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F/A-18F Super Hornet, VFA-154 Black Knights CAG 1000, USS Nimitz 2012 *FINISHED!*

Alan P

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Hi everyone, it's Hornet Groupbuild time! I'm a big fan of the F-18 in its various guises, but an STGB calls for something special, right?


This is a great scheme for the Super Bug, all the more for being really clean :lol:

https://www.seaforces.org/usnair/VFA/VFA-154_DAT/VFA-154-Black-Knights-086.jpg (link to seaforces.org)

The hi-viz, multi-coloured markings, glossy black spine and red cheatlines are really cool.

Super Hornet (2)

Even better, this is the box art and main decal scheme in the Revell Super Bug kit. The 1/32 version is big, brash and a lot of hard work to be honest :hmmm:

tn_Super Hornet (5)

Lots in the very big box - the beautiful decal sheet which would set you back a good £15-20 if it was aftermarket. If it's anything like the previous issue, these decals will be superb.

tn_Super Hornet (6)

Very thick, well-produced A4 instruction booklet running to over 20 pages. The new Revell instruction style is a gigantic improvement over their previous efforts.

tn_Super Hornet (7)

The only aftermarket I'm using is the MasterCasters SJU-17 seats. Even these might be a bit of overkill as I plan to have pilots in the seats with the aircraft posed in flight.

tn_Super Hornet (8)

There's a nice selection of ordnance, which looks accurate and pretty well detailed. I might mix up the underwing load a bit with maybe goofy tanks and JSOWs, but who knows at this stage?

tn_Super Hornet (9)

Thanks to a spoilt canopy in the original kit issue, I ended up with three, courtesy of the retailer (Jumblies Models) and Revell's efficient spare parts dept. I'll be using the spoilt copy as a mask for painting.

tn_Super Hornet (10)

The original Revell 1/32 Superbug (F/A-18E) has a dire reputation which appears to be driven by an unfavourable early build review on Big'n'Tall Airplanes. In my opinion the reviewer gave up far too easily and seems to have expected Tamiya-like fit for a Revell price. I built the last one in two weeks during the 2020 lockdown and although it certainly had its challenges, most of it fit well, especially the one-piece top section, which is a huge piece of plastic.

tn_Super Hornet (4)

As you can see from the paint pot, this is a BIG kit when finished! This time around will definitely take a lot longer to build due to my crazy work schedule this winter (we have five possible daily shifts now operating 24H 0600-0600!)


All the best with your builds folks!



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Definitely one to watch.

Having seen the excellent (and really fast) job you have just done on Revell's new SR-71 I am looking forward to seeing what you can do with this one. You certainly get a lot of plastic for your money don't you and as you say the decal sheet will be excellent.

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You're a brave one, Gunga Din!  (err, Alan)


I was just looking for possible 1/48 Hornet extras... I mean assistance... and saw a decal sheet with that paint job.  Having just told someone that I wasn't (yet?) interested in Super Hornets, I thought, "That's the sort of thing that might change my mind!"

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On 1/12/2022 at 7:58 AM, Biggles87 said:

I’m in too please.

Cheers John, welcome!


A bit later than advertised, it's just too cold in my modelli.ng shed to do anything right now, curse this sunny winter weather 😬

tn_Super Hornet (11)

I kind of forgot what a slog this kit is - lots of parts moulded like this. It's definitely not for the faint-hearted / spoilt brats!


It does, however, have probably the most accurate depth wheelwells of any F/A-18 kit. Build progress starts with the engine intake trunks and main wheelwells, weirdly enough...

tn_Super Hornet (14) tn_Super Hornet (12)

This buildup is fiddly but knocks spots off the usual flat-bottom wells.

tn_Super Hornet (13)

Here's the completed intake section - this really fills up the void inside the large rear fuselage and adds some depth and strength to the structure. It's a fussy build progression though, more like a Kitty Hawk kit than a Revell.


Pleased to have got this far on day 1:

tn_Super Hornet (15)

Those large side fascias fit really well, as do the inner curved parts of the engine intakes. No complaints from me, just the usual cleanup of the seams.

tn_Super Hornet (16)

The instructions say those transverse bulkheads need 0.5mm shaving off the top, but i don't remember them being a big problem on my last build. I'll see how it goes, but after a couple of hours in 4deg C temperatures, I'd had enough!


At least I've made a start, ready to continue!



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3 hours ago, Bertie Psmith said:

Why don't you work indoors?

The most loaded of questions...🤣 The other occupants of the home don't appreciate the fragrant scent of Mr Cement and MRP in the morning...

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7 hours ago, Biggles87 said:

Impressive progress in a short time.

My modelling ' cave ' is pretty cold too, I can just about manage an hour in the afternoon with an oil filled radiator before my fingers start to protest.

Same! I've added a halogen heater lamp this year, it adds a few degrees to the fridge-like environment. Anything less than 10C ambient temperature and I'll be struggling in here...

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Back out in the shed for a quick freeze:

tn_Super Hornet (18)

I managed to get to the point I was hoping to get to...fuselage completed.

tn_Super Hornet (19)

Despite the kit's poor rep, it does fit together reasonably well, but it sure isn't Lego! I knew where the pitfalls in this kit lie from my last build, so managed to avoid the worst and keep everything aligned by disregarding the instructions and assembling the wings before attaching the top half to the fuselage. Even the intake underside/wheelwells join is virtually seamless this time around.


tn_Super Hornet (20)

Only the usual seams to fill, the side fascias and underwing/intakes joint is pretty tight.

tn_Super Hornet (21)

The only major flaw is the area just bottom right of the right intake. Otherwise it's all looking good!


Up to step 28 of the instructions and only now about to start the cockpit. I'll be nicking the crew figures from the Academy Hornet and using the MasterCasters seats, but they can all be added later.



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  • Alan P changed the title to F/A-18F Super Hornet, VFA-154 Black Knights CAG 1000, USS Nimitz 2012 *FINISHED!*

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