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  1. RJ-WobblyHands

    Revell B-17G Flying Fortress.

    That has gone down really nice a lovely finish. I also really like the Vallejo metal colours, easy to work with and you can airbrush in the house !
  2. RJ-WobblyHands

    'Pelican 9': Satellite Recovery Mission

    Fantastic model ! , brilliant job - I joined this wonderful forum and the WIP was on page 2 , its been a great read watching your journey to creating a such a superb model even more WOW just noticed the all markings are painted - I struggle with basic camo - let alone making stencils for markings & serial numbers !
  3. RJ-WobblyHands

    No Spitfires! Time to change that

    Disaster Strikes !! - well a minor set back and thankfully before any decals are placed. Out with the 'Future' time to gloss coat the MkVII after nearly a week of letting the Tamiya Acrylics cure. 3 Lightish coats - it all looked great, Then this morning the wings and elevators had turned into a crazy paving playground ... , not entirely sure what I had done different - same airbrush , nozzle (0.2) , 20 psi as I used on my three other aircraft, only one thing to do - out with the 600 wet'n'dry. Now we have a sad Mk VII that needs some love with Medium Sea Grey. The Mk Vb is finally ready for gloss coating , though I will wait and spary them both at the same time. I have decided she will be marked up as AV - R BM590 'Olga' of 121 Squadron who were based at both North Weald then Debden before disbanding and reforming as the 335th FS in 4th FG staying at Debden.
  4. that looks great , very nice brush painting!!
  5. RJ-WobblyHands

    T-38C Talon

    I have started scratchbuilding a MB Mk16 Ejector Seat that is used by the T-38 Talon, the Martin Baker site has some useful pictures that I have used as reference as well as some from various USAF sites. I have now built the frame, and just need to mix some milliput to make the seat and back padding, but I am not going to do that until I have built the 2nd seat. All pictures with the kits old style seat. Finally comparing it with kit seat placed in rear seat position in the cockpit.
  6. RJ-WobblyHands

    Haynes F-14 Tomcat 1970-2006

    Just picked this book up at 'The Works' its on offer for £6.00, seems good value - spent the afternoon reading it rather than modelling lol - and I don't yet had an F-14 of any scale / variant in my stash ........... yet
  7. RJ-WobblyHands

    Revell B-17G Flying Fortress.

    Its looking good, nice to see everything has gone together easily with a good fit Looking forward to seeing the paint job now - Little Miss Mischief is a great subject - bits from 2 or 3 aircraft so a good mix of NMF and faded OD
  8. RJ-WobblyHands

    Airfix 1/72 DC3 Dakota Mk IV

    that looks great !
  9. RJ-WobblyHands

    Airfix 1/72 DC3 Dakota Mk IV

    That looks great looking Dak - love them all camo'd up. Planning a vacation next year to see the Dakotas over Normandy https://www.daksovernormandy.com/ and a tour of the beaches
  10. RJ-WobblyHands

    T-38C Talon

    After a little research , I will be doing a little scratchbuilding , between 2009 and 2014 the entire USAF fleet had their ejection seats upgraded to a version of the Martin Baker Mk16 (similar to EuroFighter and F-35). Therefore I will replacing these : With a scratchbuilt one ... progress to follow
  11. RJ-WobblyHands

    T-38C Talon

    While the paint is drying / curing on my little Spitfires . I thought this would be a good time to begin my training program leading up to build some 1/48 fast jets , so where better to start than a little 'White Rocket' as they where nicknamed. The requisite sprue shots, I cannot find any horrible ejection pin marks , a couple on the intakes will need filling, the only pain I see is a centerline seem on both canopies which will need polishing out (another new technique to master)
  12. RJ-WobblyHands

    No Spitfires! Time to change that

    MK V Spitfire , masking off after some Tamiya RAF Dark Green being sprayed on, time to let paint dry for a couple of days before the next steps. Side on to use for colour matching in GIMP to make some Eagle Squadron decals (not sure which squadron yet - will be pre move to USAF ) , will use the Kits roundals and tail markings.
  13. Cracking build , its a real beauty !
  14. RJ-WobblyHands

    1/48 Revell Jaguar GR.1A

    Always thought the Jaguar was as 'Hard as a bag of Nails' think you have proved it. Great start so far!