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  1. Tamiya 1/700 USS Saratoga would be good. A quick and simple built and you could skip getting any aftermarket photoetch. I will try posting an image of mine later this week.
  2. I know several people that have had good results with the Blue Stuff. If it can take the heat, you could also use a glue gun instead of the epoxy. I haven't tried that myself (caveat emptor)
  3. What kit are you using? I have built the Artisania Latina kit and I have the Billing Boats kit in progress. Please ignore - I just noticed the Model Shipways at the head of this thread.
  4. Try a Google search for "cutty sark rigging plan". Comes up with a lot of info as well as images for you.
  5. I would suggest dampening your cloth with thinner. Damp - not wet.
  6. Hi Erik - I would suggest dampening your cloth with thinner. Just damp, not wet. HTH
  7. Wow! The amount of knowledge here is amazing. Many thanks to all of you. I still have some of the original WEM ColourCoats - great stuff. It is unfortunate that we can't get then here in Canada.
  8. GrantGoodale

    KGV versus POW

    I have the Airfix 1/600 HMS Repulse. I would also like to build a 1/600 Prince of Wales as a companion piece but Airfix only kits the KGV in 1/600. Their 1/400 kit says that it can be built as either KGV or POW. Is there a good source for the differences between the two ships? I am only looking for major external differences. Any assistance would be most appreciated.
  9. Mine was commissioning crew on HMCS Preserver and then on HMCS Annapolis (ex USS Mackenzie). They were indeed the greatest generation.
  10. My father was RCNVR 1942 - 1945 and he said that they just painted them whatever colour they were using to paint the upper works. HTH
  11. One trick that I have used for something like that is to find some wood that is a very close match to those planks. I then use the sanding drum on my Dremel to create a pile of sawdust. Mix that with some white glue or any other binding agent and you will have a putty that fills in the gaps. The fill will hardly be noticeable if your new wood is a close match. HTH.
  12. Jamie, have you tried taking your old hard drive to a shop that specializes in data recovery? It would be a pity to loose the WIP research.
  13. Latest issue of Sea Classics about the David vs the New Ironsides. Interesting stuff.
  14. Try looking in model railroad shops.
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