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  1. I am currently building the T90 Cast turret from trumpeter, kit number 05560, it looks like this kit contains mostly exactly the same sprues.
  2. Looks like this will turn into another excellent build, looking forward to following
  3. Oops, I thought I had posted this, this my last progress on the 22nd July The gunwhales have finished being planked and they do look soo much better although the macro zoom makes it look like there is a big gap between the planks which isnt the case I then made two more surrounds for the holes that were left, you can see how they start off, after cutting and sanding the parts sticking out the instructions have you sticking them on and job done. I decided to round the edges off as I thought it would look better, I think the final restul is pretty nice Next I moved onto planking the part under the transom, this seemed to go quite well and had no issues. You will notice that the pins are pushed in to the wood quite well, I use a punch and a hammer to give them a little tap so there no part of the pin protruding, this something I have done to all my pins Next the door hinges were painted gold using Tamiya X12 Gold Leaf. After the doors are stuck on a 0.75mm hole was drilled to put the door handle in. I have just noticed a bit of white on the wood, I get some matt varnish on that and it will disappear [biggrin] Ladders down to the mid deck were added after surrounds were stuck down and ladders upto the poop deck also added. This takes me up to stage 33 now and where we start shaping the the lower hull to start the plankinng, I am hoping this goes as easy as shaping for the dummy gun strips.
  4. Sorry for the lack of update, not had much opportunity to build or get on the forum much recently as work has been a bit busy, I'm involved with a project to electrify the Great Western railway which is currently involving lowering the railway through Box (Near Bath, Avon) tunnel by 300-500mm Hope to get some progress made shortly
  5. Thanks all, Im certainly wouldn't have wanted to be on the facing end of all those cannons
  6. Thanks all for the comments The upper row of dummy gun strips have now been added and really show off the shape of the hull. The bow end of the strips had to be soaked a bit to get the shape. The gunwhales have been dry fitted and adjustments made for fitting then stained with Teak, I will do another coat before attaching. During the drying period I have started to attach the gratings, after measuring to make sure they were in the centre I used the rulers as a guide for after I applied the glue. In these pictures I finished attaching the gunwhales and decided to take some advice and plank them with hard wood hull planks rather than the stain. They really do make a massive difference, you can see the difference where I have half planked the gun whale. I have also done the edging around the hole on the middle deck, this was done with the suppled hardwood. Cannons and stairs were just dry fitted for the picture as I though it would look cool I still havent decided if I will paint the cannon carriage or not yet, I really like how they look as supplied, maybe just add a wash but I also really like the look of them painted. Still plenty of time to decide.
  7. Thanks Kev Thanks Bob, the nails do stay in as they are tacked into the ribs, the strips were also glued. The nails will be hidden underneath the layer of planking that comes to the top. [Thanks Beefy , I'm really enjoying it at the moment You are indeed correct, it sunk about 25 miles off shore I believe, due to the heavy damage sustained at Trafalgar, as it was being towed back as a prize. Planking is the stage I am looking forward to the least as well as the rigging
  8. I have been sailing ahead with this and making great headway lol Hardwood strips added to edges of poop deck. The hull was shaped for the dummy gun port strips, this was actually easier than I thought it would be, only ribs 1, 2 & 3 needed the most shaping, the rest was just a little bit of sanding required. 2 rows of dummy gun strips added and the blanking plates added too. After doing one row I decided it would be easier to add the blanking plates first and then stick the strips on. I also flooded the fronts of the blanking plates with Super phatic glue as it runs into all the gaps and soaks into the wood, I thought this would add some extra strength. This takes up to the start of step 25 now.
  9. Planking of all the decks is now complete. The main deck had its third coat of Danish Oil this morning so is all done. Today I planked the poop (hehehe - sorry couldnt help it) deck and poop deck 'bulkhead'. These have been given their first coat of Danish Oil. With the first coats I am using a Danish Oil and White Spirit mix to help soak into the wood. The poop deck and bulkhead as well as the grates are just dry fitted for he picture. Hardwood strips added around main deck opening I am now just about finished Stage 14.
  10. Thanks for sharing that video, I've just add it to my favourites for when I get to my rigging, nice Trinny by the way
  11. Thanks Planking is the stage I am not looking forward too, oh and the rigging! Today was one of those Fridays where I had the day off and nothing to do, so spent most of the day at the bench, only a little bit got one on the Trinny as I was also working on repainting parts of a 1:43 scale Milennium Falcon. Here is my current progress; Today I trimmed all the planks that were over hanging and gave them a good sanding. I then applied the first coat of danish oil, at this point I realised I had missed out the treenailing [cursing] I will have to wait for the danish oil to dry now before doing them, I will then add another 2 layers of danish oil and 3 layers of varnish.
  12. Thats some pretty fine looking work with your rigging Kev, excellant job
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