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  1. One word SUPERB !! That is a cracking build
  2. That is looking really good - homebrew decals are great fun (i keep telling myself!)
  3. A quick update .. on version 4 of decals , trying to get something that looks acceptable !! , and I have finished 'The Mig 28' . So here is where I am at:
  4. Yes masking can be really frustrating , I have had my fair share of disasters ! but sometimes they come out really nicely - this one was scary and took hours (though not as many as my F-35) but was rewarded with a great finish
  5. In the current trend of covering Skyhawks with tape and tack - here is my entry 6 hours later ..... 'Good morning Gentlemen , the temperature is 110 degrees ' to quote Wolfman 'Holy S**t its Viper'
  6. That looks great . the decals have gone on really nicely - 60's & 70's Navy schemes are the best !
  7. That is looking fantastic , a great job on the Camo scheme
  8. Nice Blob of BlueTac and Tape ! Everything is looking great so far , great modelling skills !
  9. @modelling minion I am currently using Mr Hobby Aqueous Acrylics mixed with their Self Levelling Thinner approx 40:60 , and airbrushed at 20psi using an H&S Infinity with 0.4 mm needle As to the actual mixes I have no idea of proportions - I used what paints I had on the shelf e.g. Flesh , Sail Colour, White , Radome , Red Brown, Kakhi Drill etc (lived up north too long , hate wasting paints )
  10. A couple of coats of Mr Hobby and a sealer coat of gloss , before the hard task of applying all 4 decals Next up practise getting a nice gloss finish ! and attach the small pieces
  11. SO nearly a month goes by and I have rewired the garage added some inline smart controllers - locally controlled home automation (I do not want China knowing when I turn on a light / 3D printer etc ) , repainted the decking and done hardly any modelling !!! But some progress has been made (in between the RL jobs lots of procrastination on colours, as usual! ) Got everything dusty playing with the flaps Then sprayed some home mixed tan Finally at lunchtime today another homebrew colour (definitely lighter in natural lig
  12. 'Most senior officers regard as the most vital to our success...the bulldozer, the jeep, the two and a half ton truck, and the C-47'. General Dwight D. Eisenhower - Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe For this GB I will be building the Airfix Dakota III / C-47 Skytrain using the latest Airfix boxing - Though I will be making Decals to represent an aircraft from 34th or 43rd Troop Carrier Squadron they were part of the 315th Troop Carrier Group based at RAF Spanhoe in Northamptonshire - from there they took part in both operations Overlord and Market Garden , but my b
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