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  1. I know the guy! it's my friend ! I taught him everything ! When i met him for the first time he was nothing but a poor clumsyboy !i swear
  2. Thanks a lot for your comments The resin was poured in two stages, with no concerns about heat generation. In fact there is little thickness, just over a centimetre.
  3. Thank you all for your kind comments! @GRK The assembly of the tank was quite quick, this kit being relatively simple for a Dragon model.Most of the time was spent painting the vehicle and figures and making the base. Let's say a good month with a rather busy professional schedule
  4. Hello friends ! Back to Vietnam with this M48A3 Dragon to which I added the xenon projector from Legend, absent from the original box. The figures are from Bravo6, the impedimenta from another Legend set and spare box buiding is here: http://fighters.forumactif.com/t97757-sitting-duck-1st-tank-battalion-company-c-north-of-combat-base-anhoa-_-may-1970 See you soon for a little vignette in Hué Take care Fabrice
  5. Thanks Craig, it’s been a great group build to join in and i tried to do my best. i've just post my five pics in the gallery an i’m now going to have some look at the other builds.
  6. really like the pose of your pilot, casual and aggressive at the same time and I retain your tip about the air intakes
  7. great work on the flush intake. Post chirurgy is always a pain (from a man who just carved its tomcat landing gear bays after gluing them...)
  8. Here's my 1:48 Haseg A-4M Lowiz of the VMA-311Tomcats It's a kit that I know well, having assembled it three times, so there were no surprises, which allowed me to detail and modify some elements. So, the Hell hole has been represented with the hatch open and the elevator flaps in the upright position. The cockpit and the nose gear bay are Aires elements that I would not recommend to any modeler not equipped with powerful explosives, despite their finesse. Replacing the slat supports with Eduard PE elements with some added details will be now a must for my future scooter kits (some are (very) close to my workshop table) In short, i had a lot of fun painting this grey and grey livery and trying to make it lively as i got a lot of fun participating in this Group Build
  9. two hasegawa scooters to be assembled in 15 days, what a challenge! I take a seat
  10. I can testify here that indeed the patience of the Parisian waiters is clearly akin to the frenzied rage that can seize an English bulldog deprived of its daily outing for two years. Having said that, it should be noted that most of them are either cursed writers or unemployed actors. The few real waiters are of a rare and remarkable professionalism and will, for example, generously let you sip your coffee for 2 minutes and 39 seconds before showing understandable signs of annoyance. Anyway, I'm absolutely sorry for the sad fate of your TA-4 and hope it didn't damage the wall you threw it against. Hope your next buid will be easier Fabrice
  11. I am puzzled… as I was browsing the list of the many participants of this group build before posting my last pics, it appeared to me that Mr.Basket's topic had enjoyed 3k views.... 3k views !!! How the hell is it possible !?!?!? After asking him about it, and enduring his enthusiastic many expressions of unmitigated vanity, it became apparent that a) this undeniable popularity began with the description of the character's habits and hobbies at the beginning of my editing b) the 3k views are in fact accompanied by 3k very personal messages proposing to Mr. Basket games whose inanity and scandal forbid that I detail them here. Of course, he will tell you that this information that I am naively giving you is simple jealousy on my part, but I could never be jealous of friends whose main activity is based on whips and studded leather corsets I will therefore cautiously return to the editing of my A-4 while saluting here the ingenuity of some who hijack the purpose of this noble forum and transform it into an international dating club So, as I wrote, the final details have been added, painted and I can present you this bird on its base In conclusion, this kit remains unrivalled in terms of beauty and fidelity of rendering the appearance of the real aircraft. If one forgets between two assemblies, the difficulties of assembly and some little issues, these issues doesn't manage to spoil the pleasure to go back to it and it is an excellent basis to bring additional details. By the way, and following this GB, a TA-4J and an A-4C have recently joined my stock... See you Fabrice
  12. Hello ! Mr. Basket is a veritable encyclopaedia on everything related to aviation. You just have to ask a question and after a few minutes, you get the answer, accompanied by photographic documents etc. ... When you think about it, it's quite strange coming from a person who can't tie his shoes by himself... ... And why am I suddenly thinking about Rain man? ... Anyway, the fact is that thanks to his skills, I was able to add some supplementary details on this A-4 like the Tan colour sensors on the leading edges of the wings and the pitot on the vertical stabilizer which is present on the VMA311 aircraft at that time Here are the almost final photos some detail views See you for the final shot ! Fabrice
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