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Revell type 7c to 7b conversion

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I thought I might try here for an expert on German WWII  subs.   I have scoured the internet and have several  German books with construction drawings BUT I just can't figure out U-99's sail configuration.


  U-99 was a type viib and I have read ( and in fact my blueprints bear this out) that type viib's had the ugly external air intakes on the tower as compared to the more hidden ones inside the tower of viic's.


  So I started building these ducts but then found several pictures purporting to be U-99 ( at least two of which came from someone who knew and extensivly interviewed Otto Kretschmer) and they do not show this feature.   The boats in the pictures all have the horseshoe on the tower but there were of course others using this symbol.


Does anyone know for sure (yeah I kmow it's not possible) if U-99 had the external ductwork or some other configuration?


Thank you in advance



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I have gone there time and again for all kinds of information and yet it never occured to me to go to the forum:o

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Sadly its a case of going with your gut feeling. As soon as you present it someone will give you the answer you needed all along. You're darned if you do ... darned if you dont. I wish you the best of luck trying to find your needed information.  

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Hi try this link, a bit hit or miss but there are photos on there.




theres also a facebook link now


they may be able to help.


Thats a major undertaking converting a revell VII C, different saddle tank sizes for a start.

Not thought of getting the Amati 1/72 VII B, which builds up as U-49?


All the best Chris

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Sorry terribly late to the play here (sometimes the problem with a forum as vast as BM you have a tendency to miss things) but thought I'd add somethings which may be useful.


Here are the main differences with the C from the B type:


- The B design lacked the space for the new S-Gerät sensor technology so a full frame section (60cm in length) was added into the centre of the control room. Importantly this meant that externally the increased length allowed the conning tower to be increased lengthwise 30cm and in width by 6cm.

- Below the control room the after internal fuel tank (the one between the internal ballast tank and the after bulkhead of the central watertight compartment) was increased in length by 60cm. This increased the internal volume of the tank by 5.4 cubic metres.

- Externally the saddle tanks (as Chris above said) had room for a new small buoyancy tank (Untertriebszelle) on either side of the hull which aided buoyancy and also allowed for faster diving from the B.

- Other changes which occurred with the C but which are purely internal were a new oil filtration system, one of the 2 compressors onboard was replaced by a new Junkers diesel powered one, and the WWI vintage electrical control systems with the knife switches on the early VII types was replaced with an AEG knob switch system on the C.


(Source: Stern, 1998)


Once again apologies for being late here but if the original poster is still around I hope that this may be useful. Also I have the profile, deck and technical plans for the B so feel free to PM me if you wish.





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