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  1. I've been waiting for this for a while. Anyone know what's in it apart from mdf reichstag? Some model shops have it listed with a tiger and 88mm gun and t34 and is2 plus soldiers. Others have a t34, 88mm and the soldiers. Will there be two versions, I wonder. Or an expansion pack.
  2. For my tuppence worth, I hope for: 1/24 Me262 Not much chance but maybe one day! I hope for: 1/72 halifax 1/72 Valiant Reissue 1/350 Queen Lizzie 1/72 Sam 2 missile Some 1/72 luft'46 stuff. To be honest I will greatfully buy most of what Airfix produce. Not long to wait now......
  3. Ok, for my tuppenceworth, I am really hoping for a 1/24 Me262. what a dogfight double that would be, with the Mossie! Just please Mr. airfix, no more Spitfires.
  4. My bet/ hope is for a 1/24 Me262. This would be a novel move as there has never been one in this scale before and the Typhoon and Mosquito show that a good quality kit can sell very well.
  5. I must admit to being a bit excited about the Me 262. One of my favourite aircraft and I am hopeful of a 1\24 scale one in time. May be waiting for a while on that one! Some of the dogfight doubles are a mouthwatering prospect. Happy bunny.
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