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  1. GrantGoodale

    A wooden interlude FINISHED

    Personally - I like the wood
  2. GrantGoodale

    Newby question on rigging

    Standing rigging was tarred so it would be black. Running rigging would be natural hemp. HTH
  3. GrantGoodale

    Revell type 7c to 7b conversion

    Hi Thomas - Have you tried http://uboat.net/ HTH
  4. GrantGoodale

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    I have a variable speed Dremel but even its slowest speed is too fast. See if you can find a fixed speed Dremel (usually an old one) and then get a variable speed control switch at any place that sells electrical parts. They are frequently used for light dimmers. Do not try the dimmer with the variable speed unit - won't work. I have used my drill press rig with a sanding drum so I can use it to shape wooden parts. Dusty but effective.
  5. GrantGoodale

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    I have the Dremel drill press and I am very happy with it. HTH
  6. GrantGoodale

    Oil Tanker 3/16"=1'-0 Scratch built

    Thank you for putting a ruler along side. Many people post photos with coins as a reference but I have no idea of their actual size. The coins that I can use are North American, not European or Asian. I don't expect Europeans or Asians to know the size of North American coins either. A ruler solves all those problems. My pet peeve. Rant mode off.
  7. GrantGoodale

    Revell Cutty Sark in 1/350 scale...

    What did you use for the rigging?
  8. GrantGoodale

    Clyde Puffer

    Can't say about the seamanship but it was one heck of a good navigation job.
  9. GrantGoodale

    Clyde Puffer

    I love that prop idea! Many thanks.
  10. GrantGoodale

    Best kit to convert for U Boat type VIIa?

    Tony - You might also try http://uboat.net/. Everything that you wanted to know about U Boats but were afraid to ask. HTH
  11. You should be able to get some good info here: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/index.php or here: http://www.modelshipwrights.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=SquawkBox&file=index
  12. There is a lot of good model building in those older kits. Dollars (or pounds) per hour of model building - they can't be beat.
  13. GrantGoodale

    Colour scheme WW2 depth charges

    My father was RCNVR on 4 stack destroyers. His action station was on the throwers. I asked him about that a few years ago and he said that they just painted them with whatever paint they were using at the time. FWIW
  14. GrantGoodale

    1/200 USS Arizona (Trumpeter)

    The best primer that I have used is Floquil but you can't get that anymore. Tamiya is good but your best buy, value for money, is the Canadian Tire automotive primer in the white label rattle can.
  15. GrantGoodale

    NiƱa 1/75

    You might try http://www.modelshipwrights.com/. Hope this helps.