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  1. ahh okie... her i go,i got th new revell seaking.. basically.. i did the one you have here and the yellow paint the come with the kit i has, didnt stick n was horrendous, BUT, i did the resent airfix seaking with the pod of the side, and ... again i was disappointed thet... they havent new tooled it, but have released 3 i think kits for this year,, but its still the same crappy moldings, however, the revell kits are the best i know of, with i had the patience to correct the parts propperly, and knew how to construct the beams you have added to the interior ... i consider myself a novice, altho, novices i know put me at the top of there best list... i can make any model look like it does on the box. as well as some of that i think great customs lik my array of hawks .. brand new looking, i fail at weathering, altho... only i would see the fults, every one else sees beauty, anyways, im going to take the time here,,, to appreciate what your doing and looks FANTASTIC ... no no hatters reporting me please ¬¬ .. i just avoid this myself at all costs.. however, having said all of that... your Eurocopter.. the pait job i can do... but how/where do the decals for that come from, iv thought abotu doing the British one for a long time, i needed a few parts, and the Swiss army euro copter provides a brilliant babis for a British helicopter, but decals... i have the polizi heli EC145.. and was very much considering doing that myself, thats the issue with Revell.. its a german company, so the germans get there version first :L... im NOT hater... just the slightest thing prompt me into good conversation yolly good and hope you see this in the ready for inspection ... id like to say soon, but take your time, its ausome ;-) Danny
  2. .. i was browsing in my local model zone, and as i was looking for a Revell kit, as i often like a change (as Revell are better quality as Airfix new tools all there kits i see) i set myself a limit.. and then, from the depth of a shelf in the shade, i found this Seaking myself, iv have all the other i know Revell had to offer, the old kits with the exception of the has.3 (with the tiger face on it anyway) .. the best was the one with the rockets, sadly discontinued, i didn't think id come across it in a long time... as im waiting patiently for the Sikorsky sky crane as well... i got home, to browse the complicity of the decals, and onto my lap, like i was in a movie, the rocket sprew fell on my lap... needless to say, i was ecstatic.. to my knolage, the UK don't use this system, but im going to use some of my spear hawk decals (nearly finished my 12 hawk collection) to do a British attack Seaking.. iv an idea on the camo... for me it has to be navy blue and red roundels i think so fingers crossed mines as good as i imagine ... good luck everyone, always nice reading up on wa i also have myself
  3. im currently doing the tiger meet boxset revell one with the mirage 2000.. the phantom i have is the one with the cameras in the nose (below and sides) ... not sure i want to do it german tho, might do it to go with my hawks, but its cracking so far
  4. i picked up another 3 today, 2 revell one airfix... but here are 2 i build during my 7 day ban on here ¬¬ .... not to keen on this one... but i tried... an i really like this one, even if the ppl that know how they really look know different ;-)
  5. this is about the best i know of in the scale your on about, i do 1/72 aswell.... looks like you wanted one you make yourself... but if youto get this it may be possible to paint over your own style?? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fire-Car-2003-Os...=item19cce0c593
  6. painted or unmade??.. i found a model on ebay i forgot i wanted, dessert storm Bronco.. OV-(summin) .. lol thats on my hit list... i was thinking about making a concept hawk... stelth.. painting a hawk matt black apposed to silk matt it easy lol... i took the cameras of an old heli, i was thinking about cutting the nose for the ball camera.. and pulling the flat cam under it or somthing... no rockets, gun or fuel tanks... its an idea for the future... somthing to add.. would anyone on here happen to have any spear 1/72 scale bombs?.. and kind really... over an inch? .. many thanks .. (willing to pay)
  7. so here it is, a few pics ov some old medels... and my intentions... use some of the parts, to make my bomber version hawk, and landed myself with a few extra parts, including rocket pobs, booster rockets and a few camers for some customisation, where old and belonged to my bothers, bartered for some broken shizzle and landed myself these... gonna be alright after all ... and here as 2 pic of a boat i did to use up some men laying about :L ...
  8. and i have more to come... at 6 im half way there... there so versatile ...
  9. Deleted - There is a wanted area, which is where this should have been posted, however you must have 100 posts to use it. Trying to circumvent this rule will end with an exclusion if it is repeated.
  10. today i got 2 more hawks... here they are... oh, and the boxes of the ones i done so far, the BAe systems one at the bottom... i have another put by at my local model zone, il be picking it up pay day! £10 ... il be doing tha as is on the box.... kinda nervious of that one... but it al be worth wile i think, just as long as i get the painted parts right i expect .. one ov these, more likly the red arrow (red kit) will be my training red/white/blue hawk.... and the other i havent actually decided... enjoy
  11. if you do tha... id love to see that i really would, post me some pics if you decide to do it i do sadly miss mine ... i had a hornet blue angel number 7... best of luck and hope you do! .. i kinda hope i started somthing different here :LP ... consept moddeling or somthign like that ... i diud mine for arround £14... the spitfir was £5.50 and the arrow was £5.99 cost of paint aswell.. but then paint an investment and somthing less to worry about for the next model isnt it :L
  12. i dont want to be the one to pic fult here... i mean compair to mine, mine look really naff... but have you missed painting the bubble gun on the top?? :/ .. i see the ... markings for it, but its still clear on the canopy peace :/ ... absolutly fantasic tho ...
  13. i find spres of tha sort absolutly hidious to put together... a little to much glue the whole thing gelt, the worng glue even :/ .. i however got the revell 1.144 super tomcat... a super build ... best of luck :)
  14. you herd it here first... but i would lik to at one point do a harrier ... 1.48 and obtain the decal sheet as a one off red arrow... but if sum1 else beats me to it, you know you see it here first... 2bh i dont think it come out to bad at all. my mate loved them, and took all but the top to pics, i put them on a plinth, stupidly i didnt take a pic, but i will as soon as i go to his next :L ... i have only recently started doing model as they are on the box.. beats me i used to lik them basic and less demanding.. some troubeled times lead to some late nights and i happened to have the greek corsair 2... dam the was hard.. :L there are pics on here and my current Hawk project this propted ... cant wait till the others turn up ><
  15. i did one of these... my only issue was the paint.. it was from revell,.. it was gloopy and very stringy and made it look S**t .. :/ .. annoyance .... i have a 1.72 corvette and a corvette refurb/sustom witch are splended, i do try avoiding this paint now, but it does come in handy on my models for life rings only... but this is stunning! ... something to be dead proud of to say the least... i hope next time round i do one (as i dont own it anymore) will be nice also
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