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  1. I’ve just started this kit. I read Calum’s build and have now seen yours - now a bit disheartened by the work ahead!! I’m making a model for a good friend of mine, of the one he was shot down in over Gorazde in 1994. Amongst many other challenges, I’m trying to establish the best paint to use for the correct colour scheme during that conflict.... Beautiful build and thank you for picking out the various errors as well as the improvements that can be made.
  2. I have had the same experience. I’m not an experienced airbrusher so it might be me but the airbrush clogged easily even though the paint was well diluted. I also think the azure blue, middle stone and dark earth were much darker than I expected.
  3. paj66

    FAA Corsair Decals

    Ha ha yes indeed! We are going through his personal docs just on the off chance.
  4. paj66

    FAA Corsair Decals

    Amazing! Thank you so much! The aircraft that got salted stalled on take off after overhaul so that was that. He was most upset because his crew had just painted a snowgoose on the side of it (his favourite bird from a Dunkirk story about a snow goose leading the little ships home!) and fitted new machine guns prior to the hangar fire. On balance I think I’ll build 134 - thanks again!
  5. paj66

    FAA Corsair Decals

    There is some amazing knowledge being shared here with regards 1842 ops so I wonder if someone could advise me please? My brother in laws father flew with 1842 in this late period of the war and I would like to make a model of the aircraft he flew the most. Are there any combat reports showing this information? His surname was Ewins. Many thanks.
  6. I’m in Guangzhou at the moment and have just got back from the Man-Wah shop. A very nice little store and worth a visit. Been looking for a Hasegawa 1/32 P40E for a while and got one for £27. Not sure if that’s cheap but it made my day
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