Basket's topic had enjoyed 3k views.... 3k views !!! How the hell is it possible !?!?!? After asking him about it, and enduring his enthusiastic many expressions of unmitigated vanity, it became apparent that a) this undeniable popularity began with the description of the character's habits and hobbies at the beginning of my editing b) the 3k views are in fact accompanied by 3k very personal messages proposing to Mr. Basket game
  2. Hello ! Mr. Basket is a veritable encyclopaedia on everything related to aviation. You just have to ask a question and after a few minutes, you get the answer, accompanied by photographic documents etc. ... When you think about it, it's quite strange coming from a person who can't tie his shoes by himself... ... And why am I suddenly thinking about Rain man? ... Anyway, the fact is that thanks to his skills, I was able to add some supplementary details on this A-4 like the Tan colour sensors on the leading edges of the wings and the pitot on the verti
  3. very interesting work done on this kit indeed, and a real pleasure to follow the rebirth of this scooter
  4. microsol is my friend with all types of decals, with a special thought for those of tamiya and hasegawa... I apply many layers of it spaced of 30 mn until obtaining a good result. Some cases require several days
  5. Hi everybody ! Not much time for modelling at the beginning of this week with a busy professional agenda. I nevertheless had time to finish painting the landing gear doors and to fix them. The micro-painting is also finished, as well as the last decals. I will apply some last touches of glossy varnish tonight and everything will be ready for weathering See you! Fabrice
  6. beautiful job done on this one ! The finesse of your painting is noticeable as the quality of your buiding ! Bravo !
  7. In response to many reactions to our last post, we would like to make it clear that, in addition to being honoured to have many turkeys among our readers, we have never allowed ourselves to be mocked or made fun of by this noble animal. Furthermore, we obviously share the general opinion that the turkey is superior to most of God's other creatures, especially in terms of aesthetics and melody of the cry. Similarly, we had no intention of intruding on private practices regarding the use of pasta machines. Turkeys are free to own pasta machines and to use them as they wish...
  8. Hi all ! I think I have already spoken to you here about the sickly jealousy that afflicts the inhabitants of certain underdeveloped French regions? I had an illustration of this yesterday, during a model making workshop with dear Mr. Basket. During these sessions, where fair play and friendliness compete, we exchange advice based on photos of our work, all of it on teams (sound and image).. So as I had quietly sent him a new picture, a howl of agony suddenly sounded ... Imagine the scream of a turkey with its genitals stuck in a pasta machine and you c
  9. This problem of misdirection is a constant in any activity in which Mr Basket is involved. It is so "comon to (me) him" as he himself admits... Thus, for example, a simple innocent walk can turn into a perilous adventure. But, and I ask you, where is the harm in taking a quiet walk with a different person? Of course, it is clear that his uncontrolled drooling can take on frightening dimensions at first, as well as his clear propensity to hand out warm (and wet) hugs to the first person he meets. But the fact that, since some unfortunate misunderstandings with honourable
  10. Hail to all! Monday evening I've usedAlclad acrylic gloss varnish for the first time and it looks very good, we'll see after the washes.... While the varnish was drying, I continued to detail the last elements : landing gear bays, pylons (I decided to open one en show some internal details), airbrakes and slats The nozzle has been painted in dark burn metal on the inside, dark aluminium on the outside, a silver mithrill highlight has been applied on the exit edge decals done yesterday
  11. Hello to all you happy Tamiya green glue sniffers ! An update with the first pass of paint done on the model last evening. The initial step was the source of an infinite number of varied insutls. Indeed, I learned with pain that some Mig products could suffer from a "quality discontinuity". The use of the black one-shot primer that I have used for many models with efficiency turned out to be ..... (too crude to write here). The result was a workshop without any pleasure, 3 airbrushes clogged twice each and a layer of primer finally applied with a 0.5mm nozzle but n
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