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  1. Could it be a secondary drain stop? It looks like it is right above a main oil drain. But it would appear to be higher then the crank oil level. Sorry, I'm rambling on here. Is this a dry or wet sump engine?
  2. Wow this looks great! Are these only available in the Europe?
  3. Nicely done. Really like the colour scheme. Looks like a dealer pamphlet picture.
  4. Hope you don't mind if I 'LL borrow this!
  5. Beautiful job Dan, and really love the slope of that windshield.
  6. Roy, these updates are fabulous, and you are so inspirational by showing how you plan for the trip and the steps you'll be taking.
  7. This is awesome! Following with great interest. I actually have a friend who ones one of these, they are amazing and hold their own even in this day and age.
  8. Same! You hit the nail on the head Layer upon layer...! Love it. On another note, Endeavor, Thanks you so much for posting large pictures. And I hope you don't mind, I'm down loading all of them in case the incredibly selfish Photo Bucket thing happens again.
  9. Endeavor, thank-you for publishing this build. I am also the proud owner of this kit (among others that I am in process of obtaining prior to retirement and lack of suitable funds!). As I haven't built anything in the past 18 years, these MFH kits break new ground and and looks like new skillsets need to be learned to be learned. I will be following along with great interest on your build! If you don't mind being pestered, I would like to ask ask simple questions as you go along. When you say "I painted the engine black..." or something like that, my mind fills with questions like: were the parts cleaned? If so how? tumbler, wire brush, some sort of metal etch? Was primer applied? is so what manufacturer and how many coats? If I get too annoying, just tell me to buzz off
  10. Hi Mark, can you share the name of the vendor in germany for the case?
  11. Hello, I''m looking to purchase a couple of MFH 1/12 kits but am having a hard time finding a place that handles them. Hoping someone on the forum knows a place/person or a reputable seller on EBay? I had an order placed with a gentleman in Florida, but he passed away unexpectedly, and his son had to refund my payment. I am located in Canada and can also pick up parcels in the US. Thanks, John
  12. Dan, thank you so much for posting the pic of the T46 with wire wheels, and the web page links. Many years ago I started on my Pocher kit and built a set of wire wheels for it. That is about as far as I got, but your posting is starting to get the interest going again. And I would be honored if I may borrow your ideas and methods. The steering wheel build is simply superb and brilliant.
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