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  1. Well apparently they were releasing the full list of 2018 kits on 1st January. I really hope the link on the previous post is not the full list released 30 minutes into the new year, if so I'm extremely disappointed
  2. I got the C-5 for Christmas from the wife, found it for £75. Started it today actually, a lot of clean up needed for such a 'modern' and expensive kit, some of the moldings on smaller parts is questionable but dry fitting the main parts looks a decent fit (at this stage at least). I reckon with a bit of patience and work it'll finish off a nice kit. I mention all this because I can only imagine that a new Revell kit will be much crisper for around the same price, based on past kits of the 124 and c17 I'd guess it'll include and interior and opening doors as well. Compared to current prices for Roden kits and minicraft kc-135s etc, I think circa £80-90 ain't bad.
  3. Have I missed something, just popped onto Hannants and noticed they have a Revell 1/144 AN-225 listed under future releases. Due November 2018 apparently. Anyone else heard about this, I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere!
  4. I must admit the price was a little off putting at first but I managed to get one for around £75 including postage, compared to the prices of the Otaki kit on ebay I thought that was comparable considering this is a new tool with open flaps and slats (which it usually had when on the ground). The wife has wrapped it and put it under the tree for Christmas which was the justification for getting it at that price. Obviously I had to check it first, I'd say my only grievance with it so far (having only looked and not built it) is the state of the plastic. I wouldnt moan about the price as its a personal choice if you pay it or not, however for the money I would have expected them to have at least polished the plastic a bit rather than the rough finish it has, also the fuselage has some lot of tabs or sprue joints along it which need taking off. Nothing that can't be cleaned up but as I say, I would have expected a little more care and finishing when charging that price. That said it's a c5 and I'm looking forward to building it, with everything hanging down it'll look a beast once done and the detail looks good as well.
  5. Thank you both for your replies and the info. Great news that they're still about and the plans are still in progress. Fully understand that other things maybe happening personally as well and will remain patient, hope all is OK. Thanks again for the info.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to post but didn't know where else. Does anyone know what's happening with whirlybird models? I was excited to see they were planning on a 1/144 Phantom FGR2 release and emailed way back to say I was interested in several. For years I've been wanting to create a large airfield diorama based on Wildenrath but have been waiting for a phantom kit to come out before starting. Anyway, I've heard nothing from them for ages, no website updates, no kits on sale via ebay. Are they still around?
  7. Agree, be nice to see them produce some more in 1/144, even if it's the cheaper/easier option of variations on existing kits, F-15e for example has been tooled in a way to allow for an F-15c to be produced but as yet hasn't arrived. I'm also desperate for the tornado Gr1 to be re-released as I can't find them anyway now. Would love to see a 1/144 hawk T1 Whatever they do please include better decal options, only including one option which is usually a special scheme doesn't allow for building several of a kit. Can't just rely on the aftermarket for decals in this scale! (talking about small military jets obviously, the airliner guys are well covered by Am)
  8. Does anyone know about the Academy 1/144 releases of the F-22, F-35 and (most importantly) the Gripen, they've been listed as future releases on Hannants for ages now. Anyone know when they're expected and if they're rumoured/confirmed as new tools? Thanks
  9. Really nice!! I'm working on one just now and agree its a nice kit, I'm over complicating mine I think using PE. Seeing yours has given me the inspiration to get on and finish my own, hope it turns out as nice as this one!!
  10. Ha, I've never quite understood that story, if I recall they were apparently lost somewhere in Japan (correct me if I'm wrong). Revell issued the kit after Otaki so I always wondered how the moulds ended up back in Japan to begin with lol
  11. My fear is that you're probably correct. I'll have to keep waiting for later version with decals for the Shamu scheme. As mentioned I've got the original boxing to do and will use draw decals for the AMC gray scheme on that one. Still would be nice to be wrong and see it appear reboxed with new decals in January (along with the C-5)
  12. I've noticed a third Revell Kc-10 pop up on ebay in 2 weeks, the first 2 were the later boxing and sold for a fortune!! I have the initial release in the stash but have been hunting the later one for a long time and consider it almost as rare as the C-5, yet 3 appear in 14 days? Anything in it I wonder, are people clearing their stash pre Xmas or do some know there's a new one on its way?
  13. Love that shop, I usually clear them out of 1/144 stuff when I'm in, Karens probably sick of hearing me moan about how I cant build the tiny ones anymore but for some reason I still ask her to get more in!! Problem when I go in is that I always get drawn to the 32nd Tornado in the display case and have to spend the next 30 minutes talking myself out of jumping to the "big' scale!! Regarding the Airfix rep situation, we tend to get that alot with sales reps up here, its as if the company thinks Scotland's not a particularly big area to cover but as you probably know yourself Col, the distance between major towns and cities is huge. There should be at least 2 guys covering either north and south or west coast and east coast. I've tried to find a link on their website for uploading CV's or even an address for recruitment in the hope they going to start taking on more reps at some point. I'll happily cover the north of Scotland I think there's a lot of potential up here - what else have we got to do when the snow hits than build models!!
  14. Gordon's is just round the corner from us and you are correct they did have some kits, in fact about 2 months ago they must have had a visit from the Airfix rep because they suddenly had an enormous selection of starter kits, lower series kits and a few larger ones, it was a very well placed display just as you walk in the door and extremely well merchandised. Whether they did it themselves or whether it was a rep I don't know but it worked because within weeks they had nearly cleared the stock (and there must have been a good 80 odd kits to start with), with Alford being a small village I thought that was pretty good going but when I last when in (a couple of weeks ago) still no stock replenishment!! Again, I don't know if this is down to the Airfix rep, lack of one or the shop themselves but for me it sums up the problem. I took my son back round to look for another kit (he wanted the Gnat he saw when he bought the previous kit) and there was nothing to choose from, he ended up buying Lego the next day at Tesco's. I can try to teach patients but he wanted something to do at the weekend and wasn't going to wait until the big H delivered a Gnat on Tuesday ha ha. More sales reps, more feet on the ground pushing local retailers and they'll get the sales from kids!!
  15. Absolutely agree, as a kid I spent a lot of time in Germany due to older family being based there (wildenrath), almost every 'supermarket' I went into had a mass of Revell kits and also trains. When was the last time Tesco or sainsburys stocked model kits? They all stock a small selection of Lego and toys cars and you rarely see the isle empty of kids rummaging through it, this is where the youngsters spend their pocket money whilst parents do the shopping! In my opinion Airfix would do well to look at this as a way forward, buying a kit whilst shopping so the kids have got something to do when they get home (whilst mum or dad put the shopping away, it doesn't take long but a kid can do a lot of damage to plastic kit in an hour!!). I'm a sales rep myself and keep hoping to find an advert for "wanted Airfix rep", this would be one of my targets, supermarkets, local newsagents etc. We live 2 minutes walk from The Grampian Transport Museum and there's not a plastic kit to be seen in their souvenir shop - why? Start at ground level, make the entry level kits easy to find and cheap to buy and as someone else said "the kids will get hooked", then they'll start going to model shops, looking online perhaps and buying bigger more expensive sets!
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