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Airfix Sea Harriers FRS.1 and FA.2

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Recce phreak,

Every Sea Harrier had the F95 fitted, if you look at the picture of 003 on LUST it's the black tear drop you can see on the starboard side of the fuselage between the AoA probe and starboard pitot tube.

It took great black and white photos and could take IR film too. It was aimed by means of a china graph cross on the canopy roughly aligned with the pilot's shoulder. It was started and stopped by depressing the paddle switch on the control column.

Long winded way of saying that most jets at some point did recce whether tasked or not. The camera provided some great images in The Balkans and was very handy for opportunity shots too.

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I have the airfix 1/72 fa2 on the go, fitted the canopy and there is a gap at the rear, with the pointy bit floating in the air, should this be?

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Hi Stu,

The simple answer is NO, there shouldn't be a gap.  In their 1:48th scale kit there's a rear bulkhead for the canopy with an extension at right angles which comes out a tad under the tip of the rear of the canopy.  Search Sea Harrier canopies and you should find some photos to help.  Not being a 1:72nd scale modeller I've not had that problem!  You could also check some of the builds of the kit here on BM and see what others have done.

Hope that helps.



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