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    All types of scale modelling with WWII armor and aircraft being my favorite.I like model railroading, animals,fishing, music of every type,and I love to watch the weather.

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  1. I've decided that the world hates me and those decals were satans way of telling me.
  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence. I'm sure I will do it again. Appreciate the nudge in the right direction.
  3. Hi, divibandit, I have done some experimentation since I posted this and i am taking a liking to Model Master British Crimson, as, in my opinion, it's not a dull brownish color like Tamiya Hull Red, and it's not a bright red either. Take a look at it.
  4. Yes, you weren't the only one that noticed that. I have learned something now about the real aircraft, and I won't make that mistake again.
  5. Thanks. I guess I was just so excited that they were even positional that I didn't even consider if they were accurate.
  6. Thanks for the advice and encouragement. I wonder why decal quality varies so much from kit to kit. You think that a company such as Revell just as an example, wouldn't have the exact same decal quality consistently for ALL their kits. Maybe that's my experience. Maybe the quality of my work is what varies from kit to kit.
  7. The canopy was definitely somehow my doing. Thanks for the tips for Hobby Boss decals. I'll try that next time.
  8. Well, after some issues in finishing, I finally got it done. In my frustration I did not post some of the final details being put on. But, here she is. It is freehand airbrushed. These were the worst decals I have ever worked with. They were extremely fragile. Some had to be replaced by spares that I had. What experience do you have with Hobby Boss decals. Did I just get a bad set. It really does make me scared to buy another kit from them. Let me know what your experience with them is. I am pleased with the build with the exception of the canopy which appears to be crazed or marred in small areas. Not sure what caused it. It is on the inside. I was told that if you dipped the canopy in acrylic floor polish, what you guys call Kleer, then it would not craze if you used super glue to attach it to the model. That' all I can think of that caused it. Anyway enjoy the pics, and I will see you next build.
  9. Absolutely not, it's gorgeous. Mine's not far from being done as well, but I have not updated yet because I am dealing with some issues with the model. I will update soon. God bless.
  10. I've never built an Eduard kit. I've heard good and bad things. What is it that makes your D-11 kit less than desireable?
  11. I got in an airbrushing frenzy and did all the camouflage today. I think it turned out well. Another first for me, I used rlm83 for the first time. I like it. I think there are more "Doras" in my future. God bless and hope your having a great weekend.
  12. Real interested to see the bottom after painting. I like the idea of different colors for pre-shading. My brain gets stuck on black. I'll be watching.
  13. Here are the results of the pre-shade. I am quite happy at the subtle effect that it gives. I owe this one to "giemme"!
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