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  1. Funny this modelling lark you spend hours working with funny shapes of plastic that look nothing like an aircraft , ship , tank..... then dry fit 8 /10 bits together and bingo it looks like it is supposed to do ! OOH an F-35A starts to appear The Meng F-35a has an incorrect RAM Panel on the wings , I have not seen a Hill AFB aircraft with these so I gently removed them as can be seen below. A little Mr Surfacer 1000 and the wing fuselage joints will be complete, then I will glue on flaps, and elevators , the twin tails are such a good fit I will not add them until everything is painted and sealed. Then the 1st nightmare begins masking off the Weapons Bay. I will think about the RAM panels later
  2. To the nice clicking sounds as plastic interlocks with plastic the fuselage is all connected together and the main wings sections added The tail pipe , this is a one piece moulding - I cut it so that I was able to paint the fan blades separately from the exhaust pipe. The fit is tight there were no issues joining the lower and upper parts of the fuselage together
  3. Being really bad I forgot to take some pictures of the cockpit with PE before attaching to the fuselage, anyway here she is the final pictures before everything is buttoned up
  4. I have made a start - painting the cockpit 'Heinz' Interior Green ( every time I mix Yellow-Green and Black it comes out a slightly different shade ) , 1st PE parts added are the rudder pedals , now to start work with the rest of the cockpit PE - this will be fun big hands small PE parts !
  5. Progress is being made on the slow production line Weapons Bays, Wheel Wells and intakes have been added I added a piece of plasticard to strengthen the butt joint, it made it easier to ensure the 2 parts lined up and a good fit Side on view - base colour of the intake part is Vallejo's Camouflage Grey FS36170
  6. Over the last couple of weeks re-watching the 1970's series 'The World at War' a fantastic series. Got some of the National Geographic programmes on D-Day to watch, also been reading the Stephen Ambrose books Pegasus Bridge and D-Day.
  7. and where the film 'The Longest Day' was slightly incorrect this is a 'Rupert' or Dummy paratrooper , not sure a small Hessian sack with a stick of fire crackers would have been believable in a film
  8. I have a chair , and notepad ready (no idea why !) and as mentioned in another thread a bucket of Normandy's apple based drinks (shame our local supermarkets cannot complete with the cheese , bread and fresh fish counters we enjoyed in Bayeux) is ready to be consumed enjoying everyone builds - logistics for this GB is very important , no Gooseberries , Mulberry's or Pluto available in Durham over the next 3 months It will be interesting to see how your 1/48 version of the Havoc compares to my 1/72 MPM one.
  9. Have a fantastic Group build everyone !! "dot-dot-dot-dash" Before we begin, please listen to some personal messages "Jean has a long moustache" "There is a fire at the insurance agency" .... Les sanglots longs Des violons De l’automne Blessent mon cœur D’une langueur Monotone. Working from home today - work on 2 monitors , 'UK 75th Commemorations' on a 3rd, waiting for the Daks to take off from Duxford
  10. I will enjoy a glass or 2 of Calvados or Pommeau du Normandy ( I brought back a few bottles from my Normandy Beaches trip last month) whilst watching this interesting creation (ps I cannot paint figures- so this will be another thread to learn from )
  11. This looks fun Boat, Tank , jeep and people - all my biggest modelling fears in 1 thread, I will be watching and learning , will it be the choppy waters of Omaha or gentle swell of Utah ?
  12. Yes the plastic feels nice and hard with some fine recessed detail, I was expecting it more like an AZmodel / Airfix softer plastic , I will take a couple of close ups tomorrow
  13. Time for and a comfy chair, I will be watching with interest. Last week I was standing in the field at Brecort Manor and reading the account of the engagement in the Utah Beach Museum (which was created by Michel de Vallavieille Mayor of Saint Marie du Mont , who was injured by the Allied bombardment at Brecort Manor on D-Day). I will be sticking with aircraft even though this GB is calling for a small diorama - my skills with painting living things is horrendous they look like bad duplo / playmobil figures
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