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  1. Hello colleagues modellers I would like to introduce to you my third F-14 from Tamiya 1/48. I built this model for Ted Rutherford who flew with him. Of the accessories, I only used Eduard's RBFs and seats. Fightertown Decals.
  2. Photos better than a thousand words If someone was interested in a nozzle, write me a private message I cut off the overlapping part of the inner ring of the nozzle, and I put a new nozzle out of the etchings. Two outer layers of lamellas and two inner layers. A total of 60 pieces of etching + two sheets inside the engine
  3. Hello colleagues, this time I would like to share with you about my elaborate building F-35I by Italeri 1/32 I have a complete etch set from Eduard for the kit. I made the cables in the chassis shafts and bomb bays of lead wires of different diameters. I am currently repairing the nozzle because the kit is really terrible. I use the etchings of my own design, which I lay on myself to create the characteristic look of the nozzle. Perhaps you will like the building
  4. thank you very much for the comments, I'm glad she likes the cat
  5. Thank you for the comments. Rocket decals are from Meng because Tamiya does not contain decals for this rocket version. In fact, the strips are a little bit brown, the photo somewhat distorts.
  6. Hi, my other cat in the collection. This is a machine from the Desert Storm operation this time. I used the decals from Fightertown, wheels and RBF from Eduard, Chairs and ChinPOD from Aires (Quickboost) I hope you will like it
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