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  2. Thank's to all, what a wonderful site. All questions answered, more than just answered. Oh last question, does anyone have a clue if the Indian target tow B (1) had Rushton targets, if no one knows I'll use them under the wings. Great forum once again. Thomas
  3. Hi, I am looking for any details about Canberra B (1) 8. Have been searching the net without any result so far. The Cockpit pictures are needed most. Thanks for looking T.
  4. After reworking my ZM Phantom by handgrinding I can tell you that I will buy this correction for every ZM Phantom I have. The products of Hypersonic usually fit like a glove so not much of a problem to install, just measure precise first and cut exact. Big improvement and time saving. By the way, regarding this thread I find it interesting that they (ZM)have the cheek not to even consider correcting the moulds for a very pricey and otherwise very nice kit and instead go the typical marketing way and promote the kit with super duper special button badges. This is the point why I like GWH, they listen and correct many of the mistakes. Curious about the F4-E and the way they will either explain why the rear fuselage mistake is corrected although not needed to be corrected or they will make the same mistake, then i'll stick to my Hasegawa kits.
  5. Problem solved by Mr. Hannant and Kim Dyer. Thank you very much.
  6. Hi Stever, Please read carefully before you tell me what to do and who is responsible. I have contacted them twice already! I am really an easy customer but I had no response from Squadron or Hannants even though I wrote a second mail telling that I will send the uncomplete item beack to them if I don't get any answer to my mail. Sending incomplete goods back to get a complete set is my right. Complaining about no response in a week is my right, getting what I payed for is my right. Never had any issues with them but this is nor good neither very professional. Maybe I'm not the biggest customer in the world but at least I want a response after one week or am I asking to much? I payed directly, they charged my Credit Card. I worked in the field and if my company would do this the guy who did would for sure have an uncomfortable time. Last not least, they sell squadron products, this means squadron is responsible???? Interesting, we sell OEM to someone and then the dealer takes the money but the service is done by the factory who sells OEM to someone else???? If this is the rule in the UK I understand that. Im what kind of forum do you think I should post this?? Regards Thomas
  7. Hi there i am paging Mr. Hannants. i am customer of Hannants for a long time, never had any issues. Sorry to tell but i am really disappointed by your customer service. Ordered Parts from Squadron but half of it was missing, i reported directly after i got the delivery. Kim Dyer responded but in a way i'm not used to. She forwarded my mail to Squadron and asked them to send me the missing parts, Squadron never send me a mail, no parts recieved from them. Here where I come from the dealer takes responability and will send you a new set in exchange for the incomplete one and you get refund for posting the items back to the dealer. The item I ordered is still in stock at Hannants. I payed 10 euro postage for one item to get everything quick and now i am waiting.......anoying and I don't have that much spare time to play around with. Wrote her a mail and told her that now I will send the item back to Hannants on Monday. Hope that I get a new set before x-mas as this is the model want to do in my precious holidays. Order recieved and complained November 16. Thomas G.
  8. That one looks like a blue penguine in a way. Very nice Andy
  9. Hi Red Dot, fantastic work and lots of it. What went wrong with you to go so deep in to the details? We will never know :-) Next year i will try to give you a hard time in the Telford Japan Trophy ;-) Greetings and Chapeau
  10. That is an inspiration Craig. Took the box and had a deep look in to it. Great build, super plane from a former dark German airfield. Thomas
  11. Hi Reddot, seems like you had a lot of bad influence from the Huns :-) We get a bit carried away? Don't we? Great work looking forward to see it in reality.
  12. That's a great scheme, exactly to my taste. Hope someone does decals in 48 scale. See you in Telford. T.
  13. Oh, now i am deeply depressed. I didn't know you take modelling so serious. I thought Danes have a sense for sarcasm but you seem to be the exeption and i don't repeat all the mistakes in the kit that other people mentioned before. It's general criticism on hobby boss in case you didn't recognise. It's a free forum and no academic circle. Go, have a beer and relax
  14. I am not going to do this as............ Some companys don't get it even with the biggest assistance. I'll buy a Zokai Mura Phantom instead
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