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  1. I have found that Tamiya "Flat Flesh" seems to be close to the colour formerly considered yellow. FWIW
  2. Great work. Do you have the contact information for that wooden deck? I really want one. TIA
  3. I have the Entex boxing of that kit. Unfortunately, there were no instructions with it. Is there any way I could get a copy of the instructions? I will gladly pay all reasonable expenses.
  4. I use Uschi rigging thread (https://www.uschivdr.com/products-in-detail/rigging/). Stretchy as well
  5. Google "revell paint conversion chart". A whole lot of info there. HTH
  6. I would not be overly concerned. I doubt that they used masking tape on the real thing. FWIW
  7. I bought some micro chucks for my Dremel. Got them from Amazon a few years back. An absolute necessity. HTH.
  8. Before you go using any putty, take a few strips of the planking material and sand them away into piles of sawdust. Next, mix that sawdust with some white glue and use that as a putty. It will be much less noticeable because it is of the same wood. HTH
  9. You have done very nice work. Thanks for sharing. Did you build the case as well?
  10. Looked on ebay.ca and they have it. Looks like it is being shipped from Australia. https://www.ebay.ca/itm/ModelKasten-Metal-Cable-Rigging-for-1-700-Battleship-Extra-Fine-0-047mm-x-5m/401898326961?hash=item5d9301cbb1:g:BmIAAOSwaFddimnE Hope I'm not breaking any rules here.
  11. In North America, the UV glue is sold under the brand name Bondic. I don't know what the trade name would be in the UK. It is probably all made in China. I see that amazon.ca is showing several makes of UV sensitive glue. HTH
  12. In US and Canada, you could use Aleene's Tacky Glue. I like their fast grab but I dilute it a bit. The variety pack allows you to play around to find what you like best. I don't know if there is a Michaels chain in the UK.
  13. I have only built one Combrig kit (HMS Glascow). They are little works of art. However, they are resin along with photoetch. Not one to attempt on your first ship model unless you have some experience with other resin kits (a/c, etc).
  14. Other tips for casting the rubber. Use Leggo to create pour boxes etc. Extremely flexible for sizes. Also spray in mold release agent before you pour the rubber. If you don't have any of that, use WD-40
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