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  1. Looks superb, definitely going on my list of kits to acquire! I'll always remember the tiger logo of 74 Sqn as the gate guard at RAF Brampton on a Phantom just like this one when I was a kid. Love it
  2. Looks superb so far definitely going to follow and take some of your inspiration across to my 1/48 lightning build. Just unsure if to do a F.6 or T.5 bird
  3. Just caught up on this thread. Looks amazing.
  4. If only, there may be both in the future but I only do one at a time
  5. I love Lightnings, who doesn't? I am partly through reading the Lightning Boys by Richard Pike, great book. I started a 1/32 Lightning F6 a while back and regrettably passed it on however it was a bit too large. I now have a superb 1/48 Air fix F2/F6 in the post with a few extras and I have just ordered the Neomega T conversion. Which should I build a F6 or a T bird? I'm starting a poll to find out. I have never built a T Bird and I have never used neomega either. So let's see, I'll start a WIP thread soon. Regards Please do post pictures or links to your WIP/completed builds for inspiration.
  6. Hi all, is there a major difference between king tiger tank tracks and tiger 1 (late production) tracks? Reason being I have some tiger 1 workable tracks in the stash I may use for the King tiger
  7. ModellerUK

    First Kit

    Hi Nick, I have built all scales. 1/48 and 1/32 are my preferred
  8. ModellerUK

    First Kit

    I have looked at alot of the Accurate Armour kits, are they worth the extra pennies?
  9. ModellerUK

    First Kit

    Hi all I'm looking to start my first AFV model kit, has anyone got any ideas/recommendations or must have Allied kits in their stash? Ideally 1/35 scale Regards
  10. I’m after the most accurate a lot of people will say Revell I imagine however what about the ESCI/Italeri or Airfix kits
  11. Now the internet is full of great info and pics of peoples builds but I am wondering what the best book would be for pictures of the Hurricane MK1 for scratch building. Like the modellers datafiles from SAM publications.
  12. What’s people’s opinions on the best kits for a Hurricane/Spitfire from the Height of the BOB in the 1/32 scale. Or would 1/48 be a better choice, as I would like a Lanc at some point too. And me being me they will have to be the same scale.
  13. The detailing in that hornet is amazing for 1/144, how do you manage it?
  14. Looks super but flying with no pilot! I like what you did with the display stand
  15. I have seen some excellent ones, however with the upcoming release of the Italeri one that I plan to build at a later date. I have had the Flightpath set and it is a lot of brass that I am not too keen on. Thanks for your advice.
  16. I would appreciate some help on deciding which Tonka I should build. I only have enough room to display one 1/32 Tonka and I have always fancied going 'all out' on one. I have various years experience in real life on both airframes mainly GR4 and a year or so on F3 so I could build this as sort of a homage to my time on Tornado. I am also a bit of a Tonka geek. The GR4 isn't in the poll as Italeri plan on releasing one and I will get it when released but that is a while away. I have a few bits and bobs to play with starting on the basis of the Revell GR1 kit. I have the following; Tornado Sig F3 conversion set Paragon Designs flaps/slats Blackbox GR1 resin cockpit and a few other bits and pieces. I love both versions but I can't decide which to build. That is where the poll comes in. I will appreciate all votes and do a build thread once I get the chance, my move abroad has been postponed for a while now. The poll will close next Saturday. Thanks
  17. Looks superb @Skyhunter66 really makes me want to crack on with my 1/32 Tonka F3! That first picture is fantastic, really captures the essence of the F3. Thanks for sharing
  18. It is my first Large aircraft that I plan to incorporate into a diorama of a fairly decent standard in flight.
  19. That is incredible! The scheme is superb too whoever came up with it.
  20. I know Flightpath do a K2 detail set at £28 however is the Airfix going to outdo the Matchbox/Flightpath combo?
  21. Seen as there is no 1/72 VC10 yet Boooo!! Im looking at doing a Victor in 1/72, my first Large aircraft. My question is what is a recommended kit for a Tanker? Should I wait for the new Victor? Thanks
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