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  1. RJ-WobblyHands

    B-17G 381st BG 532nd BS - 43-37675

    Onto the Ball Turret ... *wishes Airfix had designed it so it could fitted after painting the fuselage* , but never mind lets assemble something the same size as my fingertip lol Before fitting Seat, note for fellow builders , the gun barrels are a very tight fit, I had to remove the paint I already had put on. After a fitting seat Masks arrived today - just in time !
  2. RJ-WobblyHands

    B-17G 381st BG 532nd BS - 43-37675

    The Northeast production line is still moving a glacial pace Dry fitting the interior as it is seeming very snug, with gentle sanding is the name of the game - good old soft plastic , I have made a start the wings finally 1 look at the ball turret convinced me to order a set of masks, I did not fancy a session of making all the masks (When I start my Meng F-35 for the Lockheed STGB please refer me back here .. when I say I will make the RAM masks !!!) On with the photos Dry fitting fuselage : note to self do not glue everything together, fit the ball turret ! The wings , Undercarriage wells. Colours : Vallejo Dull Aluminium , Exhaust Manifold, with a oil wash to make it dirty.
  3. RJ-WobblyHands

    B17E Old Maid ser 41-2409

    Looking good ! I am still dry fitting my build and gently sanding the interior, as the Airfix kit is also very snug !
  4. RJ-WobblyHands

    retaking MY islands !! Sea Harrier FRS 1

    Nothing like a good Harrier build ... though mine followed the 'I cannot say how many parts are in the kit but I counted them all out and counted them all back' (Sorry for the bad Brian Hanrahan quote) to be built at some point in the future. I will be watching and getting inspiration
  5. RJ-WobblyHands

    Airfix B-17 take 2

    Looking good so far .... you have nearly caught my build up
  6. RJ-WobblyHands

    Avro Lancaster B.Mk.I/III

    Another 4 prop monster on the Shellie production line - this will be good!
  7. nice seat ! wish I had not seen that - I was going to build my EuroFighter OOB , I have the Revell 'Bronze Tiger' Kit but will be purchasing decals for a UK Squadron ( not decided yet - demo bird, QRA ).
  8. RJ-WobblyHands

    B-17G 381st BG 532nd BS - 43-37675

    and finally for today , test fitting cockpit parts and placing them into the fuselage.
  9. RJ-WobblyHands

    B-17G 381st BG 532nd BS - 43-37675

    Yup that was my thought , its 1/72nd scale through the canopy windows - it is 3 yellow containers that look like oxygen tanks - I doubt 99% of people looking at these would really notice any lack of detail at usual viewing distance.
  10. RJ-WobblyHands

    B-17G 381st BG 532nd BS - 43-37675

    I thought Airfix were a bit mean to the heroic B-17 pilots - no seat padding !! - Out with the Milliput, I left the padding surface rough to make them look 'lived in' , with the leftovers, let's make some oxygen bottles for behind the pilots seat.
  11. RJ-WobblyHands

    B-17G-35-BO 42-32025 VP*P “DREAMBABY”

    Looking good so far , great work on the interior we know its there even when you cannot see it !!
  12. RJ-WobblyHands

    B-17G 381st BG 532nd BS - 43-37675

    Well I am now 11 days into this project and still nothing major actually attached - my usual glacial pace on the upside I have done plenty of painting Cockpit - Side walls Olive Drab to represent the padding not brown as per kit instructions , Floor DDG with some black for the anti-slip mats Fuselage interior sprayed and I have made a start on the wheel well assembly
  13. RJ-WobblyHands

    Avro Shackleton AEW.2

    That is a stunning build, a great addition to your collection - another 4 prop beast next or something smaller
  14. RJ-WobblyHands

    Avro Shackleton AEW.2

    what a gorgeous Shackleton, those props are fantastic
  15. RJ-WobblyHands

    Battle of Britain duo. Galland's 109.

    that is a very fantastic looking 109 ! great work on the camo pattern.