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  1. So, as expected, next day delivery in NZ really meant next day shipping and it will arrive at some point in the future, but only 6 days before this arrived... Initially the lines were far too thick but a little thinner and a cotton bub cleaned it up quite nicely (in my humble opinion, having never done this before)
  2. Whilst waiting for the pen to be delivered on to the flaps. I decided not to go down the path of cutting into the wing and installing flap extended. Turns out there is an error in the instructions, the part numbers of the flap actuators are reversed between retracted and extended. The question I now have is whether to install all of these now and have problems later with the decals or wait and fit them later and run the risk of having to fill any gaps once it is all painted? I've fitted the outer most ones as these are clear of the decals
  3. Fine tip pens, great idea. One on order, it says tomorrow but this is New Zealand so I'll believe it when it shows up!
  4. Any advice on the best way to paint the det cord on the canopy gratefully recieved.
  5. The fit on the underside wasn't quite as good. but after several rounds of filler and sanding , it looks a lot better
  6. The fuselage and the cockpit went together reasonably well, a small amount of filler required but I think that was more down to me than the kit. The engine intakes will need some further work. https://cdn01.hobbyphotohost.com/p?i=05f1d787f1b2d13aa12f999f02579c1e
  7. Mine was delivered yesterday too, but to my daughters house in Leeds. It will have to wait a few months until I get back from NZ.
  8. Not the best of photos, limitations of phone camera
  9. The cockpit with a black primer Followed by a light grey base coat and some detailing on the control and instrument panels
  10. The cockpit supplied in the kit is somewhat lacking in detail. I did purchase a resin replacement, but its a while ago and I can't remember where it was from. The detail is a somewhat of an improvement. Although the instructions could be better!
  11. A kit that has been sat on the shelf for a few years. I'll start with the Hawk.
  12. The instructions call out Gun metal for this section but it looks far too dark compared to all the reference photos that i can find. Any thoughts?
  13. I restarted modelling after a very long break a few years ago. I went through a stage of buying kits far quicker than I could build them. This is a kit that I bought a few years ago off EBay. I finally decided to give it a go having got some experience with some more modern examples. So I was more than a little annoyed when I discovered that a previous owner had tried to make a start with the cockpit, made a bit of a hash of it a lost a few parts in the process. Serves me right for not actually checking the contents on receipt and believing the description on EBay!! This is all that remains... So a quick search on Hannants and only 11 days later the following arrive on the other side of the world Still waiting for parts ordered from the US in May!! The plan was to produce a scheme from the first Gulf War, brings back memories of us following what was going on watching a mini portable TV whilst we should have been listening to some lecture at Uni. The picture on the front of the interior details nearly changed by mind having stood close to a taxi runs at Bruntingthorpe but I am sticking with the original plan. Any help and advice would be much appreciated along the way.
  14. Post addition of the darker grey. Not the best of pictures.
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