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  1. My HobbyBoss 1:48 Hawk T1a : Primer : Ultimate Glass Black Paints : Mr Hobby Aqueous Semi Gloss Black Mr Hobby Aqueous Gloss White Various Tamiya colours for cockpit Various Citadel paints for detail work cockpit Finished with Vallejo Satin Varnish (nearly tested models flying ability trying to get a decent looking gloss finish !!) WiP below:
  2. She is Finished, strangely I did not feel the modelling love from this kit, but I powered through it
  3. Finally got some time to play with the Weapons Bay and have come up with this , most of the added cabling follows the moulded cables and I used a little imagination as well, time to prime and then my not favourite part - spraying white !!!
  4. Moving onto the weapons bays, there is some cable pipe detail in here, but it still does not look 'busy enough' when looking at the real thing. Since I plan to be building her - wheels down landed, bays open with an air to air stealth load out plenty of the weapons bay will be visible, therefore I am going to add some cabling using stripped down ethernet cable the twisted pair wire is multi-strand so I can make various thicknesses of cabling . The main conduit running through the weapons bay looks like it is padded /lagged so I cut strips of Tamiya tape and wrapped it round
  5. 2 words - Stunningly Gorgeous !! A beautiful build of a classic aircraft
  6. Todays update : Finishing off the Cockpit and Seat PE and painting And final test fit before finally gluing the cockpit parts together
  7. Cracking build , that really is the Mothership to fly to Kashmir 'Ed Force One' next ?
  8. just catching up , you have created one very nice looking cockpit , and some impressive build speed
  9. Some more cockpit work, and test assembly, next steps Cockpit PE (Yay - fat fingers and small parts a great mix) , and maybe some more dry brushing - less is more or does it need a bit more , Also pondering on whether to spray the seat cushions a different shade of black
  10. this look interesting, I have pulled up a seat , got a notepad out - I nearly went for the F-16N for this GB therefore watching with interest or should I say making a list of aftermarket goodies as you use them
  11. nice building - it is looking great , I like the 2 tone grey scheme
  12. Very nice unusual subject, nice to see 125 variants being built , a great design that stood the test of time
  13. wow that must be a big beastie , she looks great, I have a mental image of her sitting on a flight deck with some mechanics fussing over her
  14. A great representation of a war weary weather beaten B-26, makes me want to build another one
  15. A great Tonka, whats not to like 617 Squadron , wrap around camo
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