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  1. Slow progress (as always ) Gloss Coat followed by standard decals, Laser printer decal paper arrived this morning - time to print XR D
  2. WOW that is fantastic - now I know I will need a home extension if I ever want to build a 1/32nd 4 engined beast ..... or 2
  3. A week at work , and your WiP is on Page 4, we love a spitfire ! Anyway everything has been buttoned up, Primed, coat of Tamiya Ocean Gray XF82 (always looks too dark to me) - Bad me no photos ! Some funky masking , My wife commented was that the correct camo colours and a coat of XF-81 Dark Green2 (RAF) Undersides will be painted over the weekend and I will make the custom decals or masks if I borrow the Cricut off the wife
  4. Had another session this afternoon -I still think I need to do some more blending to soften the mottling - though in daylight it is not as harsh PS don't look at the untidy mess behind the Hornet
  5. Cockpit has been attached to fuselage and will be buttoned up later today. Tamiya tape has been used for the seatbelts
  6. Thats looking great Steve ... , yes the LMS being closed is going to be a problem for me too, glad I got there in early March for my Birthday purchases (though I forgot to pick up a Mk V - I want to build one in the same USAF scheme you posted earlier)
  7. Plastic has been , cut , paint and glue on the fingers , not much changes in 40+ years of making models!! The Sparse interior has been started , It did make me laugh this whole kit has less parts than are required to make the weapons / fuel tanks on the F-18A I am building in the Navy GB
  8. That is a great build, it ticks all my boxes - WW2 bomber , its big and it has 4 Engines , not the prettiest or most glamorous of aircraft but a workhorse , very well presented ... now I need to add one to my collection
  9. Just saw this .. was expecting to see a packet of 'Nik Naks' on the side - the snack of choice for kids to go hyper active A great start - I wish my 20th Century history lessons had been based around building plastic kits
  10. And if I feel really adventurous .... I will build: The Longest Day Combo (in another WIP thread of course!)
  11. Now that I am down to 1 build in progress - it is time to start another , so for this GB my first build will be the Revell 1/72nd Scale Mk IIa Spitfire I will be making custom markings for : 71 Squadron based at RAF North Weald August 41 - Sept 41 when they received their first Spitfires , converting from Hurricane Mk I and Mk IIa The aircraft markings will be XR-D P3708 as flown by P/O Bill 'Poppy' Dunn , the 1st American Fighter Ace Kit and Sprue Shots
  12. Yes it was a challenge in places - plenty of dry fitting , sanding , dry fitting again , filling sanding etc , there are a couple areas I cold have got better and the final fight with the PE was fun(ish) ... not ! Fat fingers - small PE and superglue it not a good combo , but the end result came out looking like a Havoc
  13. DISCLAIMER: I have no idea what I am doing and have no idea what it will look like !!! Coming back to the Hornet after finishing an F-35 and A-20G Havoc (that have been hanging around for nearly a year!) I have painted some random patterns in 3 differring colours over the black primer base coat followed by the 1st pass of top colour to blend the mottling - I think this is going ok !
  14. This is one awesome looking cat - love it , a fantastic build !!
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