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  1. Continuing my TopGun / Aggressor theme YAY ......... Finally building a Tamiya F-14 in 1/48 scale Pictures of sprues to follow .. still sorting AM goodies
  2. Count me in - I have the Revell 'Memphis Belle' kit in the stash but she will be built as a plane from the 381st based at RAF Ridgewell
  3. Looks great .. 'BZ' , I have always been put off by the reviews of the kit. You have done a cracking job My models always seem to look like they have just come out of the paint shop - no matter which method I use 'black basing' , 'pre-shading' etc
  4. Quick update - started removing the lumps and bumps that were not present on the F-16N whilst paint is drying on intakes and u/c bays Mr Surfacer 1000 to be applied here to remove the panel detail Bumps at wing root and on wing removed Bump and Antenna removed from tail assembly
  5. The Powder Puff Scheme was meant to look like one of the SU-33 schemes . there was also a TopGun F-14A painted in that scheme
  6. Had a bit of a road trip staycation, so update is a 2 week update ! Cockpit , Seat work has started and plastic surgery to make Aries U/C set fit Removing raised parts of cockpit for Quinta Studio set This was followed by priming and a coat of Mr Colour 308 and then applying the '3D Decals' Some oaint on Seat before applying the 3D Decals Next steps - apply the '3D decals' to the seat - seal everything with some X-22 Gloss then apply some wash, i must remember even though they were well used the F-16N's were kept clean
  7. That is one lovely looking cockpit - I will be playing with mine tomorrow
  8. That looks fantastic - just like the one I saw at Duxford today
  9. Coming along very nicely - already looking like a lawn dart
  10. Looking very nice ( the Halibut !!! )... and the start of the F-16 build is looking great too I will pull up a chair , napkin and some cutlery to enjoy this build and the occasional foodie photo's
  11. At my build speed - the 2nd one would still be under 25% at the 75th Anniversary STGB
  12. And the Box / Sprue piccy - After looking through the instructions the only parts from the F-16 Detail set I would use on the F-16N are the Pitot and AoA probes so the posty delivered the 'Master Models F-16 Pitot and AoA' package this morning - I will save the Detail set for a F-16C Block 30,32 or 42 Viper which I am sure I will build one day ! The Aries Undercarriage set looks yummy and detailed
  13. Thankfully that fight is finished - glazing in and masked , the 3 pieces for the cockpit were painful to fit ! Started on fitting the engines an cowlings Getting close to be able to start painting
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