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  1. Hello ! It’s been a litle while since I posted anything here , so there is my latest plastic achievement with an “exercice de style “ from an historical photo. I wanted to mount the new Tamiya’s Marder 1 and reproduce this well-known pic was a kind challenge. It required to open the front driver’s post and scratching the interior and somme spécial stuffs as the 5cm mortar ammunition box while thinning a lot of pieces Hope you’ll like it and that the work done was worth
  2. Hi everybody ! back to an autumn cat,more precisely a winter one with this Jagdpanther along with three GIs searching for trophy Build is here : https://warpaints.net/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=13444&sid=592e930077ca7c8d2f038bcc074325e0 See you ! Fabrice
  3. Hi ! back to my workshop with this september ‘s project, landed on my worktop to following a friend on his learning build . Actually, i made the tamiya’s one at 12 years old (beeing a boomer has some privilèges). For now, Its the Dragon Carius ‘s kit, built with a voyager’s set and friul tracks, Figurines are from Evolution miniatures. Hope you’ll like it Build is here : https://warpaints.net/viewtopic.php?f=60&t=14903 See you ! Fabrice
  4. A brief summer project linked to my reviewing of the Band of Brothers TV show during the lockdown. I had wanted for a long time to make a jeep and an US paratrooper, but I missed the opportunity and the idea of staging. The Kit is the excellent Dragon one and the figs are Alpine miniatures and Stalingrad productions. Impedimenta come from the spare box. The staging emphasizes the physical and psychological distance of the protagonists. Everyone is cloistered in their grief and thoughts, just war... Hope you
  5. Hello chaps ! too happy with your comments and appreciations to all ! It's a real pleasure. Thx a lot StuartH concerning your feeling about poetry beneath the scene . As a matter of fact, it was my purpose (and it's a difficult one ).
  6. Hello ! My new AFV Club's 88mm with Stalingrad miniatures figures See you ! Fabrice
  7. Hello chaps ! Here's my last production with this very pleseant kit from AFV Club. Like many of you (i guess), i dreamed as a child in front of the tamiya's 88. Now it's done ! See you in the "ready for inspection" heading ! Fabrice
  8. Thx giemme ! I had some looks on your phantom's buid here too while buiding mine
  9. Yes i did thanks to you Gene ...and my spare box is currently full of missiles and I have to regularly argue with "full load" model builders of my friends...
  10. Anther warbird with this SeaHurricane build in 2018 an painted during the lockdown. Lot of memories as watching the Airfix’s logo… I added somme missing détails but the kit is a good base. I took a real pleasure in painting the camo and wheathering it See you! Fabrice https://www.facebook.com/Fabrice-Simon-104518141316306
  11. yes, i made quite a lot of research about the different load configurations according to period, squadron and mission
  12. Let me introduce a buid from 2018 of a gorgeous plane in a gorgeous version. I coul’nt resist box art and realized it in a month (for the record, i’ve made some stealth visits here to have informations about PRU blue. fantastic boxart : my PRU blue and the bird done complete buid here : http://fighters.forumactif.com/t87880-spitifire-hf-mk-viii-eduard-1-48-profipack#1746368 See you ! Fabrice https://www.facebook.co
  13. An exercice of style with this oceanic vignette made in a GB initiate in my modelling club of witch i'm a recent member. I was very curious of making such a stuff. the trumpeter kit is stunning and i had just replaced the masts. It was a pleasure to paint and weathering it. There is some scratch work on the Glen. Most of all, i'm very proud of the albatross And the final result : See you ! Fabrice http
  14. Many thanks ! i really enjoy you like it and your comments show me my work is heading in the right direction Rob concerning the "water": two layers of very lightly tinted two-component resin for the base and W&N high gloss varnish in several applications for backwash effects
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