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  1. Yes fitting the flaps in the down position is not very much fun , mine are OK , not perfect , from normal viewing distance all is good
  2. From the last update there has been a lot (and I mean a lot) of swearing at Revell , but finally slats , flaps , undercarriage , undercarriage doors have all been fitted. To finish there are several aerials that need painting and attaching , final matte coat and the anti collision & port and starboard lights ... and underwing tanks and pods
  3. That is looking great ! I really like the Saudi desert camo scheme
  4. Last 2 weeks , Stencils ,homemade stencils gloss coats, and weathering . Today I applied a Matt coat to seal everything in - I got afraid to touch the fuselage !!! This week i hope to finish ...
  5. Nice recovery on the fin, my biggest fear now is dropping it when applying decals or the last little bits to finish off the model ! Those exhausts do look really good
  6. This week update - Decals , decals , decals - I think I love decals , no I do not love decals !!! and this coming week there are still what seems 100's of stencils to apply and the postman delivered this today the finishing touch!
  7. Thanks , I have no real idea what I am doing when it comes to painting !! but I tried this method : ) Primed with Mr Surfacer 1500 Black , then random mottled with Tamiya X80 Royal Light Gray (though MSG with a touch of white will work just as well) , then 3 to 4 coats of very diluted 20/80 Tamiya XF83 to Mr Hobby Self Levelling Thinner . Using a 0.4mm needle (never have been able to spray with 0.2mm needle) , the light conditions when painting makes the aircraft look different everytime I looked at it!! On the tanks I think I will end up using the kit 1500L tanks and ke
  8. Ready for Gloss coat and decals, different lighting - nosecone look totally different colour!!
  9. This will be a sprint, looking forward to another Tornado being built ... will take me this month to finish the 1st one and get all the stencils applied
  10. This weekend it was paint on the large lump of plastic I am not sure if I have ended up with a Tomcat or a Tornado !!! I am resisting the urge to put another couple of 'light coats' of MSG all over just incase all the shading disappears - decisions , decisions , there are definitely a couple of areas I want to cover a little more . Daylight sunny photo's make it look totally different to working under bright led's the fun of light
  11. Whilst waiting for paint (on a Tornado) to dry and an already running 3D print job I started glueing bits onto the main body Onto the design and 3d Printing fun ! This is what I have come up with for the deep wading gear Version 1 , this was too short, but I can use it for the exhaust wading 'snorkel' ended up with version 2 for the Air intake 'snorkel' , obviously these are just off the printer and not had much of a clean up! :
  12. I had some time today to splash some paint on the attachments , finishing cleaning up the fuselage is this weekends task
  13. Last time I built an AFV I was 14 years old - I remember making a full blown diorama - 2 Shermans (1 knocked out) and US infantry approaching a building ,the base contained 2 tonnes of plaster of paris with not very convincing foliage Back to the present .. I bought the rebox of the same kit a couple of years ago - for the D-Day 75 GB, but never got the time! The plan - build 'Hurricane' one of the decal options in the kit , she came ashore on Omaha beach on D-Day+3 , even though the LST delivered her directly onto the beach she was fitted with Deep Wading Gear ...
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